Derp, so Spike being a fudanshi, which is a male fujoshi, and being that everyone will think the worst, he's trying to keep it secret, also, with being a fudanshi, Spike may act as the fallowing: Laughs at stupid things, will act more secretive, will take things the wrong way if two guys involved, and will stay up just to watch anime.

"Spike!" Faye yelled, "Spike!" Spike groaned, placing the book he was reading down on the coffee table, the ear raping screech raping his ear. Spike sighed, clearly pissed about being ripped away from his peaceful silence.

"Spike you son ova bitch!"

Spike sighed, "What?" He asked as Faye walked into the room along with Ed, Ed didn't look so pissed, not as much as Faye did.

"Were the fuck is my money?"

"What do you mean?" Spike asked.

"Don't pull that shit with me, Spiegel; I wanted to go do some things." Spike could have sworn she said, 'I want to blow it all on the casino in one sitting, or spend it on skimpy outfits.' Spike tried to hold back the laughter of Faye's stereotypical behaviors, but still couldn't stop the slight curve of his lip.

"What's so funny?" Faye asked.

"Why is Ed here?"

"Edward wanted to see Faye-Faye yell at Spike." Well, that's a first; it was almost like the Bebop was now populated by imposters witch would be the case if Ed wasn't speaking in third person. That would be certain, Spike chuckled lightly.

"Uh, what's so damn funny?"

Spike chuckled again, Faye's outburst were funny as they were annoying.

"Answer my question! Where is my money?"

"First of all Faye, I don't know what you're talking about, and two, you know you're just gonna blow it on something stupid as hell." Spike said, laying back.

Faye growled, wanting to slap Spike, not really knowing what's holding her back. Spike just seemed more humored with her yelling. Not noticing Ed taking the book from the table, curiosity peeked from the abnormal actions of two guys one the cover.

"Hey Faye-Faye. Look what Spike is reading!" Spike's eyes widened, jerking upwards and swiping the book from Ed's hands.

"Hmm... what are you reading Spike if you don't want Ed to know about it, is it some porno or something?"
"No!" Spike protested, "I just don't want Ed reading!"
"That means it porn, usually if you don't want Ed something it's either private or porn."

"Oh, Faye, that's mean, just because I don't want to show Ed something you label it as, 'I'm watching or reading porn'"
"Well, when it comes to that, it usually leans to the worst, so sorry for thinking something that might be true."

Spike chuckled, "Whatever, now can you two leave me alone."

Faye growled, spike could have sworn he saw 4 lines of steam wiggling above her head; he shook his head, lying down on the couch and retrieving his book from the table and began to read it.

Faye turned to walk away, Spike sighed mentally as he read the book, but it was short lived after Faye yelled, "I swear, if it was you that took my money."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll kick your ass." Spike finished her sentence in a way similar of what she was gonna say. Faye gasped, and let out a low growl, Spike is acting differently, and actually, he was acting like this for about a month.

"What's wrong, Faye-Faye?" Ed asked, Faye shook her head, looking at Ed, smiling mischievously, she really didn't care, Spike was acting too weird for her to ignore, Ed didn't seem to mind and Faye was pretty sure Jet noticed it.

"Ed, have you noticed Spike acting weird."

Ed nodded, "Nope."

Faye growled, "Damnit." It still didn't take off the fact that Spike was hiding something, something humiliating probably, it wasn't just something obvious like porn or something, because Faye already knew that (Spike:… I do not wha- Violet: Shut up and watch hentai with me.)

Spike sighed, "I know you're still there." Spike yelled. Faye cursed, leaving the room completely, Spike sighed, looking at the images on the book, Spike sighed, wondering, lost in thought, "I wonder what it…" Spike said as he reached for the picture of Usami, stroking it, "Usami-san…"

Spike sighed, placing the book down, he was starting to feel depressed, he was almost finished with the second book, but still. "Why must he be fictional?" He thought, standing up and taking the book into his room.

… Perverts! He's not doing that to Usami-san!