Here is a deleted scene from chapter "2" of "On My Mind"! :D It begins after Caroline leaves The Grill.

Bonnie smirked at her, like she knew why she had to go. The guts! Caroline would have choked her by the throat if Bonnie weren't her friend. She ran out of the Grill before she could act.

"Carolineeeee," a voice sang towards her.

She turned around, hoping it wasn't the original. Hearing his voice was enough. Fortunetly but also unfortunelty, she faced the vampire gigolo, Damon. "Whatcha want?" the vampire wailed.

"Ouch," he laughed. She waited for him to talk. "I need your car."

"It's at home," the blonde answered. She crossed her arms, glaring at him. Where did his car go?

Damon stared at her, making Caroline itch. "Well?" he said. "Get it," he offered impatiently.

"I just said it was at home!" the vampire retorted. "Do you think that it'll just get up and walk over here like it's a transformer?" the vampire shook her head.

Damon smirked towards her, walking around her. "Ah, fiesty today, aren't we?"

Caroline chose to ignore the vampire. "Why do you even want it?" she questioned, turning 180 degress to look at Damon.

"Drive Elena out of town, buy a new house for us, get a dog or two," the vampire replied sarcastically, turning to face Caroline again. "Maybe even a new haircut." He laughed to himself with a look that read why am I so hilarious, I honestly don't know.

Caroline smirked. "You actually doneed a new haircut. You remind me of an irish setter."

Damon shrugged. "The puppies look adorable. And they're irish, a die for accent."

He just had to bring up accents. Awesome. Now there was a vampire picture in her mind. She shook away her thoughts after a pause. "Dogs don't speak," Caroline said, grinning. One point; Caroline.

Damon looked at her, sighing. He shook his heads. "Ah, wrong, barbie. Just because we don't hear them speak in english, or other languages really, doesn't mean they don't. Dogs may be communicating in their doggy barking language. It's like when people say vampires can't walk in the sun, but look," Damon told off, grinning at his somewhat metaphor.

Caroline rolled her eyes. Negative 1; Caroline. Add him to a list of annoying people I had talked to within the past hour.

Are you indirectly talking about me, love?Klaus asked, sounding hurt, yet chuckly.

Yes, she said, with false happiness. Go away and stop listening to my thoughts, sucker.

I already told you, I would if I could. Truth to be told, sweetheart, I don't enjoy hearing your odd thoughts.

"Weird?!" Caroline yelled. They only thing weird is you.Ahh, lame comeback. At least Klaus shut up.

Damon stared at Caroline. "I thought you were over that crazy phase," he said. Caroline opened her mouth to yell at the vampire when he shook his head. "See you later, barbie." He walked inside the Grill and Caroline growled, walking away. She would also kill Damon, if he wasn't stronger than her.

When she was human, she loved boys. Now? They were just nuisances.