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Fernpelt's POV.

"What?" I mewed, rising and approaching Spook and Rivian, "What did you say just now?" My fur puffed out angrily, "If you two led some group of vicious cats here-!"

"Fernpelt!" Ripplepaw snapped sharply. The two toms were cowering in fear, their ears pressed against their head and their eyes clamped shut making it look as if they were mourning. Which I'm sure they were, "They're not here to get yelled at."

"Sorry," I mewed, more calmly this time, "How far away is this group of rogues?"

"Not far, we were sprinting all the way here and they came not long after. I'd give you twenty minutes at the most." Spook muttered pathetically, "We're sorry."

"No, don't be. If you wish to join us, then join us. But we must leave. Dad, are you able to travel?" I asked spinning quickly and hurrying over to Shellstar.

He struggled to get on his paws but once he did so he nodded, "Where are we to go?"

"There's a city, not too far from here," Wolf spoke up, her one good eye boring into the rest of us, "We can seek refuge there until the rogues pass, then we can come back or continue on." I nodded to her thankfully.

"Will you lead us there?"

"It'd be my pleasure," Wolf mewed back, glancing back at Wolfpaw, "Think you can keep up short stuff?"

"Of course I can!" Wolfpaw argued, puffing his chest out broadly, "Just show me the way!"

"Emberwing, Sterlingheart and Splashleap, can you three resign to the middle of the group, to help support both Spook and Rivian. We can't take any chances." I asked hopefully, starting to realize the severity of the situation.

"We'll do what we can," Emberwing said calmly, I could tell he was worried though. His eyes told me so, "Blackflight, can you help us?"

"Blackflight will also do what he can," Blackflight answered, looking down at the two shivering toms below him, "What about young apprentices, who shall watch them?"

"Autumnbreeze, Ivyspots and Moonsplash will you do that for me?" I said looking around, "Hawkstorm, can you and Cindersnow watch over Shellstar please. Owlfeather, you and Violettail will watch over Jayflight and Leafflight." They nodded obidiantly before zipping off to take their stances, "Foxpelt, I want you and Cottonear up at the front with me. You need to be alert for any signs of danger."

"You got it," Cottonear spoke up, his yellow eyes flashing with determination and his ears pressing forward readily.

"Ripplepaw," I called, addressing her from her work.

"I'm sticking with them," she meowed curtly, looking straight into Spooks blazing yellow eyes, "I'm not going to let you rot, don't worry."

"I wouldn't have asked otherwise," Spook answered, a small smile grazing his muzzle. I watched him carefully but was thankful that I asked the strongest toms to stick with them, so Ripplepaw would be protected, no matter what, "Ripplepaw?"

"Hmm?" She asked, mouth full of cobwebs, "What?"

"I was just saying it, that's your name right?" Spook asked, shifting uncomfortably next to his friend.

"Yes," She replied, dabbing the cobweb into spooks bloodied ear, "I'm going to have to rip the rest of the way off. It's going to hurt though."

"I know," Spook murmured, "It'll get infected if you don't."

"Yes, so would you like a stick to bite down on?" Ripplepaw asked, waiting for his approval before ripping the rest of his ear off.

"No, just get it over with please," Spook answered, lowering his head so the shorter she cat could grip it easier.

I looked away before she ripped the ear off and a very unhealthy, pained yowl was heard, "Shh it's over now, just stay calm." I heard Ripplepaw murmur.

"Is everyone ready?" I called, glancing around to see everyone was nervously glancing at friends and family. Many eyes were also locked onto Spook and his friend-who hadn't uttered a word since he came in-Rivian.

"As ready as we'll ever be," Shellstar rasped, going into another coughing fit, "Now let's go, before I cough up a lung…or a hair ball."

We took off without a seconds hesitation, Wolf and Wolfpaw leading the 'pack' so that we were staying in the right direction. I would glance back now and then, just to make sure everyone was keeping in check and that there were no laggers. Though the chilling reality hit me when loud caterwauls his the sky, signaling some very angry cats had scented us and were most likely taking chase.

"Quick, we have to move down wind so they can't smell us anymore!" I shouted to the others as the wind around us started picking up. The sky above has started getting darker and large raindrops had begun falling, splattering all over our already sleek bodies.

Not long after the rain had begun to fall, thunder and lightning cracked through the sky, "Starclan must be angry with us," Cottonear mumbled, keeping pace pretty well.

"Apparently Starclan has been angry with us-well me- for a while now, or they wouldn't have told Robinstar to banish us," I mewed back gruffly. Just the thought of her was enough to drive any cat up a wall.

"Do you honestly believe Starclan would just send you away?" Cottonear brought up, his tone darkening, "Unless you really were planning to destroy the clan, which I highly doubt."

"You're doubts are correct, why would I destroy the place I was birthed in?" I mewed loudly over the loud crack of thunder. Many cats jumped or shrieked in fear at the sight but we mostly kept it together, only having to slow down when one of the injured cats tripped and fell.

"How much longer, Wolf?" Foxpelt shouted over the pounding rain. My pelt was starting to get heavy from the water lapping through it and I could tell the others were starting to lose determination as well. Such a quick move had to have been hard on all of us. I know it was hard on me, especially with Shellstar in his state, I was so worried about him…

"It's about a day and a half's trek just to get to the outskirts of the city!"

"A day and a half!" I shouted, clearly surprised, "We'll have to set up a small camp before that, there's no way we can go on much longer like this!"

"I know!" Wolf said in frustration, "…I know…" I eyed her carefully as she looked forlorn about something. Clearly there was something nagging at her mind but I didn't want to pry, not in such drastic times.

"How's everyone holding out!?" I called, craning my neck to examine the clan. They were all drenched, Sterlingheart was even having to shake his head every few seconds to keep the drenched fur from flopping into his eyes, blinding him.

"We need to pull over soon," Violettail mewed nervously, "I don't know how much longer we can run through this…this hell!"

"I agree," Foxpelt said, shaking his head as rain crashed down heavily into his eyes and face.

"And where do you suggest we go?" I growled, "I don't know this territory!"

"Yeah but I do," Wolf snapped gruffly, "And I know another friend not far from here, we just have to keep pressing on until we can get to his home. He too lives in a barn…albeit much smaller than mine but we can stay there for at least until dawn. No food though. And the place has been abandoned."

"That's a risk we're going to have to take," Cottonear groaned, his face falling into one of dread, "Will we be safe there?"

"Depends…if we can stay out of the way of the wild hounds then we'll be fine. So no wandering!" I tensed and looked over at her fearfully.

"Wild hounds?"

"Yes, there were a pack of wild dogs there…" Her face fell again, "They killed my friend who lived there. But his son survived the attack and is currently residing there."

"You want me to take my family and friends into a living hell hole!?" I screeched, my wet pelt spiked a little bit, even though it was very heavy.

"Do you have any other choice?" Wolf snapped, turning on me and heavily panting. Her one good eye glaring into both of mine like she could see right through me, "We'll all be killed if we don't go there."

"And we'll be killed if we do," Foxpelt argued, his tail twitching fearfully as he glanced back at Tawnypaw.

"At least we'll have a chance, whereas out here in the open, in these conditions we have no chance what's so ever." Wolf said lowly, her face softening slightly, "I know it's a hard decision but it must be done."

"I know," I whimpered, not ready to make such a big decision on my own. I slowed my pace until I was pacing next to Blackflight and Sterlingheart.

"This isn't a burden you are to carry alone," Sterlingheart said, glancing over at me, "Our fates rest in our own paws, not yours. You made the right choice Fernpelt."

"But how do you know that?" I asked through my heavy pants.

"How can you not. Blackflight sees it too, there is no other way to handle this situation," Blackflight added in, patting my back with his rather large and bulky tail, "Blackflight believes in you. But you must believe in yourself."

I nodded slowly towards him and looked over towards Spook and Rivian. I sprinted over to them, helping with keeping them up, "Splashleap, go up front with the others. Tell me if you see or hear anything, anything at all."

"Will do," He said, panting gently, "Please watch over Moonsplash for me."

"You can count on me," I answered, nudging him forwards with my head, "She'll be safe." He nodded before taking off with longer strides, catching up to the other's with ease and making small talk with Wolf.

"How are you holding out?" I asked the new comers.

"We're trying our best," Spook said, panting heavily as he limped along swiftly, working twice as hard as the rest of us.

"And you?" I said, targeting Rivian. I hadn't heard him talk at all, I'd like to at least hear his voice.

"He's doing what he can," Spook said, filling in for his friend.

"Can't he tell me that himself?"

"He's mute. Vocal cords were slashed when we were kits. He hasn't been able to even whine since then," Spook said, motioning to the now very apparent scars along Rivian's neck. They were pinkish white, leading me to believe they never healed properly and were infected early in life…but he survived.

"Sorry to hear it," I called.

"He's not, he doesn't mind it. We speak through expression," Spook said, looking over at his friend whom was looking at everything BUT me or Spook, "Right now he's highly uncomfortable." Rivian shot Spook a dirty look and pressed his blazing hot ears back along his head, clearly not liking being so exposed like this, "Don't be pissed at me, I was just saying what I know!" Spook protested to his friend, tail flicking impatiently.

"THERE!" Wolf shouted from the front of the group, "THERE IT IS!"

"Keep your voice down," Cottonear fretted, "We don't yet know where those wild mutts are."

"Good point. Do you think we've lost our followers?" Wolf asked me, craning her head to see me. I broke away from the others and hurried forwards to Wolf's side.

"I'm not sure, I haven't heard anymore angry screeches so I'm going to guess that we have. But let's not let our guard down. Blackflight, Cottonear and Splashleap if I may ask you, please stay up with me tonight to be on watch. We'll take shifts but I don't want any unexpected visitors."

"Sure thing," They nodded. Well most of them did, Splashleap kept glancing back at Moonsplash, not even realizing I gave him and order.

We rounded the crest of a hill and stopped abruptly at the top of it. In front of us was a tiny wooden barn with some broken fences surrounding it. Tall grass was poking out of the roof of the barn and surrounding the immediate area around it. The thing all together looked shabby and unstable, but it was a place to stay for the night.

We peeled off, one by one into the barn. Wolf entered first calling out to someone.

Narrator's POV.

Wolf padded into the run down barn, sniffing the air to make sure there was only cats in the barn, nothing else, "Patches?" She called softly, "Patches are you here!? It's me, Wolf." There was a moment of silence before a small dark brown head poked out of some surprisingly well kept hay in the tiny loft.

"Wolf? What are you doing here! It's a horrible night to be out just sauntering around!"

"I'm not," She stated firmly, "I have tons of friends with me, some injured. We need a place to stay for the night. Can we resign here, just for the night?" She looked up into his very icy blue eyes and silently pleaded that he'd say yes. But if he said no then it meant no. She had no power in this place.

There was a long pause where Patches was thinking it over. On one paw, he could let Wolf and these strangers stay but they might attract the dogs that killed his father…but on the other paw, there were injured cats in this group and Wolf was his friend. It was only for one night too…

"I don't see why not," Patches finally mewed, "Come now, bring them in and hurry. The dogs will be poking around soon if you don't get in here."

Wolf visibly sighed in relief before turning to the others and signaling for them to come in, "jeez, you guys are drenched!" Patches said in disbelief, "Please, come in. Nestle up in the hay it'll keep you warm. Quickly now!"

"Thank you," Fernpelt said stopping abruptly to address Patches, "You saved our lives."

"Well I'm not done saving them, so hurry. Get the younger ones into the farthest corners of the loft. It's safe there." Patches scorned, tail twitching in annoyance, "Hurry!"

The group of cats zipped in, resigning into the hay to pant and catch their breath, "Whoo, I've never felt so alive," Shellstar wheezed sarcastically, "Starclan I'm getting fat."

"No you're not, you're just not a young spunky tom anymore," Violettail said, curling up beside him and resting her tail on his frail spine.

"Wonderful," Shellstar rolled his eyes before curling closer to his mate and resting his muzzle on her shoulder blade.

Everyone was settling down, still very much on edge but settling down nonetheless, "You alright?" Emberwing asked, coming up beside Fernpelt and rubbing his muzzle along hers.

"Just…concerned." She answered, seemingly off in her own world. Her eyes were vacant and glazed over and she was hunched over heavily as if carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

"Why don't you rest? I'll keep watch with the others but you look like you could use some sleep."

She shook her head violently, "No, I have to stay up and watch over the rest of us. Especially with the wild dogs around. I don't want any unnecessary deaths on my head." Emberwing gave her a sympathetic look before resting his tail on her shoulders in a comforting manner.

"You have to expect that there is always going to be a bad with every good. Expect the unexpected and it won't expect you. Just get some rest, please?" Fernpelt looked over at him worriedly, her eyes narrowed in thought.

After a moments silence she shook her head again, "I can't Emberwing…I just can't."

"Well then if you're going to be stubborn, I'll stay up and keep watch with you."

"I can't ask you to do that…"

"You didn't, I'm merely volunteering myself in and there's nothing you can do about it." He said back, running his tail down her back and moving closer to her.

"There's plenty I can do about it," Fernpelt warned, giving him a look.

"I know," He sighed, pressing his nose to her temple, "But I care about you and I don't want you to feel like you have to take all this in yourself."

She visibly relaxed at that, "But what if-," Emberwing silenced her by flicking his tail over her muzzle.

"What if, is the worst question a young leader can possibly ask."

"I am no young leader; I'm no leader at all." Fernpelt said defensively, "I don't command these cats, we will work together to get through this."

"Then stop worrying so much," Emberwing interrupted, "You're clearly agitated and you just need to take a deep breath and relax." Fernpelt grunted in annoyance before sighing, knowing he was right.

Not long later, Fernpelt and Emberwing were sitting near a broken window, looking out into the dark, unfriendly woods with unease. The others were also on watch, just in different places of the small barn.

Emberwing looked over at his mate for a second, noticing that she was starting to drift off. A small smile grazed his muzzle and he moved in closer to her to keep her warm, "You can go to sleep you know. Everything will be alright." He whispered to her, stroking her frazzled fur with his fluffy tail.

"Mhhhmmhmmm," She murmured back, already slipping into a state of unconsciousness. Emberwing smiled again, looking back out the window and seeing Patches in the reflection. He craned his neck to look at the other cat, noticing he looked curious.

"Is something wrong?" Emberwing asked, hoping they hadn't offended Patches in anyway.

"No, I'm just wondering…what're you doing?" He asked innocently.

"Keeping watch, if danger comes I'll warn the group and we'll either leave or ready ourselves for battle," Emberwing answered quietly, not wanting to wake Fernpelt up.

"But there's already so many people doing that," Patches said, not fully understanding seeing as he still was a young cat.

"We don't know this place very well, so more watches prove to equal more security."

"Oh…" Patches said, sitting there awkwardly, "Can I umm help?"

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