(Spoilers for "Bad Code.")

Logic, reason, every rational part of Finch's being insisted that Reese would never find him, even if he tried. Finch's own arrangements had ensured that. Reese and the Machine had a job to do, and it didn't include going after him.

Yet at the same time, a completely irrational feeling haunted him.

He's coming.

Slumped in his chair in the rural hideout, his mind starting to drift, Finch hazily took in the beeping of a cell phone. From somewhere behind him Root spoke, her usual hard, bright tone suddenly edged with annoyance.

"Seems I underestimated your knuckle-dragging friend . . ."

The meaning of her words came to him with a shock that widened his eyes and cleared the fog from his brain, if only for a moment.

He's coming.

Even as he surreptitiously removed his cuff link and punched numbers into the phone on the floor and dropped the cuff link next to it, reason nagged at him not to get too excited. But something deeper than reason possessed him now. He lolled expressionlessly in the chair as his captor wheeled him from the house, but new, secret hope was blazing up inside him like a bonfire.

He's coming.