This story was inspired by the song Come Home by: OneRepublic featuring Sara Bareilles. so another one bites the dust. I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. I know it was a shorty...But don't worry the next one will be a longy. Thanx to everyone who reviewed it or even read it and didn't review it. lol I hope you enoy the next one.


Chapter 15 – Come Home

Emerald green eyes scanned up and down trying to find any flaws. She saw none. Thank God. Everything had to be perfect. EVERYTHING. Her beautiful white gown to her manicured nailed to her pedicured toenails. Her pristine white sweetheart strapless organza gown featured subtle draping for a soft and romantic look. It was embellished with 3D floral details with a tie back sash in the middle of the back at the waist. It was absolutely perfect. She had on four inch peep toe white heels that matched the coloring of her dress perfectly. Her long hair was pinned up with ringlets hanging down and a satin headband had her veil attached.

A knock on the door brought her out of her personal critiquing. "Come in." Her green eyes shot to the door as her older sister walked in. "Oh my God, Lyssa what am I going to do if I forget my vows? Jake will totally not want to marry me."

Alyssa giggled as she walked over in her midnight blue maid of honor dress. "Are you insane? You could walk out there singing 'who's afraid of the big bad wolf' and he would think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. You could recite a couple of acts from Romeo and Juliet and he would consider it your vows. Jake does NOT care what you say. As long as you say 'I do' at the end and play a little tonsil hockey to seal the deal; that's all that really matters to that boy."

Julissa could feel her nerves working overtime. "God, I hope I don't screw this up. I just want everything to be perfect." Jules sighed softly. "Can you go check on him? I spoke with him this morning and he said he wasn't nervous, but I don't know."

Alyssa laughed as she nodded. "You've got nothing to worry about. I'll go check on Mr. Black right now." Alyssa turned and left the room as Emily and Leah were walking in. She made her way downstairs of the chapel and could hear the guys being rowdy and rambunctious. She knocked on the door and it opened with Seth's smiling face looking back at her. "Everyone decent?" She asked.

Seth nodded as he pushed the door open further for Alyssa. "Lady on the floor." Seth announced in his always happy tone. "Thank God you're here some of the guys are having a time with their ties."

Alyssa laughed as she walked further into the room. "Wow all of you look very handsome." Her eyes scanned all the guys in the pack. Naturally the first one to her was Paul as he smiled softly down at her before leaning down and pecking her lips softly.

"I missed you last night." He rumbled softly as he watched her smile appear on her lips.

"I missed you even more." Alyssa confessed as she reached up and began tying Paul's bow tie. She felt Paul's overly warm hands through her dress as he gripped her hips. "There you're good." Her fingers slowly move through his thick hair. "You look good babe." His lips connected with hers again.

"You look beautiful. I'd same more beautiful than the bride but Jake would probably kick my ass." Paul chuckled when he heard a growl from across the room. "Told ya." He whispered in her ear as she laughed leaning against his chest and he kissed her cheek.

"Jake, calm yourself. Paul's allowed to say what he likes to his own imprint." Sam all but ordered in his stern alpha voice. "Don't forget when you come back from your honeymoon, you're taking over the alpha position. You can't start out on a bad note."

Alyssa walked over as she stood in front of Jake looking up at him. "You done growling?" He rolled his lips and nodded while mumbling out a 'sorry'. She reached up and fixed his tie. "I know you are just defending your bride on your wedding day big boy, but take a pill. She's worried that your nerves are gonna get the better of you."

Jake shook his head negatively. "That's possible. I love her. I have been waiting for this day practically my whole life. I just want to marry her so we can be together forever."

Alyssa looked behind her as everyone watched them interact carefully. "Can you guys give us a minute? No cheating and using your wolf hearing to eavesdrop." Her eyes locked with Paul's as she nodded silently letting him know she was ok without him.

They watched as everyone left and closed the door behind them. Jake looked at his reflection in the mirror before his eyes returned to Alyssa; she honestly was one of the first loves of his life. "So what's up Lyssa?"

Aly smiled softly. "I want you to know that I know I don't even have to tell you this, but if you ever hurt my sister; I'll hurt you. I don't care if you can turn into a werewolf and eat me alive. I'll figure out a way to hurt you so bad you'll wish you were never born. On that note. Now that I know what imprinting for you and the rest of the pack is and means to all of you. I can say with confidence that you'll never hurt her because you love her with everything you are inside." Aly felt a few stray tears slip down her tan cheeks. "And I know you will protect her from all the evil things that lurk around La Push. I was always happy that we were friends first Jake. And I know you apologized about the way things went bad with us and I can say I honestly forgive you now and I'm sorry I held a grudge for so long."

Jake smiled softly. "You kind of had a good reason for not believing anything I said. My track record with you wasn't all that good. I realized I should've told you about the crush I had on Bella back then and when you came back and confronted me, I should've told you about the pack and imprinting. There is a lot of things that should've been done but we can't really go back and change the past only learn from it. I forgive you as well; even though you had nothing to be sorry for. Is there any way to salvage our friendship?"

Alyssa shook her head. "You're marrying my sister; I'll always consider you a friend Jake." Alyssa threw her arms around Jake's shoulders and he returned her tight hug.

Jake chuckled. "Yea well you already married my pack brother so friendship comes right along with it. It's nice to see Paul's temper in check for once."

Aly stepped back. "As long as you spend the rest of your life making my baby sister happy for the rest of hers; you'll get no complaints from me."

Jake nodded. "That's one deal I can promise I intend on keeping my entire life."

Suddenly the door flew open as the rest of the pack came walking in and gave a round of 'awe's' up to both Alyssa and Jake.

Embry smirked as he threw his arm around Aly's shoulders. "I can't believe you guys finally made up." Embry received a thumb in the back of his head and a lowly growl from behind him. Embry chuckled as he removed his arm from around Aly. "Oops, sorry mustn't touch the imprint that isn't mine."

Aly gave Paul a stern look as her hands planted on her hips. "Paul Lahote! Don't be a jerk. I'll kill you if you screw up my sister's wedding."

Paul chuckled. "Alyssa Lahote, I wouldn't dream…" Paul walked over and pulled her into his arms as he kissed her lips softly. "Of wrecking the most important day of your sister's or my pack brother's lives."

"How do you know it's their most important day?" Alyssa asked with a smile on her face.

Paul returned her soft smile. "Because when we got married it was the most important day of my life and it had better have been the same way for you too Mrs. Lahote."

Alyssa pushed up on her toes as she kissed his lips once more. "Oh it definitely was Mr. Lahote. I'm glad we eloped. We didn't have to mess with drama or stress; just a nice fifteen minute ceremony and a lifetime of love." Aly reluctantly pulled herself from her husband's arms. "I better get back. Jules is probably having a fit upstairs." She winked at Paul as she turned and left the room.

"Oh my god! Where have you been?" Julissa asked once Alyssa got back upstairs to the bridal room. "Did he leave? Did he change his mind? What happened? Where have you been seriously?"

Alyssa laughed as she held up her hands. "Calm down Jules. Jake is still downstairs waiting for you. He's not going anywhere I promise." After a few minutes, Aly noticed Jules got quiet. "Hey, soon to be Mrs. Black what's going on in your head?"

"Do you think it's weird that mom isn't here?" Jules asked in a soft voice.

Alyssa shook her head negatively. "Hell no! Jules she left us. She walked away and left us behind and probably has some stellar life now. I could give a shit less. When she first left I cried a lot when no one was around. But as I've gotten older just the thought of her pisses me off. She doesn't deserve our happy memories. She doesn't deserve to know her grandchildren or to know the things that have truly made us happy." Aly scoffed. "Bitch can rot in hell for all I care."

Julissa smiled. "I love the way you put stuff into perspective for me."

The door opened and the girls watched as their dad walked in. "You ladies ready?" He suddenly stopped in his tracks. "Wow Juli Bean, you look beautiful." He walked up and kissed his youngest daughter's forehead.

Once their dad had woken up they couldn't have been happier. He recovered quite quickly and completely understood why Paul and Alyssa eloped. He could see the love between them better than anyone else. He was even happier that he was going to be able to walk his youngest down the aisle and give her away. Both his girls were in love and it was great.

Julissa nodded. "Yes. Let's do this. I can't wait any longer."

Their father chuckled as he took Jules arm and looped it through his and walked with both his daughters downstairs.

Paul was standing at the back of the line with a smirk on his lips. "God, you are the most beautiful thing in this place today."

Alyssa smiled as she accepted yet another kiss from him. "So what do you think you would've done had I not come home?"

Paul nodded. "That's easy. I would've come to find you. You belong with me and I knew that before I imprinted on you."

"How can you be so sure?" Alyssa asked as she heard the music start up.

They started walking down the aisle as Paul smirked. "Because I'm going to spend the rest of my life proving just how much you belong with me, every time you come home."

Alyssa really was where she belonged.

She was home.

The End