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Fumizuki Academy Rooftop

Narrator's POV

Last time on Baka and Test, Class F Rep Yuji Sakamoto decided to have the war between his class and class D to be a battle of representatives, as in Akihisa Yoshii vs Miharu Shimizu. Luckily, no one else in his class knows that Akihisa would be facing her or they might have... Wait a minute, it seems like two figures are talking on the roof. Hmmm... sounds important. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

"...and thats what I have in mind for today's battle, interested?"

"Hah! That sounds perfect! That'll show that pig what happens when he toys with a young maiden's heart!"

"Just don't be late and then your victory is assured."

That doesn't sound good, it seems like these two have a bone to pick with our favorite he'll come ready for whatever they throw at him. Oh, who am I kidding? He's doomed!

Akihisa POV

(Those that are immature should skip this)

The day started out awfully strange. My sister and I had breakfast together, though she kept sneaking strange peeks at me. I think I even saw her all red-faced for a second. When I called her out on it, she merely stammered out something I couldn't understand. It kinda seemed like she was afraid of me. At least she wasn't trying to kiss me anymore... As I left for school, she didn't even say good-bye to me! I'll have to talk to her about it later. On the way there, people started to give me some funny looks though. More as I looked closer, the guys there seemed to hate me! And even stranger, the girls were looking at me like I was some sort of thug! The nerve of some people...

As I arrived at school, everybody there seemed to quiet down. Everybody was whispering to each other and looking at me much like how my sister looked at me this morning. Maybe I did something wrong yesterday? I guess I should ask someone... Ah! Theres Hideyoshi! He'll be honest to me!

"Yo, cross-dresser! Get that ass over here!"

*gasp* Someone's making fun of Hideyoshi! When I get my hands on whoever said that...

"M-m-m-master! H-h-how arth t-t-tho?"

WAIT A MINUTE! He's speaking to me! Since when does he call me master?! I better apologize... "I'm in the mood for some action! Come over here!" Which is when I proceed to force his lips on mine... Wait, WHAT?! I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO THAT! I-I can't control myself! But it does feel good... NO! THIS IS WRONG! Before I could enjoy it mo- ahem, I mean stop myself, I heard laughter coming from behind me.

"HAHAHA! Make sure to save some for me Honey!"

Turning, I come face to face with...

Yoshii Residence


Shocked about the sudden loudness in the room, I fall out of my bed. Or, at least I would have if a certain sister of mine wasn't sitting on my chest. "WAAAAHHHHH! SUPER NINJA TURTLES IN SPACE!" Silence fills the room as I take in what I just said. Oops. "Errrrr... I mean what are you doing in my room sis?" She seemed to regain her boisterousness after I asked my question. Hmmmmm, maybe I should say random thing more often? "You're gonna be late for school if you don't hurry!"

Shoot! I can't be late today of all days! As I try to get up, I realize someone is still pinning me down. "You can get up now..." "But it's so comfy on your che-"

I don't have time for this!

"Any day but today Akira! Anyday!" Where did that come from? I think I took it too far... She actually look dejected. Maybe I should apolog-"Okay! Let's pick it up tomorrow!"... Forget what
I said, she's as upbeat as ever! I can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing though... Hesitantly, I agree, at least sort of. "Fine, whatever! Just leave for a second so I can get dressed!" Looking slightly depressed, my sister finally leaves my room. Sigh, finally!

As I get dressed, I can't help but feel bad at how I yelled at her. Sure, she's a pain sometimes, but that's only because she loves me. As I finish clipping on my tie (since I couldn't learn how to actually tie one) I make a promise to apologize to my sister the next time I see her. It would be now, but she went to go grocery shopping. Oh, I hope she doesn't get metal bats! Last time she did that, I got food poisoning from eating too much iron!

With that unpleasant thought, I decided to skip breakfast today seeing how I lost my appetite. As I leave my apartment, I realize I forgot to pack lunch (again). Glad that I caught myself, I turned around only to see that the door locked behind me. Good thing I have my key! Which reminds me that I gave mine to my sister since she cooked and served hers to me. That's just peachy-dorey! Now I'll have to buy something on the way to school...

That's when I realize my wallet was still at my bedside since I rushed to get ready. Now I'll have no lunch, which means my classmates will notice, which also means Himeji would take pity on me and...


And that's how the idiot's morning turned out. Now, while I'm proud of making this chapter, I don't want everyone saying "You jerk! How dare you do that to Hideyoshi!". So, I'll explain. I had Hideyoshi's first appearance of the story be that because Akihisa is outspoken about his 'feelings' for him, Minami wouldn't fit in quite right, and the baka wouldn't do something like that to Himeji even in his dreams. Since school is starting in four days, my writing may get better and updates will most likely take longer. Would people hate me if I turned this into a harem story? Anyway, Miharu will be seen next chapter and I will most likely give Minami her first line of the story! Leave the flames I'm expecting and the reviews I'm hoping for in the bin at the bottom. Fare the well!