(1)Demon Hunt or Human Hunt?

Chapter 1

Young Years

Hey Sam I spoted some demons in the bar last night we passed by-Dean said to Sam walking pass him to the washroom

yea...how'd you know they are demons?-Sam said as he stopped to look back at dean

ya know, they got those questioning weird looks-Dean replied looking right at Sam then pass him to his cell on the table waiting for Bobbys call

Right...-Sam said not bealiving a word Dean is saying because last night Dean lied to him again, then he walked in to the bathroom closing the door behind him

I went there few hours ago just to talk with a old friend of bobbys there but I saw there eyes...two of them were pissed of at some box thing they were looking at each and everyone like someone's going to get up and holly them or something...-said Dean looking at the close door of the bathroom

Sam didn't answer

Sam?-Dean said annoyingly

Sam I know you're pissed at me and you got every right to be, but talk back to me man! It's weird talking to a wall-Dean chuckled
Dean waiting patiently for an answer or even a question from Sam but nothing came

Sam?...hey Sam you alright in there?...Sammy! Open the door!

Dean now worried and questioning why he ever lied and if anything happened to Sam he'll never forgive himself

Sam i'm coming in hope you're not naked...-said dean with a disappearing sad smile to fully worried face

Dean took a step back and was about to kick in the door when he remembered the bathroom in this motel is very small

wait, the bathroom is freaking small if i kick in i might break your face..-said d
Dean out loud thinking that Sam's hearing.

Meanwhile inside the Bathroom

Sam was brushing his teeth looking at himself in the mirror and annoyed of his brother talking like nothing happened just few hours ago
when Sam felt his stomach hurt bad as if someone just stabbed him, then he quickly rinsed his mouth before it happened again,
but this time his head felt heavy and as if it was to explode any second and when he tried to call Dean for help
nothing came out, his voice was taked. Sam try to break something or make loud noise for Dean to notice
but before that whoever did this made sure that every way out is sealed and so it made Sams hand and feet numb. This brought down Sam to his knees and with in seconds Sam was on the floor unconscious. About 2 minutes passed when Dean started to get annoyed of Sam not talking back to him.

Back to Dean

Dean quickly shuffled to the bed and looked throught the pockets of his jacket for a lock-pick

Sam! Hang in there, almost there-as Dean started to pick the lock

The door opened and Sam was on the floor bleeding from him mouth and clutched out of breath saying not a word.

Samm! sammy i got you, what happened?..Sam you with me? Sam!-Dean said worried and panicking and Sam gained consciousness and was
Sam able to hear Dean but not able to reply and unable to take the pain anylonger went cold again..

Sam...it's okay..y..you'll be good, garra take you to a hospital...c'mon Sam lets go-as Dean picked up Sam by the arms and seeing thet sam is still out cold but holds his stomach

Dean knew what was sam going through..A demon that doesn't posses you but passes on to you all there sickness and what happened to them in hell the torchure

As dean tried to walk out sam from the motel when someone knocked on door

Ah not a good...ah..Who is it?!-Dean said carrying Sam to the bed to cover him with blankets

Room service-called the female or was it?

Aaa...Not a good time, maybe come back in 30?-said Dean looking at sam continuously coughing up blood

The Female now tried to turn the nob continuously when dean figured it's a Demon

Sam...just hang it there...just another demon...haha-said Dean pretending to be calm to not worry Sam

Laying sam down on the ground and putting a ring of salf around him and leaving his gun with sam as he grabbed his salf gun.

Dean got behind the door and opened it for the "room service lady"

Hi Dean...Why so worried? Is Sam Alright?..she smiles and showed that she's a Demon by Flipping her eyes black

You Bicth, what did you do to him!-said dean pissed and ready to aim when

she quickly put her hand up and Dean flied back to the wardrobe making him pretty smashed up unabling him to defend himself

Demon came close to Dean and picked up the Demon killing knife that dropped out of Deans Jacket and was about to cut through Dean when a shot fired.

The demon stod there looking down at her stomach.

Sam?-dean quickly looked at sam happy that he's awake but he was still on the ground unconscious.

Good timing ha?-Said Bobby standing at the door

Dean pushed the demon away from him and struggled getting up on his feet

ya, Thanks bobby!-said dean

what happened to him?-said bobby as he rushed towards Sam putting his salt gun on the ground holding Sams hand

Oh We got to get him to the hospital first i'll explain everything on the way-said Dean as he picked up sam and walked out the motel

Copy that, sit with him in the back and keep his head up always, if down he'll chock on his own blood-said Bobby as he turned the keys and backed out of the parking on there way to the hospital

How's he doing?-asked Bobby driving

Not good not good bobby you garra go faster-said Dean worried and in pain from the hit he took

Dean sitting behind the passenger seat turned facing the driver seat with his smashed up back against the door Sam's head on Deans left shoulder and his back on deans chest and Sam leg on the rest of the seat. Dean watched Sam cough and twitched an coughed up blood, his hands cluntched and closing tight on his stomach. Sam looked like to cough his insides out soon.

He'll be fi-said Bobby when Sam called

Mmh Dean..dean ahh..gha.-said Sam in pain breathing hard...he got his voice back but now

AghHh...mmmh...aghh!...Deannn!-Screamed sam cluntching from the pain in his stomach.

Now it was more painful for the older winchester to hear his brother scream

Sammy...sammy i'm right here, i'm with ya...y..you'll be fine we are close...Bobby faster! please-said Dean putting his right hand on Sams stomach like sam was.

I'm going i'm going..-said Bobby

They reached the hospital and dean was about to get Sam out of the backseat when he notices the pool of blood sam coughed up all over himself and the seat.

Bobby!-screamed Dean..giving up that Sam wont make it

Focus Dean focus! we're here, help me get sam and Lets go!-said Bobby loud to wake Dean from his thoughts

C'mon Sam-Bobby pulled Sam outside the batchseat and put him on deans shoulders as Sam moaned in pain and Dean Stopped and clenched his eyes so bobby held Dean and took Sam inside the hospital to the counter

They take sam in the Emergency as Dean takes a few step to enter the Emergency room the nurse stopped him.

Dean he'll be fine- said Bobby butting his hand on deans shoulder..

You don't know that!-Snaps dean as he looked at Bobby and tears fell down his cheeks..

Oh dean i'm just trying to make you feel better-as Bobby pulled dean for a hug

He's one person I can not live without, I can't i...it's my job and if something happens t-said Dean when Bobby cuts him off

Don't you say that dean! he's a big boy, he can take it and he'll be on his feet in 3-4 days. I promise you, you'll see-said Bobby letting go as Dean moans something

Dean are you alright?-said Bobby looking at deans Dizzy half open eyes

Yea, i'm fine...it's just..Aghhh!-said Dean and he started to shout in pain and held his left shoulder and his legs sart to shake...feeling dizzy

What is it dean?-Asks bobby..holding Dean with both his hands looking down at deans pale hanging face

Why suddenly?

Dean was too worried and thinking of sam that his brain sending his muscle messages of pain and broken bones wasn't telling dean anything.
Once bobby assured dean that sam will be fine, dean calmed down and start to function again which brought up all his pain from the when the Powerful deamon used full force to slam Dean to the wardrobe to unable him from defending himself so she can easily kill him.

Dean what is it?-Bobby try to get dean to sit down

I'm fine but back and My shoulder-said Dean slowly bringing up his head

AghHh!..ahhh! Ohh...sorry..Bo-as Dean felt the ground slipping under his feet, he closed his eyes and fell to his left side on his bad shoulder, unconscious.

Dean! Dean..Boy, you've been in pain all this time but too worried that you couldn't even notice?..Oh dean hang in there..-said bobby calling for help

Help! Help! Dean hang on, Help! Nurse!-Bobby yelled in the hallway as 2 doctors and a nurse came to see find pale and unconscious Dean on the floor with the help of the doctors they laid Dean on the gurney and took him in the emergency as Bobby stood there looking at unconscious Dean rushed in the Emergency room.

These boys are all i've got, they're the only family I have- said Bobby to the Nurse assuring him that they'll both be Fine.

To be continued...)

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