Chapter nineteen

The following day, the release about Harry Potter being alive came out. At first people were upset, but when they read what had happened to Harry, they were just happy that he was alive, then they read about what Harry's parents had done for him, so now they were all glad that Harry was healed and well.

Healer Singleton was waiting for Harry, Ginny, Kingsley and Oscar at St Mungo's. The moment they arrived, the people in the waiting room all clapped and cheered Harry.

Harry smiled then walked over to every person in the waiting room and started to touch them. After he had healed everyone in the waiting room with Harry glowing the whole time, everyone cheered him again.

Healer Singleton led the group into the mind damaged ward. Harry went straight over to Neville's parents. He sat on the bed beside Mrs. Longbottom, put his hand to her head, then his other hand to her heart. Harry and Mrs. Longbottom glowed brightly before she finally opened her eyes and looked around. Healer Singleton went straight over to her why Harry sat with Mr. Longbottom and again putting his hands to the man's head and heart.

"I've let Neville know to be here later, but never told him why," Kingsley said as he watched Harry finishing with Mr. Longbottom, then Healer Singleton checked on him as well. "Frank, I'm Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minister for Magic and a former auror."

"Minister, can you explain what is going on?"

"It's a long story, but this is Harry Potter. You would remember Lily and James potter. Well Harry finally finished off Voldemort and now he found out he could heal. Harry is very good friends with Neville, so he wanted to do this for your family."

"Harry, thank you, I remember Bellatrix cursing my wife and I, she found out we were working against Voldemort. But how are you parents, they were great friends?"

"They died when I was one, Voldemort killed them. But it was them that gave me this power to heal along with Godric Gryffindor. You will be very proud of your son, Neville's an amazing young man."

"When can we see him?" Alice Longbottom asked anxiously.

"He'll be here very soon Mrs. Longbottom. But from what Harry has done, you are both completely healed." Healer Singleton said then turned to Harry, "You know there are fourteen more people here with brain damage."

"I want to help them, I'm just waiting for Neville."

"So you and Neville are friends?" Mrs. Longbottom asked as she got slowly up off the bed.

"Yes, we met in our first year at Hogwarts. He was a shy timid kid for years, let people pick on him. But when he found out Bellatrix was one of the death eaters that escaped, he changed. I was teaching a bunch of students defence, in secret of course. Neville ended up being able to do everything I taught, then he helped me during the Battle of Hogwarts. But I'm sure Neville will want to fill you in on everything, just know he is one of the best people I know and a very brave man."

"Healer Singleton, is something wrong with my parents?' Neville asked as he stepped in then stopped as he saw his parents standing and smiling at him, "Mum, dad," Neville said as his voice choked then hugged his parents.

Harry put his arm around Ginny, Kingsley put his arm around Oscar and they stood with the healer watching Neville and his parents cry into each other's arms.

"How?" Neville said, but his voice broke off.

"I did it Neville, it's a long story and I will fill you in soon. But get to know you're parents and let them know the wonderful man you are."

Neville let go of his parents and stared into Harry's eyes, "You're well, something happened. You couldn't talk properly, you looked sick, now you don't. What powerful magic did this for you?"

"My parents and Godric Gryffindor, I'll explain later Neville. But after I got well, all my scars healed, everything healed, so I healed Bill, even Hermione's small scar on her neck. So I wanted to do this for you. You have stuck by me since we met, you are a true friend Neville. It's my way of thanking you for being my friend."

Neville hugged Harry, "I am you're friend, thank you for giving me my parents back and I wish I could do that for you."

"It's fine Neville, my parents are part of me now. I feel everything they did, but there's a lot to go into, I will tell you everything later, I promise. So for now, enjoy your family Neville, I need to go see some other patients."

Neville let Harry go then kissed his cheek, "I'll come to your place in a day or so. I have to hear all this mate because it's just miraculous."

Harry laughed, "You will, talk to you later, oh Ginny and I are engaged."

"Wow,' Neville hugged Harry and Ginny again, "So Ginny, you're going to be the saviours wife, get ready for a lot of attention and woman being jealous that you got Harry."

Everyone in the room laughed at Harry's face, "Neville."

"Sorry Harry, but you forgive me right?"

"I always will Neville," Harry shook his head, took Ginny's hand and they left with the healer, Kingsley and Oscar.

Harry went around to every patient that had mind damage, then Kingsley would explain what was going on why Healer Singleton examined them. After Harry finished in the mind damaged ward, he went to every single room in St Mungo's and healed simple things as cuts and bruises, to a couple that had splinched together when they had tried to apparate.

"I would like to go to Hogwarts, I need to see something."

"Aren't you tired Harry?" Ginny asked.

"No, I'm not Gin, it's like they've given me all the energy as well, so why I feel this good, I want to use it."

"Come on, let's go to Hogwarts," Kingsley said and led the way out of St Mungo's and they apparated to the gates of Hogwarts. Kingsley lowered the wards and they all stepped through the gates and walked up towards the castle.

Harry closed his eyes and a dozen stag patronus's took off at the same time to different parts of the castle and grounds. After a few minutes, the staff, houselves and ghosts all stepped or floated outside the castle, Hagrid and Grawp, along with centaurs and hippogriffs all stepped towards the group.

"Harry, why did you want everyone outside the castle?" Minerva asked.

"Just watch," Harry smiled, then closed his eyes as he stared at the castle.

"Oh merlin," Minerva said as she watched the castle repair right before her eyes. Everyone was silent as they watched Harry staring at the castle. "Has this power have anything to do with what Hermione found?"

"Yes, Harry and Ginny combined their blood, the locket opened. Harry said his parents and Godric Gryffindor went inside him and shared their magic and essence with him. We just came from St Mungo's. Harry healed everyone in there, along with Neville's parents," Kingsley explained.

Harry opened his eyes then stepped over to Minerva, put his hands to her head and heart.

"You were hurt by the Carrows," Harry closed his eyes and everyone watched the glow surround Harry and Minerva McGonagall.

"Oh," Minerva sucked in a deep breath as she stared at Harry, "All my pain is gone, I feel healthy, young."

Harry slowly opened his eyes, but everyone noticed Harry's eyes were white, "You have a lot of life left in you Minerva McGonagall and will do wonders as headmistress of this great school. You are making my legacy a reality, you will join all houses and students just like I wanted for this place," Harry blinked and shook his head, "Godric Gryffindor spoke through me."

Kingsley noticed Minerva swayed a little and quickly put his arm around her why Oscar conjured a chair to sit her down on.

"You just shocked her Harry," Kingsley said.

"Not me, Godric did," Harry knelt down in front of his old Professor, "He wanted to tell you how proud he is of you and what you will be doing," Harry pulled out the locket, "This was passed down from him to my father. My parents combined all our blood with Godric's, which gave me all their power and joined us together. But Godric came up with this spell to help his family. I can see when you used to go to meetings at my parents place when I was first born. You didn't want anyone to know how much you cared about me. But mum put me in your arms and you held me. I was crying before that, but the moment you held me, I stopped because I could feel the love you had for me," Harry picked up her hand and put it to his cheek, "You put your hand on my face and stared into my eyes. Mum ended up in tears watching you with me, dad and Sirius kept making comments about the strict Professor surrendering to a baby. They are part of me Minerva, I see and feel everything they did."

"I do love you, but I had to treat you like any other student, but do you know what you're parents did after that?"

Harry smiled, "Yes, they made you my godmother. I do understand why you never told me, but you did show me in a lot of ways over the years. That's why you trusted me when I turned up that night."

"Yes, I wanted to tell you Harry, but Albus knew you would have turned to me if you found out. You see, he always knew he was going to die before he could finish all the horcruxes. So we sat and talked years ago about all this. We realised you needed to do this alone, it was you're destiny and I had to stay out of your way to let you do what was needed."

"Yes, it was, I've finally accepted all that. But just so you know, we're going to get to know each other properly from now on. So as my godmother and headmistress of Hogwarts, I want you to be the one who marries Ginny and I."

Minerva smiled, before wiping a tear from her eye, "I would be honoured to perform that happy ceremony for you both. I'm so glad you're well Harry, after I left the Weasley's, I came back here and cried. Albus kept shouting from his portrait, trying to find out what was going on. But you're well and healthy."

"Yes, I am and I don't have even one scar left on me," Harry leaned in and whispered, "Do you know if anyone here has anything that needs healing?"

Minerva smiled and nodded, "Yes, a few."

Harry stood up and closed his eyes, then went from one person to another, healing them. He walked over to the centaurs and put his hand on Firenze's chest and head, healing his wounds as well, then walked over to Hagrid, floated up till he was the right height, put his hands on his large friend and healed him, then floated up higher and did the same to Grawp. When Harry opened his eyes, Grawp hugged Harry before lowering him to the ground.

Once again Harry Potter has saved the wizarding world, not from Voldemort or war, but from the pain people have been suffering for a long time. Everyone that had seen what Harry could do knew he was going down in history as the greatest sorcerer of all time. Because Harry was not just a powerful wizard anymore, Harry Potter had become a full fledge sorcerer, more powerful than any witch or wizard that came before him. So they knew their world will always be safe and protected as long as Harry Potter lived.

The End: