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Scene Twenty-Three: Epilogue Part Three – To Meet Again

"Oi, Luffy. Go get Nami will you. We're not eating until she gives us an answer. Got it." Before Luffy and Nami's conversation, Luffy and the others were waiting in the dining room in patience for Nami to appear. Because, as always, Sanji wouldn't serve anyone until all the ladies have arrived. And being a gentleman, Sanji asked for Luffy to go and check on his wife. Luffy looked over to Sanji with a bored expression, but easily complied as he stood up from his seat.

"Alright, be back soon."

"Can I come too?"

"I'll be fine. Just give me a minute." Mika sat back down as her father left to get Nami. The little girl pouted as she crossed her arms and sat in her chair. Everyone in the crew just found some humor in the girl's pout. After some time, many of the crew was getting impatient. Especially one little boy.

"Has it been a minute yet?"

"Man, where is Nami and Luffy." Usopp spoke up too as he tapped on the table impatiently. Trying a bit of humor, Zoro smirked as he gave a very adult remark.

"They're probably having-"

"Finish that comment and you won't eat for life." Sanji quickly kicked Zoro's head stopping him from finishing his comment. He was practically enraged; not just because he was envying Luffy for getting something he could only wish for, but for also the kids as well. He wasn't the only one; the whole crew was eying Zoro threateningly. Luckily, kids were confused as they looked at each other wondering what Zoro was going to say. Robin, returning her glare to a kind smile, then looked over to kids as she changed subjects before anything unsavory could be spoken.

"So children, I heard you made a new friend on our little adventure?"


"Oh yeah, Xiao!" Mika smiled as she remembered the little girl her age. Recognizing the name, Akio too remembered their new friend. He was soon followed by Zoro along with the rest of the group that had made it to the village as they too recognized the name. The green haired swordsman then spoke up asking in confirmation.

"That little girl from the village?"

"Yeah, she was funny."

"And now she can fly."

"What really?!"

"We kind of left on a bad note though." Usopp spoke up next as he remembered before the group left the family to fight Shiki, the family still seemed rather solemn as they watched them leave. Many of them also recalled such a scene as the nodded in agreement with the sniper. Despite hearing this, Mika and Akio looked at each other than started snickering. Everyone looked at the kids curiously as the failed to see what was so amusing.

"What's up, little bro and sis?"

"Do you know something we don't?"

"Shishishi, kinda."

We go back to sometime after Luffy's outburst after hearing Nami's message, the crew was now heading back to the Thousand Sunny with Luffy leading them to the spot. Xiao's family, having stood to the side in silence, only watched them leave with solemn expression. No one talked to the family, not because they were angry at them, but simply because they had more serious issues to deal with. Akio walked with Mika as they trailed behind a bit behind having finally calmed down and ready for action. However Mika looked back seeing her friend and her family minding to themselves looking sad.

Seeing the family, Mika knew she had to say something. "Hold on Akio." The boy stopped as the girl told him to, Mika then ran towards the front. Akio watched as he saw Mika speak to her dad, the man seem to smile finding whatever the girl was talking about agreeable. With a nod from Luffy, Mika ran back to Akio and grabbed his hand. "Come on."

Xiao and her family kept looking to the ground. None of them could bear seeing the Straw Hats after the things they had sad out of pure selfishness. None of them noticed the steps of the little kids as they stood in front of the family. "Cheer up!"


"Mika, Akio?"

"Why so glum?"

"Little girl…"

"Because we sad those mean things." Xiao spoke up for her mother sounding like she was about to break into tears. Mika and Akio seemed somewhat confused by what their friend was saying; after all they both had been sleeping. Xiao continued to speak as if she had betrayed her new friends. "I'm sure your crew hates us for saying such awful things."

"What? No they wouldn't." Xiao looked up to her friends as they spoke at the same time. The whole family seemed confused as they were surprised by the kids' response. Even though the two kids were trying to help the family, Xiao didn't seem to believe them.

"Then why aren't you? After all the things we said…"

"You're amazing, Xiao." The girl gasped as she looked back up in shock. She saw Mika smiling straight at her, with no hate in her eyes. The family was just as surprised as Xiao was as they stared at the other little girl unbelievingly. Akio seem to also agree as he too smiled towards the girl and the family showing no hate whatsoever. Mika then continued with her speech. "You have time to worry about my mom and us when your home is in such a mess. I've never seen people as kind as you guys are. You don't have to blame yourself…"

"Yeah, the one at fault is that jerk Shiki." Xiao looked over to Akio as he added the last bit with stern expression thinking about pirate. The little girl was amazed by the boy her age talking so seriously. Akio then continued as he pointed his thumb to himself smiling confidently. "We'll beat the hell out of him. No problem."

"So cheer up, 'kay?"

"Mika, Akio, let's go!" Luffy called out to the kids just as Mika finished up their conversation. While Xiao simply stared amazed at her two friends, Mika and Akio had to return to their group and later storm Shiki's palace. Both kids begin running back as they waved to Xiao and her family.

"We gotta go Xiao!"

"We're going save Mrs. Monkey."

"Wait!" Mika and Akio stopped as Xiao spoke out stepping forward a bit. Both kids looked at the girl as she seemed a bit hesitant at first, but eventually summoned up the courage to speak once again. "We're still friends… right?"

"Well duh." Xiao was shocked by such a casual response especially with the welcoming smiles that came with it. Soon recovering from shock, Xiao seem to tear up though smiling just like her friends. She then quickly wiped her eyes as she showed her friends a more determined smile as she shouted out again.

"Make sure you come back! I wanna play some more!" Mika and Akio smiled as they were thinking along the same line as their friend. Both then gave the girl one last shout as they ran back to catch up with the other Straw Hats.

"We will! See you later Xiao."

"That's good." Now back at the present, Mika and Akio stopped their story as Luffy spoke up. Everyone turned to see the young couple standing in the doorway was they both smiled having heard some of Mika's story. Mika grinned as she slipped out of her seat and ran over to her parents. She then spoke up with childish delight.

"Really? You think so?"

"Of course." Luffy smiled as she crouched down and placed both his hands on her shoulders. Both holders of D. then stared eye to eye as Luffy told her with the honest truth. "It's never a good-bye, you'll always see the people close to you again."

"You really do take much after your father."

"We've been saying that since the beginning." Spoke the entire crew as most of them looked at Nami with a deadpanned expression. Luffy just ignored this as he continued speaking to Mika.

"I'm sure you'll see Xiao again."

"Shishishi, yup! And I can't wait!"

[Insert song: Fanfare by Mr. Children]

[Kuyandatte ato no matsuri. Mo kinō ni te wo furou.]

[Saa tabidachi no toki wa ima. Omotaku shizun da ikari wo age.]

On a table which surrounds a thin palm tree, various items sat around each significant to each of the Straw Hats. Going in order of the most recent there was a wooden kendo stick – Akio, a doll that suspiciously looked like Luffy – Mika, Brook's cane, a cola bottle for Franky, a book that Robin may have read, Chopper's stethoscope, a pack of Sanji's cigarettes, Usopp's first weapon Ginga Pachinko, one of Nami's mikans, both Zoro's bandana and his three swords, and finally Luffy's straw hat. As the song finishes its first few lyrics, waves passed through the scene making the objects disappear in the same order as listed. When it was all gone, the table bare, the scene changes to a silhouette of the Thousand Sunny sailing on the open sea.

[Congratulations! Ima mune ni takanaru fanfare! Mou Gradation mugen de no ni kamifubuki yo mae.]

As the silhouette sailed forth, images from East Blue appeared in the corner. The first being Luffy's home village, Windmill Village, as Woop Slap sat on the deck of Makino's bar as said girl offered him a drink. As he accepted the drink, pair of cheerful drunks waved to the man making him shout angrily at the two.

Elsewhere at Zoro's dojo, the master of the dojo watched over his students as they did their exercises. The man smiled down on them, glad that they were diligently keeping with the lessons.

At Cocoyashi Village, Nojiko sat with Genzo and Doctor Nako as they enjoyed the mikans from Bellemere's planation. As Nojiko offered a bit to Genzo, whatever she said made Genzo frustrated and took a large bite into his mikan slices. The action just made the other two people laugh cheerfully.

[Kakugo naki mono wa sare ate do nai ruro no tabi. Nobody knows kokai no matsuro.]

On Gecko Island on the outskirts of Syrup Village, Kaya sat underneath a tree studying her medical books diligently. In the background, the former Usopp pirates – Ninjin, Tamanegi, and Piiman – chased after a puppy probably pretending to be a monster of some kind. A few seconds later, those same three boys were running back as the puppy's mother chased them along with her puppy.

On the floating sea restaurant the Baratie, Patty and Carne worked diligently preparing the food as Patty quickly sliced the fish and Carne stirred the pan. As they did so, Zeff walked by checking in on the two. Seeing their work as acceptable, Zeff continued as he checked the rest of the chefs.

[Chotto matte to iwaretatte dotchi ikunda to towaretatte. Kotae wa itsumo kaze no naka ni arundesutte.]

While the background scene of the silhouette of the Thousand Sunny changed to its main sail, the corner box of East Blue's citizens now sifts to the left corner as it continued on. A young five year old girl with shiny jet-black hair had several targets in front of her as she practiced shooting them with a slingshot. Next to her, an older boy with messy ear-length black hair was trying to help her on her. To the side, the girl's parents watched on proudly along with a young woman also with black hair that reached her shoulders wearing a marine captain's outfit also watching on smiling.

In the city of Goa of the Goa Kingdom, some kids were playing at the edge of the forest. There were two young girls, one with short, wavy, brown hair that went to her shoulders and the other with black hair tied in a ponytail and wearing big, round glasses. The two girls were playing with wood swords while wearing paper hats, the brown haired girl wearing an eye-patch, as it seemed they were playing pirates. Not too far off watching amusedly, a girl a little older than the other two with red hair tied into two braids sat on a bench not minding the stares they were getting from the snobs, both adults and children, walked by. None of the girls minded as they kept trying to defeat the other.

[Itsu no manika otona ni natte ukkarishite matome ni natte. Ushinatta takaramono sagashi ni ikou!]

[Kuyandatte ato no matsuri. Mo kinou ni te wo furou.]

Seating on his large seat as the ship, Moby Dick, sailed through the New World, Whitebeard lifted up a newspaper reading the headline. He raised an eyebrow as he read the big news of the day. As he read through the paragraphs, the man gave a small smile and chuckle recognizing a certain crew and captain he was once told of by one of his beloved 'sons'.

[Saa tabidachi no toki wa ima. Kaze wo yonde dekai ho wo hare!]

Still on his journey to find Blackbeard, Ace was currently at port as he seemed to be waiting for something. However he quickly gained interest as a crowd of people were huddled around a person. Ace quickly intruded as he looked over the man's shoulder trying to read the newspaper. Ace grinned cheerfully as he read of his little brother's crew and laughed at Luffy's recklessness.

Elsewhere on some unknown island somewhere in the Grand Line, Shank's crew were all reading the newspaper as they had spotted Luffy's crew name. When they finished, Shanks looked to be in a cheerful mood as he shouted something to the crew behind. The whole crew then cheered as another party took place with Shanks once again getting himself drunk.

[Chotto matte to iwaretatte dotchi ikunda to towaretatte. Kotae wa itsumo kaze no naka ni arundeshitakke?]

We now return to the Straw Hat crew as they all formed a V-line in front of the helm as Franky steered the Thousand Sunny. The whole looked out towards the sea as took in calming wind and splash of the waves. With Luffy at the center point, Nami – wearing what she had earlier slipped her arm with Luffy's and leaned on him which he happily obliged to.

[Kitto kyou mo anata no hitomi de. Boku mo shiranai atarashii boku wa guruguru tabi wo shiteru.]

[Ohohoho! Itsuka dare mo ga otona ni natte chakkari shita otona ni natte.]

Then Mika and Akio ran onto the deck, Mika immediately stood just in front of her parents as she wrapped herself in their welcoming arms while Akio stood next to Zoro as he too put on a cool, calm, collective act as the man did himself. Everyone smiled at the scene as the ship continued forward only to finally blast away with one last Coup de Burst as they went forward to their next adventure

[Ushinatte takaramono sagashi ni ikou~!]

Around mid-day, we found ourselves far from the Straw Hats to a string of islands close by to each other. Each island seemed to have a unique seasonal pattern despite being so close to each other. So strange you ask, not when these islands were once floating together. On these islands, all those animals once furious and antagonistic towards each other were now peacefully coexisting with one another. As all the animals minded their own business, a familiar bird call ran out as Biri flew by the islands like a patrol.

As the bird flew, he soon approached the village where the wing-arm people now lived. As everyone in the village worked, they all heard the familiar calls of Biri as he checked in on the village. Many of the townsfolk waved to the bird, practically claiming it as a hero along with the Straw Hats. As the bird continued on its flight, it passed by many more animals both greeting the bird as well as minded each other.

Eventually, Biri finally made his landing. He landed on a rock outcrop as he gave a loud squawk to someone. That someone, Xiao, turned around smiling as she waved to the bird in a field of IQ plants. The bird then jumped off the outcrop and hovered over to Xiao as the girl gave the bird a friendly hug. The two then stared out seeing the ocean for miles away, both of them having a similar thought as they smiled.

'One day… I hope we will meet again.'

The End…

Of this Adventure

Author's note: Yo! And that's that! This story is done! With a bit of foreshadowing for good measure. It's been fun adapting this story to include Mika and Akio, and I think I did a devil good job of it!

If you watched the end of the original ending credits, all those scene were in the movie, all except those last two. Those two kind of officially connects this story to One Piece: Rise of the Pirate Queen and possibly one other. I'm sure most fans could figure who the little girl is in the first scene, but I bet you're all boggled by who everyone else is besides the parents. They will be revealed in time.

I hope that you all have enjoyed this story, it's LuNa-ness, it's added cast. To all those wondering when the other movie will be finished, well, Dan's being elusive so it's on hiatus.

And so as we end this amazing tale, I leave you with one last thing. Enjoy! Until next time, Ja Ne!

Coming in 2013...

…...If we live that long...

A whole new adventure awaits the Hurricane crew

"Trohahaha! Give up rookies!" laughed a shadowed man wearing a typical captain's hat and coat as he stood on the railing looking out to the smaller Draco Bliss, where the Hurricane crew stared right back at him and his blood thirsty crew. Both ships were caught in a terrible storm that had been bashing both ships mercilessly. "Just give up, and we might just spare all your lives."

"Like Hell!" shouted Mika as she hanged off the ropes of the Draco yelling back at the evil pirates.

A villain unlike any they have ever face before.

"I'm tired of this!" shouted the shadowed man was now stood at the deck of his ship opposite of Mika as she held her sword out, glowing with electricity. The man then brought his hands in the middle as he suddenly summoned a purple sphere in the middle.

"Oh no you don't!" Not wanting the man to gain any advantage, Mika ran forward as fast as she could before the man could do anything. The man was shocked to see how quick she caught up to him, stepping back in shock right as Mika was ready to strike.


"Lightning Strike!"


To an island never before seen.

"This is Temporal Island." spoke Drake as he looked up from the map to the island in front of the Draco. The crew was amazed with the island as it seemed to be like a mix of past, present, and future all splotched across the island. And all around, different civilizations could be seen intermingling like anyone would. The islanders wore different clothing from each other with each area having a distinguishing assortment of clothes matching it. "An island lost in time...literally!"

But the crew will soon find...what they never could have expected.

"Mika! What's wrong with you?!" asked Lena confused as she, Ryuudo, and Akio stared at the girl they called their captain looking shockingly at them. The girl stared at them like they were crazy as she tired to step away from the group carefully.

"I've never seen you guys in my life!"

What will happen to the crew when their captain doesn't remember them?

"Huh? Who are you!?" Meeting in the middle of a street, the two girls stared face to face with each other. Both of them looked over the other, their actions mimicking each other until finally they answered each others question.

"I'm Mika! Huh?"

Or does she?
The Hurricane crew is about to meet the most unexpected person they could ever meet...again!

Coming soon...

Appearing in their Second Movie

A joint project by
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Proudly present:

One Piece: Dual Movie

One Piece: Rise of the Pirate Queen Movie
Heavenly Touchdown

One Piece: Straw Hat 2nd Generation Movie
Hurricane Touchdown

Be ready for the ultimate tag team!

"Let's Go!" shouted the two Mikas as the both activated their respective devil fruit powers: Mika One began glowing bright as she generated electricity through her body as well as in her sword, glowing along with its master. Mika A began to transform, she too had a glow, though not from electrical power, and even began to float a little. As this happened, her hair began turning from browny-red to a golden blonde color and her eyes, specifically the iris, became a solid yellow. A halo appeared above her head while on her back two white wing appeared and grew until they stretched six inches off Mika A's sides.

The two, now geared and ready to fight, both readied their attacks as Mika One prepared to swing her sword and Mika A grabbed her halo. The two shadowed figures seem to smile sinisterly as they didn't seem threatened by the seemingly identical girls.

"Bring it on!"

"Hurricane/Halo SLICER!"

Coming Soon

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