Right, I know what you're thinking: "Benjamin, what are you doing? You have three other stories to update! What are you doing with another one!?" Well, I'll tell you. I am, well, stuck. I know where the stories are going; just not how they get there, if that makes any sense. So they are on a slight hiatus, and this one popped out in my mind. So, please don't kill me! Megan and Clive will have more adventures, the Doctor will still try to save Claire, and Steve will run from more Creepers and Zombies! NONE of my stories are cancelled. (As of yet… Just kidding!) Anyways, I know there are several one-shotters floating around, but no parody/funny dedicated ones! Well, Katrina West's could be considered that, but I'm not copying her! Enjoy!

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Numero Uno: What would really have happened?

"Are you sure we should be doing this!?" Luke yelled, holding on for dear life. The Laytonmobile rocketed forward, keeping even pace with the Mobile Fortress. Luke's head nearly hit the roof when the LM mounted a bump in the field.

"Of course, my boy! A true gentleman always drives off road when trying to rescue a damsel in distress!" The Professor said, tipping his hat. He looked to where a raise in the ground should provide enough upward momentum to get onto the top of the mobile fortress. "Hold tight!"

The LM turned sharply to the left, and rocketed up the embankment.

Clive and Flora looked out the window of the Control Room. They watched as the tiny red car hit the embankment, fly for a good twenty feet, and then… Splash down into the false Thames.

"Well, that was underwhelming. I was hoping the good professor would come up with something better than THAT." Clive mocked, smirking. Flora rolled her eyes.

"Well, they were at a lack for time. However, it would have been pretty darn cool if they made it up and their axels hadn't broken."

"True, it would have been cool. And embarrassing, if I had lost to someone doing that." Clive laughed. He picked up Flora bridal style and carried her over to a chair. He strapped her into it with Velcro, and did the same to himself in a chair beside her. "All crew, prepare for climbing to the surface."

Flora pouted. "You know, if I wasn't handcuffed, you'd be dead right now."

"Yeah, I'm sure I would."

"Are you mocking me?"

"Yep!" He said, popping the 'p'.

"I'm on my period."

"…Oh crud."

"Yep!" Flora mimicked him, popping her 'p' as well.

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