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Late May 1979

"I think I'm gonna go ahead and sign with the NHL this year."

Dinner had always been a quiet affair in their household, their focus solely on the delicious meal in front of them with conversations coming in once everyone was finished with their food or while they helped clean up. But that one statement had a tense silence washing over them – the kind of silence that would easily be broken by the sound of a pin dropping.

"Honey," his mother called out softly. "It's only your second year in college. You haven't even been drafted yet. Do you really want to do that?"

He nodded once and wiped at his mouth with a napkin before continuing. "I'm putting my name in for the early draft. I had a big year and we did win the national championship. Plus, there was all that talk about being one of the best defensemen out of high school in the whole country. I feel like I have a good chance."

"And what if you don't get drafted?" his father asked, a stern expression on his face. "You're a great player, son, but your education should come first."

"If I don't get drafted, then I'll go on with school," he replied. "But if I do, I just wanted you to know that my intentions are to get signed as soon as possible."

"What even brought this on?" his mother asked, her brows furrowed in worry.

He took a deep breath as his gaze roamed around the faces of his family, each waiting on baited breath for clarity. "I figured," he started. "If I get drafted and I sign, I'd get a signing bonus. And we can use that signing bonus to send Anna to medical school. And my salary can help us all a lot."

A fork noisily dropped against a plate, the tense silence from before settling back amongst them.

"Mikey," his sister sighed. "You don't have to do that."

"Yes I do," he said evenly. "Hear me out," he said before she got out any form of protest. "I know that the only reason you planned to defer for a year was because we don't have the money yet. I have no doubt you can find a scholarship before the fall semester but then there's not much for when you need to move and the money you need to get by. Med school is tough already and I worry how stressed you're gonna be with your studies so I don't want you to have to find a job so you have money to buy food and whatever else you need. If I get signed, we'll have the money."

Their parents had to suppress the smiles threatening to tug their lips upward as they watched their children talk. Mike may have been the younger of the two but he had always looked out for his sister much in the same way that Anna had always taken care of him.

"I'm fine with deferring med school," Anna argued. "I can find a job and save up for next year. Maybe I'll even volunteer at the hospital. That'll look good for when I go apply for scholarships or even if I apply to other schools. You don't have to do this."

Seeing the defiant expressions on their children's faces, their father decided to intervene before an argument broke out. "Alright, that's enough," he said, effectively quieting the siblings down. "We still have a few months to decide about your futures. Why don't we take that time to think about it and we'll talk about it as a family when the time comes?"

Anna Ramsey walked up to her house after another day of looking for a job. With the economy in crisis, there were very few options out there for her to choose from. She knew that even before she decided to look for work after her dad had gotten laid off from his job earlier that year. While he was lucky enough to find a new place of employment within a few weeks, it paid a lower wage than his previous work, only giving him and the rest of the family enough to get by. For Anna, that meant she had to put her aspirations of medical school on hold to alleviate some of the financial stress for the family. It was an expensive field of study on its own but with her choice of schools all being out of state, that meant she needed extra money to move, find a place of her own and have enough to spend on food and utilities – extra money that her family couldn't spare.

They were fortunate enough that her brother Mike had an athletic scholarship for his entire stay at the University of Minnesota. But of course, after last night, that could mean just the past year. Anna sighed to herself when she thought back to his reason for wanting to drop out and go pro if and when he was given the chance. As much as she would have wanted for him to keep on with his studies, she couldn't fault him for thinking of her and the rest of the family. She was worried about him though. Pessimistic as it may be, she thought of the possibility of him being badly injured. Hockey was an incredibly physical sport and players getting beaten up and bloodied was considered normal. What if he got injured and could no longer play, then what?

Walking up to the driveway, Anna stopped at their mailbox and quickly fished out their mail. She rifled through each one, letting out a groan of frustration at seeing the amount of envelopes that carried their bills. But at the last one, she paused, curiously staring at the return address before quickly running into the house in search of her brother.


"I'm in the den!"

Anna dropped the rest of the mail on the table located in the hallway before making her way to the den where she found her brother lazily spread out on the couch watching TV. She launched herself at him, laughing when the breath left him in a huff when she landed on his stomach.

"Get off me," he grumbled. "That hurt!"

Instead of doing what he had practically demanded, she held up the envelope in her hand. "Here," she said. "I think you may want to read this. It's postmarked from Colorado, from the hockey association."

"I wonder if it's about the draft," he mused.

"Wouldn't it be the NHL who would be sending that?" she countered.

He made a noncommittal sound before he sat up, forcing her to move to sit beside him. He ripped open the envelope and pulled out the letter, holding it in a way that both of them could read it together.

As soon as she had finished reading the letter, Anna turned to look at her brother's face, trying to gauge his reaction. After a few moments of silence, she finally decided to speak up. "I guess we have one more thing to talk to mom and dad about."