Chapter 10

As I struggled to sleep night terrors of the things my uncle did to me plagued my mind. I laid there starring at the top of the bed post "will I not be able to sleep alone" I looked up when I heard hissing I saw nagini and tom at the door way talking. I knew he was telling her to guard the door for the night as he shut the door and came in lying down next to me after changing into his boxers for the night. I smiled at him "Marvolo I didn't think you were going to sleep with me" He smiled and wrapped his arms around me "go to sleep harry my little raven."

I smiled and closed my eyes laying my head on his chest listening to the beat of his heart as it drifted me back to sleep. *Dream* I looked around as I floated in this darkness nothing around me but darkness "were am I" I slowly floated along in the darkness till suddenly I fell into water. I looked up and saw tom with his hand held out so I grabbed it and he pulled me up out of the water and I looked around realizing we were in the chamber of secrets. "You invaded my dreams again hum" he nodded and walked along the wall till he came to were the basilisk once resided.

He looked at him and smiled then summoned chairs and we both sat and smiled at each other "alright harry we need to go over everything those horrible muggles did to you so you can grow past it with out fears." I shivered a looked away "very well ill start from the beginning then shall I." I looked down at my hands witch were laced together "When I turned the age of 5 they stared making me do chores like cleaning and working in the garden and cooking that's how I got the scar on my chest I was making breakfast one morning and my cousin ran into the kitchen and knocked me over and the hot grease poured out of the pan on my chest and his hand. So I was beaten by my uncle then they took him to the hospital after throwing me in the cupboard under the stairs." I shook my head as tears stun at the back of my eyes

"Then when I was six my uncle came home angry and drunk one night and pulled me out of the cupboard and started to touch me that was the first time he started to molest me he touched me and made me give him head then when I threw up from it he beat me and threw me back in the cupboard" I couldn't do it anymore and I started to cry really hard and curled up in a ball on the chair and tom quickly came over and held me in his arms as I cried "oh little raven it will be okay we will kill those nasty muggles I swear to you we will get your revenge." I cried so hard I woke up and tom we there to hold me just as he did in the dream world.

Latter that day I walked out of the room in the black robe hood on and the shadow spell in place I walked into the meeting hall where tom was and I slid into the seat to his left and looked dead at him. "Nice of you to join us princeps obscure" I nodded to him and listened as people dished out there reports I noticed that I was being watched and I looked over and saw that lucius Malfoy was watching me.