A brief, OOC note before we start. I don't own Pokemon, obviously. I'm just indulging in Game Freak's world. Also, this is an intro to what I hope will be an ongoing series, but if you guys like this, I need you to tell me what you want to see next.

No one really thinks about what goes on behind the scenes in most places, I've noticed. The trainers here walk in, drop off the pokemon they don't want to train, and walk out. Most of them don't even take a look at our facility here.
Well, it doesn't really matter to me. I'll still go on, doing the same thing I've done since I was a kid, making sure the pokemon stay safe and healthy as they grow together. A lot of people say that a trainer dropping off their pokemon is a sign of a bad trainer, but I don't think that's true. It's healthy for these little- and sometimes not so little- guys to spend time with each other outside of battles. That's what most trainers spend their time doing, anyways, and it means that their little friends only really know each other through those battles. That's the unhealthy thing, in my opinion.
I heard about a guy over in Unova named N, or something. He said that we humans treat pokemon badly, and honestly, it might be a controversial opinion, but I agree with him. I use my own pokeballs as little as possible. I want my friends to be able to spend time with their friends outside of pokeballs, even if those friends are only going to be around until their trainers come back.
I don't usually leave the day care very much. My friends (that is, my human friends. Yes, I have a few!) often ask me where I get my pokemon from. The truth is a bit sad. Some trainers just never come back for their pokemon, as if they just disappeared off the face of the map. So I take it upon myself to raise these abandoned little guys on my own.
And of course, there are the eggs trainers don't want. Some people just aren't ready to be parents.
So I've ended up with quite the little entourage, and they all help me out around the day care. When I was a little kid, my grandpa- who ran the day care back then- gave me an egg to raise by myself. When it hatched, I found myself with a cute little Torchic. That cute little Torchic isn't so little anymore. He's a full grown Blaziken- we call him Blaze- and he's even got a few kids of his own. We've got nearly ten Torchics running around.
Don't ask about the details. I don't know, and I don't want to.
Then I've got a little Pikachu. He barely stands up to my knee, and he helps me power the place. No, not on one of those treadmill things you saw in that game. What was it, again? Super Smash something? Whatever. I don't have much time for games these days. No, Pikachu usually just hooks himself up to a little generator once or twice and day, and one solid Thunderbolt usually keeps us going until the morning.
We've got a pretty big pool here. It's got a big open cavern underwater, my dad told me, but I've never seen it. I don't have gills, you know? It's there for our bigger water pokemon, like that Wailord that was dropped off a few days ago. I hope her trainer comes back soon. My Dewott helps out in there. It doesn't take much, usually. He's almost an administrator, keeping things calm and orderly down in the depths for me.
Finally, I've got my Ursarang. We just call her Ursa. She takes care of the newborns. It's true what they say about momma bear pokemon, they take care of their cubs. She's got a few Teddiursa, too, and she's adopted a baby Lotad that someone abandoned a few months ago.
Every day, I serve dinner to the gang. We usually have about thirty pokemon here at a time, all different types. Each type likes its own food. For example, I wouldn't feed a grass type leaves. That's like, one step away from cannibalism. They like stuff like corn, so I give it to them. And water types, contrary to what you might think, hate fish. I mean, most fish are water types, you know? So they eat the leafy greens that the grass types don't want.
Fire types are always a problem. I figure they'd like spicy food, so most of the time I usually just give them nachos with cheese that Blaze melted for them. It's not an exact science.
So now you know a bit more about my daily life. I'll check back in with you every once in a while, but I'm pretty busy these days. The life of a day care manager is a busy one, but it's one I really enjoy. I feel fulfilled, you know? So just ask if you've got any questions for me.