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Edward's Air Force Base, "Area 5.1"

18: 47: 32 PST

Radar Control Room Bravo

Nevada, USA

Corporal Adam Gardece sat at his post, idly watching the little green line-segment spin in circles around the screen. The Depleted Uranium plated bunker was dark and eerily green cast from all the monitors and the minimal lights inside. For a desert outpost, it was awfully cold in there at night. The whole base was on TLO, or "Total Lights Out" to present a clear view of the sky for the telescopes and to prevent Optical spy satellites from spotting the base. He slumped in his chair and awaited a long night of watching a line chase its tail. He was just dozing off when the computer's metallic voice pierced the fog of drowsiness.

"Unidentified Aircraft Detected."

Cpr. Gardece sat up with a start.

"Commander, I have a bogie on radar!" He yelled for the Bunker Commander.

The aging man hurried over to him. He looked at the screen and quickly addressed the staff in the bunker.

"Corporal, keep tracking that bogie. Lieutenant, try to make radio contact. I have a call to make,"

'Yes Sir's sounded through the bunker.


"Rodger that Commander, we're on our way."

Airman Laura Yin broke off from the rest of her flight group. The four ship formation she just left was composed of three Lockheed Martin F-35b fighters and one experimental ship. She was lucky enough to be flying the Firestorm, a high altitude craft designed from captured "Alien" sources. To the casual observer, the ship looked like a normal F-35b, if slightly larger. It had the characteristic fuselage, unoriginal swept wings, standard looking engines, and a conventional cockpit. However, the stealth capabilities and weapons systems were clearly otherworld. Oh, and it could go really, REALLY fast.

The silence of her radio headset was broken by static. Her RIO crewmember piped up. His face appeared on her Heads Up Display visor.

"Well, I'm not normally one to be a pessimist, but one Firestorm against who knows what? This may get ugly,"

"Yeah, for them," She replied. "Is the onboard radar system working?"

"Yes Ma'am, I'm already tracking the ship. Interception in roughly thirty seconds,"

"Rodger. Central Command, this is Demon 1. We have the bogie in sights. Awaiting orders to engage,"

She glanced over her HUD while awaiting their reply. Her Avalanche Missiles were there in force, and her Maelstrom Cannon was spinning up. The best part was that the ship's Elerium Reactor wouldn't have to be refueled for around another 300 years.

"Demon 1, this is Central Command. You are green for go. I repeat, you are green for go,"

"Rodger. Let's get this party started," Flipping a switch, she switched from Thermal View to Starlight. What she saw stunned her.

"Command, are you getting this?" She asked.

The bogie was a large spaceship shaped like a football (American Football). It was a silvery gray and it had pulsating strips of neon blue running in a Y shape from the front to the back. On both the top and bottom were what appeared to be gun turrets that were spinning her way.

"Star Fire 1, break off! I repeat, break off!" But the command came too late. Just as she was banking the Firestorm to escape, the turrets opened fire. Bright green bolts of plasma rocketed through the Firestorm's belly, damaging or destroying many of the important flight control systems. The entire right wing shore off at its base from the plasma eating it away, rocketing the Firestorm towards the Earth in a death spiral. Laura grabbed for the emergency escape handle, when-

"What happened next Professor?"

Layton sighed. He leaned back in his chair and glanced at his pupil. "Hm,"

"Now Luke, you know a true gentleman never interrupts his teacher when he is talking." Flora reprimanded, walking into the sitting room. She wore her standard peach dress, even though it was getting on in the evening. She carried a tray of teacups, which she offered to Layton and Luke. They eagerly accepted. Flora may be able to make Weapons of Mass Destruction out of food, but she did make rather palatable tea.

"Very true, my dear. Why don't you sit down and listen to the rest of the story with us while you drink your tea?"

"I'd love too!" She exclaimed, resting the tray on a lamp desk as she sat next to Luke on the couch. The lamp had been broken in a squabble between Luke and Crow over who got to sit next to Katia during the Christmas special of Doctor Who, and it had been alone and empty since that night. Katia resolved the issue by squishing in between Flora and Emmy on the love seat. "Do continue,"

"Oh, yes. Well, as she was reaching for-"

"Oi! Don't go telling this story without me now, Professor!" Emmy called. She walked in and sat on the recliner next to Layton.

He sighed again. "Ok, well as she was reaching for the handle, more plas-"

"Are you telling that alien invasion story Professor?" Clive asked from the hallway that led to the door. He was wearing a tuxedo and a bowtie ('cause they're cool) and he was grabbing his car keys. Katia walked a couple steps behind him. She was wearing an unsurprisingly purple dress that fell nearly to her ankles. She also wore a pair of low white heels.

"Yes he is Clive; do you and Katia want to join?" Flora asked.

"No, I don't think so. Clive and Katia are going on a date tonight!" Luke exclaimed, pointing his index finger in the air. "Clive and Katia, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-"

Clive frowned and Katia blushed slightly. Emmy stepped in. "Now Luke, you don't need to do that. We all know that they don't really kiss in a tree."

"No, of course we don't. Oh, and thanks anyway Flora, but we need to go meet up with some old friends. Besides, we've already heard it." He opened the door for Katia, who waved and ducked outside.

He was halfway out the door when he stopped and spoke. "By the way, the aliens look like Elves who invade Earth to try to find a new planet to live on. Secret US teams join forces with the UK to defeat them. And Laura ends up falling in love with one when she is captured by the Elv-Lings. Now, see you in a bit!" He left and closed the door.

Flora, Luke, Emmy, and Layton all looked at each other. Emmy spoke in her near perfect River Song impression. "Spoilers,"

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