Only Makes Us Stronger

Sequel to" How To Put Em' Together"

Sam loses her memory through an accident but eventually her memories come back, but not fully. She doesn't remember the two things she love most, Jake and Horses. Everyone tried to help her regain her memory which means to end up with Jake again but Sam falls in love with Ryan... Can everything work out?

A huge thanks to Kavazya, my BETA reader! Thankyou for all the reviews in "How To Em' Together..."

"Sam!" Jake's horrified yell echoed in her ears as she slipped into the iminent, consuming blackness.

One day later.

Sam awoke, strange sounds and sights surrounding her. Where was she? She desperately took in her surroundings, hoping to find a hint to her answer, but all she could see was a world utterly bleached by white light. Frightened murmurs filtered into the room to where she lay.

Suddenly, a door swung open to reveal a red-haired lady with soothing sea-blue eyes. With a gasp, she rushed over to Sam and kneeled beside her bed.

"Sam! You're awake!" She whispered as she reached out and touched Sam's hand.

"Am I Sam?" She frowned.

The woman's face turned pale as she stared wide-eyed at Sam.

"Do you recognize me?" The red haired lady whispered gently, her sea-blue eyes filling with hope.

"Are you my mom?" Sam asked.

She felt her eyebrows meeting in a confused way.

Suddenly the red haired lady got up and walked out of the room before she came back in, grabbed a chair and sat beside Sam again.

"Sam it's me, Brynna." She whispered gently.

Suddenly Sam's memory came racing back to her. Something had happened to her, something bad and she had ended up in this place.

"Where am I?" Sam frowned.

"You're at hospital. You fell off that stallion again and Jake called us and carried you all the way to hospital, well half of the way." Brynna smiled.

"What's a stallion and who on earth is Jake?" Sam laughed.

"How funny!" She giggled.

"Sam!" Brynna hissed, her eyes wide with fustration.

"You don't remember? Do you know creatures called horses?"

"Sure! They're those animals that race and jockey's whip them to make them go faster!" Sam shrieked, her arms lashing at her sides as if she was whipping a horse.

Brynna dropped her head onto her hands. "I can't believe this..." She muttered slowly.

A few weeks later

"It's so good to see you!" Jen cried as she pulled Sam into a huge hug.

"Hi Jen, apparently we've got these horse things, think you can teach me how to ride?" Sam asked, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

A horrified expression washed over her face as she shot a look at Brynna who just nodded.

"Umm sure, I guess..." She frowned as she pushed her new glasses further up her nose.

Sam's eyes scanned the familiar house before her eyes landed upon a tanned boy who seemed to be on his own.

"Who's that?" Sam whispered to Jen.

She looked as though she was about to say something but shook her head.

"Go talk to him, maybe your memory will come back once you do." She said managing a weak smile.

Sam simply nodded before briskly walking up to the tan boy.

"Hi. So... What's your name?" Sam asked awkwardly, expecting to see a suprised expression.

His face went pale, just like the others but didn't say anything except moving away from her.

"Ok?" Sam muttered to herself.

She slid across to Jen but froze as she felt the tan boy's gaze fixed on her. She quickly turned around but to find nobody staring at her.

"There's something about him... Something that I just can't grab onto." She whispered to Jen.

"He's a mystery that I could never work out... If only he was mathmatics..." Jen laughed.

"Don't even mention it!" Sam laughed as well as they both made their way outside.

The outside of the house was totally different from the inside. The air was filled with yucky horse smells and her eyes could reach to the mountain tops. Something she couldn't even dream about!

"Wow, it's beautiful." Sam said breathlessly.

"So do you know the name of your beloved horse?" Jen quavered.

"Nah." Sam laughed proudly.

"Ok then! Let me teach you a bit about your horse." Jen smiled warmly.

"Your horse is a bay gelding Mustang called Ace. A gelding is a horse who can't get a female horse pregnant. Mustangs are the wild horses of America and all the other things about horses you will have to learn out of a book which I will give to you." She lectured, sounding like an actual teacher.

"Now let us tack our horses!" She shrieked as we jogged to a smelly shed filled with strange leather objects.

"What are those things?" Sam frowned, turning up her nose at the horrible stink coming from the leather objects.

"Tack, this one is called a saddle and you put this on the horses back so you can sit on him." Jen smiled as she pointed at a dark brown leather thing which had circular flaps on the sides and a sitty thing on top.

"This one is called the bridle and you put this on a horses head so you can control him. Oh and you have to use these things which are called reins to steer but once your good enough you can steer your horse with only your body." She muttered as she held up the long loopy part of the "Bridle"

"I hope your making mental notes, I'll be testing you on all of this at the end of this week which is in four days." Jen winked as she moved down further in the shed.

"This box here is filled with grooming stuff. You have to groom your horse daily otherwise your horse will not be happy!"

Jen jumped up and grabbed the box off the shelf.

"Your horse is all groomed for now but the horse I am lending from you isn't. Now grab the saddle and bridle and follow me outisde. Be careful! The saddle is heavy!" She explained before she jogged outside.

Trying to work out which ones were the one's Jen pointed to Sam walked around the shed. Suddenly from outside the boy appeared once more except this time with a saddle in his arms.

"Ace's saddle and bridle are those ones." He whispered gently.

Sam thought she saw a smile but she couldn't tell because of the hat that was covering his face.

Sam grabbed the gear and staggered outside to find Jen leading two horses towards Sam.

"This one is Ace, say hi Ace!" She laughed.

Suddenly the creature whinnied and walked up to Sam, nudging at her pockets.

20 mins later.

"Ok now that you've tacked, mounted and walked a step lets go onto walking and stopping without me." Jen said trying to smile.

"I've...I've had eno..enough for one day." Sam stammered with fear.

"Ok." Jen whispered, her voice sounding disapointed.

As Sam started to get off Ace, Sam accidently drove her heels into his flanks. The gelding, recognizing the demand for a gallop, jerked his head and began to sprint with Sam hanging on to the saddle for dear life