If it wasn't awkward enough passing out on the couch when the guy is 27 of age cuddling with an androgynous 13 year old girl, imagine how awkward it is seeing such a thing. The first to wake up and actually see the weird ass scene was our dear Jet-person. Of course as he was disturbed by the scene he was also more than infuriated.

"What the hell, Spike?" He said, it didn't take long before Ed and Spike were up and sitting on the couch next to each other, being scolded by the older man, "What were you thinking."

"Edward and Spike-person were." Spike quickly put a hand over Edwards's mouth, nodding, Ed arched an eye brow.

"I was on the couch watching TV and Ed came up to me, saying she couldn't sleep, so I let her sleep on the couch with me."

"With a blanket, if it wasn't for the fact it fallen off while you two lovebirds were asleep, I would have thought you two might have done something."

"Please Jet; I'm not into 13 year old girls." Spike said.

"Spike person." Ed said sadly, Spike quickly saw he upset Ed and patted her head.

"Spike, you already know the thought of you and Faye doing that kind of thing on my ship is crossing the damn line, but I swear if you do anything like that to Edward I will not hesitating on kicking you off this damn ship."

Spike gulped, "Jet, I didn't do anything with her, you even saw us, we had ou damn clothes on."

"Still doesn't make up anything." Jet said, "I still don't like the thought of you doing anything with Edward, even when she is 18."

"Jet, stop insisting that I like Ed."
"But I thought Spike person likes Edward."

Jet sighed, "You're lucky Ed doesn't know what we mean by 'like'" Jet sank into the couch, "No more of this cuddling on the couch, that is… if you still want people to get the 'wrong idea'" he said with a smirk. Spike simply sighed, getting up from the couch, "I'm getting tired of this subject."

"Wait, Spike!" Jet said.

"Not now Jet!" Spike yelled.

As Spike entered his room, he collapsed on his bed, wanting to take a nap, this was already making his tired, well, he did wake up earlier than he likes just to be yelled at for simply cuddling with Edward, who he thought was just adorable after this. Anime does these kind of things, as in seeing the cuter side of things, like how cute Edward is, how freaking adorable that little androgynous girl is. Anime made his look at things differently, even himself, he's so much like one (because he is) one of those men in those shoujo manga's, except he doesn't have big ass eyes.

He smiled; he buried his face into his pillow, wanting to forget that god awful predicament and continue his sleep, wanting to think of his Usagi-san.


Spike woke up, in that place, his bed, only the room was dark as usual.

"Spike, what on Earth are you doing?" The familiar voice said, Spike gulped as Usami stepped out of the darkness and into Spike's vision, Spike chuckled.

"I don't know what you mean, Usami-san." He chuckled nervously as Usami sat next to him and pinned him on the bed.

"I know what you're doing with that young child, you really are indiscriminate."

"Usami-san, my relationship with her is no different than the relationship with your editor, only I don't say she's a demon, she's far from that, she doesn't even know what sex is!" Spike yelled, Usami chuckled.

"Nothing like Misaki, certainly older, how old are you, Spike?"

Usami chuckled, "I thought you were younger, at least 22. Not Misaki's age."

Spike laughed as Usami kissed him; Spike closed his eyes, completely taken by the kiss, Usami didn't mind the taste of cigarettes of energy drinks, in fact, he kinda liked it, a lot. Usami depend the kiss, meeting Spike's tongue.

Usami parted, catching his breath, licking his lips, "Tastes better that Misaki, and certainly isn't as hesitant as him, tell me, Spike, are you perhaps, in love with me?" (Alright, let this be stated, this is a dream, meaning Usami will act however I want him to act)

"Usami-san…" Spike murmured as Usami kissed him again, Spike arms, now unbound, wrapping his arms around Akahiko. "I want more."

Usami chuckled, unbuttoning Spike's shirt, enough to expose his chest and abs. Usami smiled, liking what he saw, licking his lips, and then diving down to kiss Spike's neck tenderly. Licking the skin, Spike let out a soft moan as Usami tried to find the softest skin on Spike's neck to tease, using his toung to find it, Spike shivered. "U-Usagi-san." Spike whispered, placing his hand on Usagi's head. "Are you just teasing me?"

"Think of this as a punishment, Spike, I'm gonna tease you mercilessly for cuddling with that underage girl."

"Usagi…" Spike whispered as Usagi went lower to Spike's chest, teasing Spike's nipples as he kissed the skin on his sternum, Spike let out a moan, "Usagi-san… how long will you tease me like this?"
"Until you beg for me… much like the other grey haired man."

Spike eyes widened, "What… who do you mean?"
Usagi stopped what he was doing, "He said his name was Vicious."

Spike awoke from his dream once he heard Vicious' name, he was gasping for air, "Goddamnit Vicious, realizing I love a fiction character that I can only be with in dreams doesn't mean you have to ruin it."

Spike gasped when he heard a small tap on the door, he knew it was Ed, he sighed, "It's open."

The door opened, and Ed stepped in, sitting next to Spike, "Hey Spike-person." Ed actually sounded… sad.

"What is it, Ed?"

"Why doesn't Spike-person like Ed? Edward likes Spikey, so why can't you like Ed?"

Spike chuckled, rubbing Edwards head, "Oh, Ed, the 'like' Jet-jet was talking about is different, I like you Ed."

Edward smiled, "Spike-spike…" Edward said, hugging Spike, "Edward likes Spike-Spike, I like watching anime with…"

Spike chuckled, "Don't say my name…" Spike cut Ed off,

"Will Spike still watch anime with Edward?"

Spike nodded, "Yes, Ed. Spike-person will." Edward smiled, hugging Spike tightly.

"Ed, you can't stay here for long, Jet will get mad."

Ed let go of Spike, sitting on her knees and giving Spike a quick kiss on the cheek. Spike looked at Ed as she pranced out of his room.

Spike wondered, "Dafuq?" Was all he could say, and sighed, "Well Usagi-san will punish me the next time I fall asleep."

Spike sat up, reaching over and taking the Junjou Romantica manga and began reading.

"Spike you motherfucking asshole!" Spike sighed, slamming his book down and stepping outside, seeing Faye next to the couch with a book in her hand, with Faye, who was clearly pissed.

Faye ran over to Spike and slapped him with the book, "What the fuck is this?" She yelled, pointing at the cover with the words 'kimi wo tsunaide kiss shite dakishimete' on the cover, with a man wrapped around another man.

"Explain to me, what the hell this is?' she asked.

"I don't know." 'I'm so fucked' Not only was that one of his yaoi manga's, the translation is 'I will tie you up, kiss you then fuck you' needless to say it was a smut, and a good one two that had a somewhat minor case of WTF yaoi anatomy, like yaoi hands (1)

"And don't accuse me of buying gay porn, I have better things to do than look at two guys fuck each other into next week!" Faye yelled, Spike took the magna out of her hands and started scrolling through the pages as if he didn't know what the fuck it was, when in reality, he could already feel himself getting turned on at the uke's pained expression.

"It is yours. Isn't it?" Faye asked, Spike nodded.

"Faye, you know I don't look at gay anime porn, how rude of you to think that just because I'm an anime fan it automatically means I'm addicted, even if I was, it wouldn't be this." Spike said, showing her the page of (Due to the fact I don't want to bump up the rating due the graphic nature, censored) Faye stared at it. "You know I'm straight."

"What the fuck, Spiegel." Faye said, closing her eyes as Spike chuckled, "why are you into that?"

"No my dear, why are you into it?" Spike chuckled, Faye simply growled.

"I'm not, I don't watch that."

"Correction, reading, and what are you always reading on the couch when no one's looking."

"A woman's magazine!"

"Heh, last I checked I thought this kind of stuff was made for girls." Spike said, pointing at the book again.

"That may be the case, so why are you looking at it?"

"It's made for girls, not men like me." Spike pointed to himself.

"You know what, fuck it, say what you want Spike!" Faye said, grabbing the magna out of Spike's hand and walking away.

'Well, I'm fucked.' Spike said.

"*Gasped* Naughty-naughty Spike-person, swearing." Spike smiled, looking at Ed.

"What was Spike-person and Faye-Faye arguing about?"

Spike chuckled, "Grown up stuff, you wouldn't be interested, Edward."

"I heard Faye-Faye say something about anime, is she a fan."

Spike's smile vanished, he sighed, "No, she's not, she was accusing me of stupid stuff."

"Oh" Ed said, "Hey, Spike-spike, want to see this new anime Edward found?"

Spike shrugged, "Sure." Spike said, fallowing Edward, his heart beating erratically, who knows what will happen.

Alright, I was gonna put a part were Faye is fangirling over the smutty manga, but I wasn't sure, I probably add that in a different chapter, if not save it for the end of this story. Oh yeah, the manga (besides Junjou Romantica) Is real, it's pretty damn good to, and no yaoi hands!

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