(15) Demon hunt of Hunter Hunt?

Chapter 15

Get Healin'...Now

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They were sleeping and when something happened in the hall or kitchen. Sam, Dean, and Cas all three of them woke up quickly and looked at each others.

It was loud and crashing voice

I'll check you guys be ready-said Sam pulling his Gun from under his pillow and walked towards their door and left

There is a gun under your pillow, take it out-said Dean taking his out and checked for bullets

A gun?-Cas reached under his pillow and pulled out a gun, he held it from where the shots are fired...unfamiliar with this thing

Here hold it like that, pull to reload or pull the snap-said Dean holding the gun right in Cas's hands

What do i do with this?-asked Cas

You kill the damn thing! What ever it is, you shoot at it by pulling that trigger-said Dean showing Cas

What if it was an innocent thing or person-said Cas

Innocent people don't break in your houses and innocent people don't come after us...only things we hunt and the things that want us Dead come after us-said Dean trying his very hard to push himself up and Cas pushed his back to get him up

Cas, get up...you can't just sit there. What if it attacked you? Get up, hands straight, eyes on top of the gun and don't look scared. Put your game face on-said Dean pointing his gun to the door walking towards it

Cas got on his feet and looked at Dean and copied him. Cas held the gun up like Dean and same direction

They were about to reach the door when the what ever it was kicked open the door and walked in holding Sam by the neck up high

Ahh..gha..ckkoockkk...aiiirrr...hhhaaaaa-Sam's lungs were laking air and Sam was getting weaker in trying to pull the things hands

Dean pointed to shoot but the thing held Sam in front of him, he knew they won't shot Him.

Well what are you waiting for? Shoot!-said the Human with incredible powers

Oh yeah i'll shoot you right you son of a bitch!-yelled Dean pointing at the Man

You won't shoot me? Oh right I got your precious brother-Laughed the man still holding up Sam and starting to tighten his grip on Sam's neck making Sam start to kick

Okay okay...let him go, lets talk-said Dean showing the Man that he's putting his gun down

And your friend here-said the Man pulling Sam towards Cas still pointing his gun at him

Cas, put down the gun-said Dean slowly getting up from putting down his gun

Cas slowly try to put down his gun like Dean and the Man watched Cas

The Man was strangely Sam and Sam lost the little bit air and hanged lose both his hands not breaking

Dean saw the Man not looking his way and he pulled out his Demon killing knife from his pants pocket and throw it fast towards the Man.

Dean was sure the Man can't be faster then the knife to turn Sam towards it and hit Sam

The Human looking thing let go of Sam dropping him to the ground like a Dead body not breathing And cold

The Thing try to pull the knife out of him screaming and Dean picked up his salt gun from under the bed and shot the thing twice making it scream more

Cas quickly picked up his gun and pointed the thing started to walk towards Cas

Ah..i'm sorry-Cas fired and got pushed to his back then he stayed back firing again and getting the thing in the eye

Good one!-said Dean chuckling a little

Dean thought the thing nocked Sam but he didn't know for how long has the thing been strangling him

The human looking thing screamed looking up at sky and shaking his head like an animal

Dean reloaded and was ready to aim and shot again but Bobby came in slicing the things head off

That'll kill ya if not bullets-said Bobby chuckling

Oh Bobby right on time!-said Dean bending over and holding his knees with his one good arm that the thing was about to get Cas

Bobby bend down to see Sam on floor and noticed Sam wasn't breathing

Sammy? Sam! Boy get up!-said Bobby shaking Sam

Bobby?-Dean went over on the other side of the bed putting his saltgun down

Sam? Sam!-Dean put his head in Sam's chest and there was no heartbeat

Sammy no! Not like this Sam c'mon get up! Sammy!-Dean started to tear and pulled up Sam into a hug

Sam...Sammy noo...can't be, sammy you got to wake up I need you-almost screamed Dean in Sam's ear, Sam wasn't breathing, was cold and...Sam was Dead.

Hold it together Boy...-said Bobby getting up and putting his hand on Dean's back

They totally forgot Cas that was standing right there who could heal Sam, but Cas knew to get healin'...Now

Cas came close and touched Sam's back while Dean was hugging him and crying.

Avhaaaaaaaaa...-Sam opened his eyes taking a long breath

Sam? Sam! You're alive-Said Dean happily patting Sam's back.

Aoooooohh...aooooohh-Sam took another long breath and another with his hands still hanging while Dean was still huging him

Dean pulled Sam from the hung and looked at Sam's half open every breathing strong and big

Dean let go Sam thinking he'll stay Sam fell backwords on the ground while he was sitting up with one leg crossed.

Sam? Boy?-asked Bobby but Sam was out

I'll get water-said Bobby running to the kitchen then back with glass of water

Sam wake up! Sam!-Said Dean, Bobby pured some water on Dean's hand and sprinkled it on Sam's face and Sam started to move his head and clench his eyes feeling the water

Okay he's waking-said Dean sprinkling more water on Sam's face

Sam shook his head and opened his eyes looking right at teary Dean

Good he's awake, you take take care of Sam and me and Cas will take this thing and have a look at it-Said Bobby to Dean waving at Cas to come

Cas obayed and helped Bobby pick up the headless human looking thing and took it out the room to Bobby's Basement where they had all the weapon, a panic room, and everything a hunter would need.

How did the thing die?-asked Sam breathing loud and trying to get up

Here..ya go, eh..Bobby came in time and cut it's head off- Dean picking up Sam and helping him sit on the bed

Agh... good-said Sam looking up and touching his throat

You okay Sam? Here-Dean gave Sam the glass of water and Sam gulped it down, Dean could hear every gulp out loud that's how close Sam's throat got

Thanks, I was out when he Strangled me in the air-said Sam

You were Dead all this time?-said Dean surprised

Dead? No, i was passed out-said Sam

The thing strangled you and you hung your hands, you took your last breath you were dead Sam for more than a minute-said Dean surprised

What! I must be dreaming, am I alive?-said Sam laughing a bit

I'm serious Sam-said Dean still with his teary eye

Okay than how did I wake up then? I was Dead right?-asked Sam rubbing his neck

I don't kn-Dean was about to finish his sentence when Bobby and Cas entered

Cas healed him-said Bobby smiling and patting Cas's back

You did Cas? When? I didn't even see?-said Dean and Sam was getting emotional now so he couldn't speak

Your eyes were closed and you were hugging Sam, Cas healed him then and Sam took his first long breath-said Bobby

Thank you Cas! I totally forgot you were here-said Dean looking at Cas

You're Welcome-said Cas standing there awkwardly, he didn't know to say anything else or comfort Sam

Sam you okay?-said Dean looking at Sam's red face

Yeah...yeah i'm fine. Just give me a minute-said Sam getting up and going to the bathroom

I got a job, you guys wan' take care if it?-said Bobby to Cas and Sam going in to the bathroom

Already? Sam just came back from the Dead!-said Dean a little angrily

Well i'm sorry but I don't think It can wait, people suddenly started disappearing 2 towns over-said Bobby

Cas came close to listen and pay attention to what Bobby was saying

Sam came back out of the bathroom and sat on bed next to Dean

So you got a job?-asked Sam, he really wanted to get out now. For a long time he didn't go on a job. Sam was pissed and tired of being knocked out or Dead this time...he wanted to get back on schedule and be good again.

Yeah, 4 people disappeared exactly 24 hours pass from each other. No sign of break in no evidence foot prints nothing, sounds too clean to me-said Bobby to Sam and Cas

Well it definitely is something like ours-said Dean

What do the police say?-asked Sam

They say it's a animal attack...who left no blood, no prints, and cleaned after itself...-said Bobby awkwardly

Why would they say that? Animals can not do that-said Cas finally speaking and taking part at this because he figured Bobby wants him and Sam go not Dean

All three of them looked at who finally spoke, like real talked

That's a good question-said Sam looking at Bobby

The place is filled with wild trees and woods and lakes...it's like the Great House Of All Supernatural Things...-said Bobby shaking and waving his hands in the air

Since they're around woods they thought some wild animal did it...stupid FBI-said Bobby

So it's really our kind a thing, we should go check it out-asked Dean

Yeah, Cas and Sam you boys go and me and Dean will check out the headless thing maybe this thing left the town and came down here to take more people, it could be it- said Bobby

You think?-asked Sam

We'll see, but this thing broke in loud and clear and has prints and it dies easily and that thing doesn't leave trace or sign of break in...I could be wrong-said Bobby

We'll cut in and see if he had been eating humans lately-said Bobby chuckling a little

What? Why Cas? He doesn't know much-Snapped Dean just realizing what Bobby said

I'll teach him-said Sam also not sure if Cas was a good idea, he could go with Bobby or alone...which Dean won't let him

Sam! Really?...c'mon I want to go-said Dean pushing his back up showing he's good and strong

Dean, I need you to help me open up the headless dead zombie-said Bobby

Ehh...Sam does that better! That is so gross..-said Dean making a disgusted face

Wuss-said Sam hiding his laugh from Dean hanging his head

Ayy! I'll kill anything!-said Dean looking at laughing Sam

Yea yea...Okay Sam you teach Cas everything he needs to know and get ready, i'll fix up the files for ya-said Bobby

Bobby...-said Dean trying to convince him that he's good to go

Sam started to tell Cas what they do on a job, how they talk to people, police and doctors, then they find a connection or clue and go check out where it might be next or would go

Cas was quick in learning so everything Sam said was recorded in Cas's head

Sam showed Cas how to load/reload 2 3 kind of weapons, some tricks and how to pucnh and knock outs, everything Sam knew.

Cas was like their hunter partners now

Wash up Dean and come down to the basement, wait don't have to wash up...your gonna get dirty anyways...-said Bobby laughing a little and leaving the room

Man..not fair!-said Dean trying to get up but couldn't with one hand so Cas came close to hold Dean's right hand and pull him up

Dean let him pull up but them pulled his hand away with annoying and a little angry face

Cas let go quickly and felt Sad, he didn't know what was wrong here. Did he upset Dean? Did he hurt Dean? It was good that Dean didn't go because his shoulder

Sam looked up to Cas making a its okay face and waving his hand that it's fine and Sam said

Mood swings..-said Sam to Cas who picked his head up understanding

Sam!-snapped Dean angrily looking at Sam

Sam picked up both his hands, palm facing Dean in surrender

So i can go?-asked Dean

Noo-said Sam annoyingly looking at Dean that he can not and he knows it!

Okay Cas lets pack up and get going before it slips another one-said Sam leaving the room and Cas followed

Dean!-called Bobby from the basement that where the hell is he, why isn't he down yet

Dean went to kitchen to drink water and he was thinking out loud

I have to go it's dangerous...Sam is good but Cas...no I have to go-said Dean thinking out loud

Sam heard Dean and was sure Dean is going to follow again...

Coming Bobby..-said Dean and Bobby came up handing Sam 6 files of the Missing person and one Cas's and one Sam's

You can write?-asked Sam

Yes, in every language-said Cas

Great, now get going. Call if you run in trouble, you got the cards right?-Bobby said to Sam, Bobby had a few phone lines of FBI, And other places when the boys would get caught or close to they'd show the business card and people will call to confirm and Bobby would speak.

Dean came and stood next to Bobby looking like he is not interested in going with them anymore and Sam new that was a plan

Yeah I got everything-said Sam picking up Dean's car's keys and shaking it for permission Acting all cool that he doesn't know anything

Dean looked at Sam with a bitch face and Sam put back the keys back, that meant that Dean will come for sure but Sam wasn't sure yet

Bobby went to fridge to get 2 bottles of water and in the bottom of the fridge door Bobby took one sleeping shot out of the pack hiding it

Here, for the road...it's hot and stop by to eat-said Bobby because the place was far about 112 miles off

Thanks Bobby-said Sam taking keys of one of the cars in Bobby's Mechanic Work lot.

Sam knew Dean will stop him to take Baby with him because then Dean just gave away his plan

Sam walked out with Cas holding a Bag and Sam and Dean closed his eyes then called Sam

Sam! Take baby-Dean took his keys and walking to the door

Bobby had replaced Dean's Baby's passenger seat window that Sam broke to get Dean out

You sure?-said Sam turning about 5 steps away from Dean

Yeah, she should be out there. Hunting...take care of her...-said Dean with a serious face

Sam came and hugged Dean to maybe make him happy and not so angry and thanked him, meanwhile Sam pointed to Bobby to hand him the shot while he's still hugging Dean

Bobby quickly removed the Cap of the shot and gave it to Sam

You take care of yourself too-said Dean happily while hugging, he wasn't angry anymore

I will-Sam put the needle in Dean's bottom through his baggy pants and squeezed the cold liquid in Dean

Dean quickly went out while standing

Dean released from the hug and fell backwards in Sam's arms

Sorry Dean, but you are staying-said Sam smiling a little that they had to trick him again

Well now I have to poke in the Zombie man with no one-said Bobby chuckling

I'll take him-said Bobby taking Dean from Sam and laying him on the long couch putting a small pillow under Dean's head.

Okay Bobby-said Sam

Take care boys-Said Bobby

You too-Sam left to Baby and put his and Cas's bag in the trunk. They drove out the Tow yard of Bobby's and left

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