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Chapter… Something. I have no idea…

'Step, crunch, step, step'

Flora's loud footsteps echoed throughout the pitch-black forest. She looked around, eyes wide with panic, flashing her flashlight back and forth between the ancient trees. She could swear she was being followed…

'Snap, crunch, crunch, snap'

Shivering, the five-teen year old exhaled. Her breath rose in clouding tendrils, swirling around a light brown tendril of her bangs. Brushing it back with her hand, she carried on. She was dressed woefully inadequate for Northern Scotland in winter at 2 in the morning. Her khaki shorts and red tank top provided little buffer from the biting sting of the wind that whistled through the otherwise silent limbs of the trees. Her brown fur boots provided a little warmth, but it was lost as the heat traveled up her bare legs.

The light from her electronic torch suddenly broke through the dense tangle of underbrush and tree trunks, illuminating an abandoned building. No one knew why it was there, only that it had been for quite some time.

'Crunch, snap, clomp, clomp'

The sound of her boots created a different noise as they landed on cold, hard tile. The white tile of the protruding hallway continued to about her waist, where it was exchanged for weathered red brick. She walked along this hallway for half a minute or so, when she came to a doorway at the end of the hallway on her right-hand side. Looking behind herself swiftly, she carried on. Inside the room, the tile and brick pattern was copied. There was a distinct lack of furniture, Flora and a wicker chair being the only occupants. However, upon the chair, there was a hand written note, scribbled on a piece of notebook paper. Luke's notebook paper, actually; she noticed with a start.

Two words were written on it: "Can't run."

Then, with a loud "bang!" Flora's ears were awash with a horrible static noise! Time seemed to slow down as she spun around with speed that surprised even her. But, she quickly wished she hadn't. Behind her, not three feet away, was a monster, wearing a tuxedo, with a pale, blank, face, no features shone on its face. The monster raised its arms towards her and stepped forward as she stepped back.

From Flora's mouth came a most blood-curdling scream! She had always imagined herself dying of old age, or one of those new jet-airliners that were always crashing. But no, she was going to die alone, in pain, at the hands of this creature that- wait, was it laughing?

Indeed it was. Not only was the creature laughing, but it had exploded into full blown hysterics! The creature doubled over, arms now clutched over its chest. The laugh was that of a man's, a man she knew well.

"C-Clive! I hate you!" She yelled, balling her right fist and sending it hurling into the monster's face. "You stupid git!"

"Ow Flora, what was that for!?" he asked, removing his mask and shaking his sandy blond hair out. This move no longer sent her heart a-flutter after the events of a year ago. She also couldn't help but fell a little pride at the now sizeable lump around his left eye.

"You know full well!" She yelled more, tears brimming in her eyes. "What made you think that would possible be funny?"

He rubbed the back of his head. "Well, many things did. Besides, it was Luke's plan.

"Mm hmm," She said, setting her hands on her hips. "Sure it was."

"Aww, c'mon Flora, laugh a bit!"

"No." She replied.



"Why not?"

"Need I really explain that?"


"Clive, your life is now forfeit."

"Aw crud," He knew she would make up on her promise.

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