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You mean... You didn't know?" Ryan exclaimed.

His cheeks flushed with a pained mixture of regret and embarrassment.

"Haven't you heard about my fall or something off this stallion?" Sam frowned.

"Sure, but... Forget you were Jake's girlfriend? That's unheard of!" He laughed.

"Yeah well... I don't really care anymore. I've found someone else." Sam smiled.

"You can trust me, come on! Tell me who it is!" He hissed.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" Sam whispered.

"I used to... But we broke up..." He shrugged uncomfortably.

"Okay!" Sam shrieked before she sprinted out of the bathroom.

"Sam! There you are! Where were you?" Jake whispered, looking worried yet exasperated.

"Bathroom. See? I just towelled it off, you can barely notice it!" She laughed, sticking out her chest.

"We need to go to class, come on." He announced.

Sam took a glance back and saw Ryan smiling like crazy.

I was Jake's girlfriend? Oh no! I think I like Ryan... Sam worried.


"Thanks for giving me a lift."

Sam waved at the truck.

"I'm not going home, I have to help your dad with something." Jake muttered, his lips forming into a smirk.

"Uh Jake? Can I talk to you?" Sam asked.

Jake shut the truck door, stepped out, brushed the dirt off his jeans and walked away, his face covered by his hat.

Why does he always have to wear that stupid hat? Sam asked herself aloud.

Jake spun around, his brow raised.

"This." He said pointing at his brown hat. "Is a Stetson."

He explained before pivoting to face the other way again.

"What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" He asked.

Sam jogged to catch up with him.

"Before I forgot you, was I your... girlfriend? "

Jake shrugged uncomfortably before rubbing the back of his neck.

He pulled down his Stetson even more and continued walking.

With a flick of irritation, Sam gave up.

I guess 'talking' doesn't work on him? Sam mused to herself.

"Okay Sam, meet me at your house at about 2:00 on Saturday with Ace all tacked up and ready to go. Kay?" Jen asked.

"I don't want to! I hate horses! I prefer wolves instead!" Sam whined.

A sharp gasp filtered across the line.

"Sam! You're a horse-woman! Even when you fell off Phantom you never hated horses! And don't y..."

"Just stop telling me what to do! Your not my mom and I fell off a horse and I just hate them! Accept me for who I am!" Sam screamed into the dialer before pressing the end button.

I don't hate horses... but I'm scared of them. Why can't she just face that I am not who I used to be?

Immediately, Sam felt guilty and mean.

I'll just have to apologise... Sam thought as she picked up the phone and punched in the numbers.

The phone rung once, twice, three times, four and finally a familiar voice answered.

"Sam?" Jen whispered.

"I'm sorry, I just can't take this anymore! It's like I actually wanted for this to happen! I'm just not who I used to be, I'm sorry. I'm not in love with horses like I used to be. Also, was I Jake's girlfriend?"

"We put you two together. It turned out you weren't pregnant." Jen laughed awkwardly.

Sam nearly fainted.

Turned out I wasn't pregnant? PREGNANT? I made love with him? Sam said choking over the thought.

"You okay Sam? You do like Jake right?" Jen asked, her voice hoarse with worry.

"I'm sorry Jen... I found someone else. I have really sinned against you..." Sam muttered.

"Why?" Jen asked sympathetically.

"You don't want to know..."

"Okay, I won't force you to tell me... After-all, it never works!" Jen laughed.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow, I have to go. Bye Sam!" There was a mixture of disappointment and humour mixed in her voice.

Even after they had both hung up, Sam couldn't push away the edgy feeling that Jen was spying on her.

Sam dropped onto her bed, head resting on her arms.

Eventually sleep crept up on her, taking her into a deep dream.

"Jake? Could you teach me how to gallop bareback without reins?" Sam asked.

Even at a young age, Jake wore his black Stetson, covering half of his handsome face.

"Wait til' y'at least a bit older? Why do you want to learn anyways?" He said sternly.

"I want to prove to my dad that I can ride." Sam said strongly.

"Fine, but if something happens... I'm not going to try save you." He muttered.

"Go get Bud, halter on." Jake said flatly.

Sam did a mock-salute before racing off to get Bud, a little black mustang.

"Mount him."

Sam mounted Bud without any trouble.

"When you're galloping bare-back without reins, it's just like a normal gallop but you must have a firm grip on a handful of mane. Don't try anything stupid, brat." Jake hissed. "Also, wrap your legs around him more than usual, it's really all up to your legs to keep you on. Other than that, I trust that you know." He continued.

"I've already warmed him up so he should be fine to go into a lope, don't you dare go onto gallop without me telling you to."

Sam did as she was told and urged Bud into a trot, then a forward lope.

"Go into two-point position now!" Jake ordered.

Sam went into a jumping position and waited for the next command.

"Gallop Sam!" Jake called.

"C'mon boy! Gallop on!" Sam called, reluctant to squeeze.

At the sound of Sam's voice, Bud's ears twitched before he flattened them and moved into a slow gallop.

Bud gathered speed, throwing Sam in around, her clinging to his mane for dear life. Bud shot across the grass, making everything they passed a blur. Unable to see what was in front because of the force of the wind, Sam strained her eyes to search for a clear vision from the blur until her eyes burned. Tears flowed behind her as Bud continued to go on, it seemed as though he would never stop. All of a sudden, everything became clear once more as Bud slowed to a speedy lope and jumped over a fence. How far had she gone? It struck her almost immediately, Sam was slipping and she hadn't realised it until now. She kept slipping until she could hold on no more...

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