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What the hell?

Bobby poked the headless thing and felt all bone all around like the whole thing was just bone or the first layer like the skin was all bone...nothing human like, Bobby thought, nothing he had ever seen.

Bobby cut it right on starting from it's chest down to it bottom stomach, no blood, not human, the skin opened automatically like it was about to turn in to slime. He's been looking in to the thing for about 3 hours now. Nothing new except the first layer was like pure bone hard and the rest was just like human but extremely large...the brain was a good size melon. The body was just about to be done looked at and tucked and buried away when the rang.

"Hey Sam"

"hey Bobby, how's the poking going? anything in there?"

"yeah..no..nothing in it there, no human's in it...just everything's big just like it looked outside too big and one thing the skin's hard to cut, it's like a thin layer of all bone"

"That's something, you got anything in mind, got a name for it yet?"

"No, am just about to get rid of the thing and hit the books. You guys stopped yet? New boy's still pretty weak...get some food and liquid in him"

"yeah we haven't stopped yet, but will soon...asked his says not hungry yet"

"He good for the job, you confident?"

"Yeah, i'm filling him in he's pretty fast learner well of course he's a angel"

"yeah that's good"

"How Dean?"

"Last I left him he was out, let me check"

Bobby held the phone between his neck and his ear and went up stairs to the main room, Dean was laying exactly the same on the couch still out hands on his side breathing nice and leveled but looked a little white

"He's still out Sam, he's sleeping"

Bobby went to his room the boys have been borrowing and took one of his extra blanket from the closet and taking Dean's pillow and walked back to the couch

"Okay, does he look...is he good? I feel bad, I shouldn't have done that...he's never like this and i'm not letting him out and he's bored and annoyed as hell and he must think I've replaced him with Cas...I-I'm really sorry, I don't know how i'll face him"

Bobby puts the blanket on Dean slowly replacing the small pillow with Dean's own. Bobby sat next to Dean putting his hand on Dean's head and felt warm...Bobby thought to himself what could have caused it.

"Bobby you there?"

"Yeah Sam, i'm listening"

"What is it Bobby? You good? Dea-"

Sam was cut off by Bobby quickly

"Boy's running a fever, it's very low...i'm going to check"

"What? H-Why?...He was fine when I left...what could have caused it..."'

Bobby went to their room and got the medical kit and opening it getting the Digital thermometer and coming back to Dean

"I'm checking it now"

"okay Bobby, i hope it's not high...the doctor said if anything happens i should take him in just to make sure"

"i'll take him if it was too high...let me see.."

Bobby put the digital thermometer in Dean's ear and waited a few seconds till it beeped and read 99.5, then trying it again to make and read 99.5 again

"His temp is 99.5, not too bad. Tylenol will bring it down if it was temporary and if it doesn't in an hour i'll take him to the doctor myself"

"Okay bobby, i'm sorry i'm not there to help...we really messed up this time and brought you in it...i'm really thankful, but i'm really sorry for this...and not just dean Cas too, i'm sorry Bobby"

"Ya idjit, stop being sorry. You're my only family, like sons, like my own, are my own. You are always welcomed this is your own home, and any friend of yours if mine too."

"Thank you Bobby, a lot, I can't even.."

"It's okay, pay attention to the road now and take care of yourself and Castiel okay? Don't worry, i'll be right here sitting with Dean and reading about the headless"

"Okay, thanks, call me when he wakes?"

"First thing"

They both hanged up at same time, bobby putting the phone in his jean pocket and getting up to get a bowl of cold water and compressor for Dean and 2 tylenol for when he wakes up in an hour or so

"Dean boy, it's hard seeing your strong self down like that...making it no easier for me or Dean looking all cute and cuddly" Bobby came back setting the bowl of cold water on the table and dipping the compresses in water then subfreezing and holding it, put it on Dean't forehead only receiving nothing in response but a very still and sleeping Dean and his long steady breaths.

A few minutes later Bobby wet and rinsed the compresses putting it on Dean's forehead again, then leaving Dean to go take care of the thing before it starts to smell...Bobby quickly dug some dirt in his backyard, tired as hell but he knew he had to take out and all the way here. Finally burying it and tapping the dirt with the shovel Bobby went and took a quick shower before coming back to Dean. It had been about 30 minutes.

Bobby changed the compressor with another cold one and put one on Dean's neck , getting movement in return from Dean.

"Hey Dean, how you feeling" Bobby asked flipping over the compresses on Dean's forehead

"Mhhm, finee" was all dean got out and moved a bit more to change positions but Bobby stopped him "No don't switch yet, i'm trying to get your fever down"

"I have a Fever?" Dean opened his eyes and looked at Bobby

"yeah, it caught you like magic...it's low only a degree higher than regular but better I caught it before it got too high" Dean try to turn again after hearing this and Bobby let hit, better, Bobby can compress his back of the neck

"You cold or Hot?" Bobby asked putting a hand through Dean's Hair

"neither...or a little hot" Dean said closing his eyes again

"okay, let me level you legs and keep'em out in the air" Bobby put too pillows under Dean's legs and pulled the blanket up to reveal his legs

"Thanks Bobby..mmh"Dean was almost out again

"wait don't sleep yet, let me get your temperature and see if you still need the Tylenol" Bobby put the digital thermometer in Dean's ear and waited, after hearing the beep he read 99.0

"only 99 but it's still not normal so i'm going to have you eat a Tylenol okay Dean?" Bobby put the Thermometer back in the kit and closed it

"Kay" Dean just wanted to sleep...he felt tired, sleepy, and drained

Bobby got up to get a cold glass of milk and came back, took out one Tylenol 500m "Up for a quick sec" Bobby put a hand under Dean's back and held the back of his head slowly pulling him up to sit

"I can get up myself ya know" said Dean smiling a bit because the man was only trying to help and Dean knew well he was too tired and sleepy to do anything

"Sure you can, here" Bobby handed the pill and Dean took it taking the glass of milk drinking it all in 2 pauses

"good, you can sleep" Bobby took the glass and helped Dean lay down and pulled the blanket to his arms because Dean mentioned he was a little hot

"call me if you need anything okay?' Bobby make a quick note to self to check every 20 minutes to change the compression. He put a new cold compression on his forehead.

"Sammy.." a small whisper then Dean was sound asleep, Bobby sure the boy would like to see his brother first thing he wakes up but seeing Bobby

Bobby got up to call Sam, because he had said he'll call

"hey Bobby, did Dean wake yet?"

"Yeah he did about 10 minutes ago but is sleeping now, again"

"How is he? did his fever come down?" Bobby could hear the trucks passing by Sam's car the loud 'Woshhh'

"yeah, his fever came down by whole .5 it's 99 now with the help of the compression but I still gave hi one Tylenol with milk and leveled his legs, i'll continue the compression till fever 'll be fine Sam"

"Thank god, okay that's good you don't have to take him then...I got really worried, Cas even noticed, Dean's asleep right?"

"Yeah, Dean's sound asleep. He did whisper your name at the end when i told him if he needs anything he can call me, I just got up to call you"

"I shouldn't have left him"

"He'll be fine Sam, he doesn't have to worry either. I mean you're pretty much with an angel..remember?"

"yeah...when he's awake completely call me please, i'll talk to him every few hours so he knows i'm okay"

"Will do Sam, you buys take a break for a while okay when you get there...be rested and ready for tomorrow"

"We will, roads are trucked today so we're going slow we'll be there by night"

"Ah, okay rest up good take your meds and remember cas's once"

"Okay, will you be okay? with dean?"

"yeah of course, i'll get some food in him and meds andwe'll be good...I better hit the books"

"okay talk to ya soon Bobby"

They both hanged up again

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