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I have waited so long for this day to come the day I could do magic with out the ministry knowing were I was as long as I don't do it in front of the muggles. As I sat on my bed I looked to the clock and sighed 11:57 three more minutes till I am seventeen I will be leaving this hell hole I have been forced into all the beatings I have taken the worst being that last one I got..

*flashback* I was awoken when the front door to the house was slammed open I knew it could only be my horrible thing known as a uncle but I waited and prayed it wasn't because he did his worst to me when aunt petunia and Dudley were not home he has even gone so far as to rip my virginity out of my hands.

As I heard footsteps on the stairs I prayed it was not him and tried to make my self as small as possible but then the sounds of the locks on my door opening reached me I almost started to cry. He walked in and slammed the door shut turning angry eyes on me "I had a bad day at work and I come home to find no dinner made for me that's not right Boy I taught you better then that take your shirt off and bed over the bed!" He screamed at me so I got up and did as he told quickly as he took his belt off and raised it above his head. Now you would think that a family member would beat you with the non metal part but no I let out an ear piercing scream when he brought that metal part of the belt down across my back over and over again. All I wanted to do was die finally when he finish the sheets were red with blood and he simply cleaned his belt off and left the room.

*End flashback*

I looked back to the clock and smiled "Happy Birthday Harry." I whispered to myself as I walked over to the door grabbing my suitcase on the way, I smiled as I shrunk it putting it into my pocket and walked out the door after unlocking the locks.

I walked out the door as quietly as I could walking down the street to the park and sat waiting till the night bus came. I walked onto the bus and looked to the man "I need to get to Malfoy manor." the guy nodded and handed me a stub. I went and sat down on a bed and waited till it arrived at the drive for me to walk up so I slowly walked up and waited as a house elf popped up to take me inside to Malfoy seniors study. As I stood in front of him he looked up at me and simply raised a eyebrow "what can I do for you potter?" he asked, I shifted to my other foot "I wish to meet with you "dark lord."