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KHR: A Secret to Keep or to Share

Have you ever had one of those days where you knew that it was going to be a bad day right from the moment you woke up? Have you ever had ominous dreams which give you a preview of your worst nightmare yet to come? Tsuna was having one of those days, although with his hyper intuition, it made the feeling ten times worse. He felt dizzy just thinking about it and to push it over the top, Reborn had just left him a note the day before saying that he'd be on a business trip the next day, which was today, and that'd he'll have to manage on his own.

"Reborn couldn't even warn me about it..." Tsuna sighed as he took a glance at where he'd left the letter but on top of it, he found another envelope, still sealed with a wax seal of some sort of crest. He broke it off, slipped the card out and read it.

Dear Sawada Tsunayoshi-san
or should I say, Vongola Decimo-sama...

Tsuna had to pause for a moment before continuing on. Why had the letter addressed him in this sort of fashion, he wondered and hoped it wasn't Reborn trying to freak him out a bit, or in his case, a lot. He knew that this wasn't a very good sign and felt his hands quivering but then didn't think much of it until he read on.

This is a warning for you and your guardians. I'd tell you to watch your back, but with you reading this note, I would find that it won't be as hard as I thought. Assassination that is... I figured that I should give this a little test, if you would read this card or not.
The fact that you're actually are reading this is a miracle in itself for us. Not that you should be terribly concerned. If you come alone to this location on the map at noon sharp, we'll consider sparing your guardians, friends, family, anyone you associate with.

The brown haired boy cringed at this fact. He hadn't wanted to get anyone else involved if possible but these assassins knew exactly where he was and who he was connected to. If he denied them now, then he'd be putting everyone in grave danger.

It would be a shame bringing unrelated bodies into this but if you don't obey, you'll leave us no choice in the matter. So it'd be wise to oblige and submit to our demands, now wouldn't it? We wouldn't want to make this any more difficult than it already needs to be. We humbly await your highness' decision, not that it makes much difference for us.

Our regards to you,
The Gallo Famiglia

"What do I do?" Tsuna reread the letter over and over as he pondered on what he could do.


"Okaa-san..." Tsuna thought as he heard his mother's voice. "You're friends are here to pick you up for school. Also, I have a few errands to run today as well and am taking the kids with me." She called out as he heard the laughter and yelling of the infants. Tsuna wasn't sure what to do but just picked himself up, put the map and note in his pocket and went to school. He ran down the stairs and decided to warn his two best friends about the matter first.

"Ohayo Yamamoto-kun, Gokudera-kun." Tsuna tried to put a smile on his face.

"Ohayo gonzaimasu, Juudaime!" Gokudera bowed.

"Yo, Tsuna." Yamamoto said casually.

"A-ano..." Tsuna then started to feel uneasy as the trio started to walk.

"What is it Tsuna?" Yamamoto's expression changed when he saw the brown haired boy.

"What's wrong, Juudaime, are you not feeling well?" Gokudera was even more worried.

"Yes... no it's... well..." Tsuna then handed them the note that he'd found and waited for them to finish.

"We should warn everyone about this." Yamamoto had a serious face on. "What did the kid say about it?"

"Reborn went on a business trip today and isn't here." The brown haired boy frowned.

"What?! Reborn-san isn't here? Well, we shouldn't ignore this but I don't want Juudaime to go alone." Gokudera was also in serious mode.

"I'm sure Tsuna will be fine on his own. After all, he can hold his own against anyone." Yamamoto said.

"But we don't know how many are going to be there." Tsuna also sighed, his head pounding with all this worry. By this time, the trio had made it to the school and the bell then rang. They entered through the gate when they were suddenly stopped by Hibari.

"H-hibari-san." Tsuna stuttered in surprise. But to think, he should've really been used to this school welcome by now.

"You herbivores are going to be late."

"You're the one who stopped us!" Gokudera exclaimed. Hibari raised his tonfas in response.

"Ahhh, matte!" Tsuna came between the two. "Hibari-san, I have something to tell you." Tsuna looked at him seriously and Hibari then observed him for a moment before backing down. Tsuna then explained the situation to him and then waited for his response. It took a while before Hibari actually said anything, not that he says much entirely other than threats.

"Hmph." Was all Hibari had responded back and then turned away. "Hurry to class." He muttered then disappeared into the school.

"Do you really think he'll help Tsuna?" Yamamoto wondered.

"Well, I'm sure that Hibari-san wouldn't want anything to happen to anyone here in Namimori, especially when threatened by mafiaso from Italy... right?" Tsuna hoped that he was right. Gokudera really didn't care much for the skylark but if his Juudaime was willing to let and trust Hibari to handle not only the students of their school but the rest of Namimori, then he had to let him.

"We better get to class." Tsuna said as he led them inside the school.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Throughout the day, Tsuna couldn't focus on his school lessons. He had seen Ryohei around the school and had told him the situation as well. He EXTREMELY wasn't happy with unrelated people, particularly his sister, being involved with such a dangerous thing. He already had it bad enough that Kyoko was aware of their involvement in the mafia but this would be crossing the line. The young boy just couldn't sit easy as his hyper intuition was clouding his mind as it sent him signals every now and then and they were like shockwaves, getting bigger and bigger each time.

His breathing eventually became uneven as his worry grew with each passing minute. Tsuna gazed up at the clock and found it to be less than 15 minutes before the fated meeting. He wondered how he was supposed to get out of class to meet the Gallo famiglia. He knew that the teacher wouldn't let him leave without a really good reason and Reborn wasn't around to help him out. He started to panic a bit inside as he was informed before by Reborn what the Gallo's were capable of and it didn't help his thinking, knowing what they'd done to the Vongola before.

Yamamoto and Gokudera took notice of Tsuna uneasiness and both gave uneasy glances towards their boss as he started to perspire a bit.

"Juudaime, daijoubu desu ka?" Gokudera whispered but Tsuna didn't seem to have taken notice. Even Kyoko could see that he wasn't his normal self today.

"Tsuna-kun." She said under her breath as Hana shot her a weird glance.

The teacher then noticed that a few of his students had stopped paying attention and then glanced over to Tsuna who seemed to be the most out of it. "Sawada!" He called out as everyone then turned their heads to look at said boy. Tsuna just looked up, the teacher snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Ah, hai, sensei?" Tsuna still didn't seem to be in tune with the classroom.

"Are you listening? Answer the next question." He said as he pointed towards the boy's textbook. Tsuna quickly grabbed his text book, not without fumbling with it first, then glanced at the page.

"We're on question 13 Juudaime." Gokudera aided. Tsuna just gave a small thank you nod and was about to answer the question when he suddenly got another buzz from his hyper intuition. It felt like there was someone really close, watching their every move and it chilled him to the bone as his brain was screaming to leave immediately. Tsuna froze up for a moment as he was about to say something. He took a good look around him and warily scanned the windows, eventually something did catch his eye as they widened.

"Tsuna, what's wrong?" Yamamoto exclaimed as he stood from his seat. The class then looked at the baseball loving boy before turning back to their dame classmate.

"Juudaime?!" Gokudera turned around to see that the other was now shivering as his hands, holding the book, quivered.

"Tsuna-kun?" Kyoko had been warned earlier that day to be aware of what was happening around her and was told to stay with a friend at all times. She wasn't sure what was happening but she knew that whenever she got a warning like that, and from her brother of all people, she knew that it was important.

Tsuna couldn't handle all of them yelling at him at once and felt all the gazes rest on him. He felt like he was being boxed in and his vision was getting blurred as everything around him spun. Then everything blacked out and he slowly fell sideways, succumbing to the peace of darkness. Gokudera luckily reacted fast enough and caught him before he hit his head on the desk beside him. Murmurs were heard throughout the class as they witnessed their classmate pass out. Others just said that he was too pressured and was being the same dame-Tsuna that he always was.

Yamamoto and Gokudera ignored them all and figured that stress was the reason but it wasn't school related. "Sensei, we're going to take him to the infirmary." Yamamoto exclaimed as Gokudera picked up the boy in his arms and they both ran out.

"Wait, you both can't be..." His words were ignored as the door shut. "excused. I'm sure that Sawada will be fine, now let's get back to the lesson." He said as he grabbed their attention once again.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Ne, Gokudera, how is he?" Yamamoto wondered as they ran towards the nurse's office.

"Uneven breathing, sweating and he passed out... I think Juudaime is worrying himself too much over this thing with the Gallo family." Gokudera said.

"Who is the Gallo Family anyways? Have you heard of them before?" the black haired boy asked.

Gokudera just rolled his eyes but decided that it might be helpful if the yakyuu baka knew of the people they were dealing with. Yamamoto had opened the door once they reached the infirmary. It turns out that the nurse was out on an early lunch break, which Gokudera had inwardly cursed her for taking. He then laid Tsuna on the bed and put the blanket over him. After making sure Tsuna was comfortable, he turned back towards Yamamoto to start explaining who the Gallo's were.

"From what I was told, they were another famiglia in Italy that seemed to be pretty close with the Vongola. However, they were proven to just want to over throw the family and take its place as the most powerful. They've been attempting assassination on the Nono for many years. Their very first attempt was to gain the trust of the family and formed an alliance, which we later found to be falsified. Then, when they were invited into the house, they attacked everyone in sight. There were many casualties but everyone survived thanks to the Nono's guardians." Gokudera repeated the story that he'd heard many times from his sister.

"So I'm guessing that they're just using the people closest to Tsuna to threaten him into giving himself up without much of a fight and then kill him afterwards."

"There's no way that I'm letting Juudaime get killed!" Gokudera exclaimed.

"Of course, we're all... going to... g-get t-through... this, G-Goku..dera-kun." A weak voice interrupted as the pair stopped in their tracks.

"Juudaime!" Gokudera felt relief rush through him.

"Tsuna, you feeling okay?" Yamamoto showed Tsuna a small smile.

"Ahh, just a little headache." Tsuna tried to brush it off with a laugh. "Where are we anyways? This isn't the classroom." Tsuna looked around.

"Well, we took you to the nurse's office but she's out right now." Yamamoto said calmly.

"It isn't a little headache, Juudaime. I'm sorry for not noticing your illness sooner. I'm not worthy of being your right hand man!" He bowed on the floor causing Tsuna to immediately tell him to stand up. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." The apologizing continued until Tsuna convinced him that he was alright. Tsuna then snapped out of bed when he realized what he'd had to do. Though, when he tried to get up, he stumbled on the blankets and nearly fell on his face for the second time that day if it weren't for Gokudera.

"Juudaime, you still aren't well." Gokudera said, as he helped Tsuna regain his bearings.

"It's nothing, Gokudera-kun." Tsuna said and then interrupted before either of the boys said anything else. "My Hyper Intuition is just bothering me more than usual and is causing me to have a strange headache. Ah, what time is it?"

"10 past noon." Yamamoto took a glance at the clock, then widened his eyes in realization.

"The meeting!" Gokudera exclaimed as the trio then stood up and ran into the hallway. "We're already 10 minutes late!"

"We'll have to run there." Tsuna panicked as he took out the map from his pocket.

"But isn't it easier for you to use your flames?" Yamamoto asked.

"Yakyuu baka! Juudaime can't do that here! There are too many people." Tsuna just sighed. If there was anything that would give away their cover, it would be these two's loud arguments. Tsuna just left them and ran ahead, not wanting to waste any more time. Tsuna made sure that no one had paid much attention to him as he left school and ran out the gate. He looked up and the down the street to make sure that no one was around. He then took out his gloves and pills and took off towards the destination.

"It should be around here." Tsuna said to himself as he arrived at the old shrine. "Where are they?" Tsuna was getting worried as his Hyper Intuition picked up no persons in the area. He took note of the time and found himself to be 30 minutes late. He looked towards the shrine and then found another note, similar to the other one that he'd received.

Vongola Decimo,

It seems as though you've broken our agreement to come alone, let alone coming to the meeting at all. Therefore we have no choice but to take action into our own hands. Where will we go you ask? Well, that is something that you'll have to figure out yourself. We could attack anyone at any given moment and it'll be your entire fault.
Good luck protecting your loved ones, Vongola...

Our regards to your highness,
The Gallo Famiglia

Tsuna's headache had grown ten times larger as he shrunk to his knees and punched the ground. This time, there was no specific time set and they could set off at any given moment like they'd said. Once again, he was the one at a disadvantage. Knowing the Famiglia, they'd have set up lookouts for different people that he cared about. Tsuna had shaken the headache off in order to concentrate on where they'd probably gone.

"If they're targeting people that are close to me, then there are only a few places that they'd go. Number one would be home, but mom and the kids are all out shopping for the day. Even if they were to get attacked, they're in a public place and that would bring unwanted attention towards themselves." Tsuna had to think logically and carefully since the Gallo Famiglia was already on the move.

"Second would be attacking Haru's school, though, they'd figure that it wouldn't make as big of an impact as they'd want it to be on me. It would be the same attacking Chrome, Ken and Chikusa. So the number one place would be at..." Tsuna then had a sudden realization as he remembered what he'd seen earlier that day and quickly took to the sky when he realized where they'd be targeting.

Assuming that the entire Famiglia hadn't come because of airfare issues, he'd assume that they'd maybe send 10 people at most. And if his hyper intuition was correct as it always was, it was at its strongest when near the place where their dangerous presence all gathered together.

"School." Tsuna thought as he tried to fly as fast as he can before they could harm anyone.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Gokudera and Yamamoto continued their argument, well one-sided argument due to Yamamoto's lack of involvement. "Maa~ maa~ Gokudera, people are starting to stare, right Tsuna?" Yamamoto looked towards where he'd last seen the young decimo.

"Juudaime?" Gokudera forgot his rage towards the other as he looked around for the boy. Just then, another boy came walking down the hallway.

"If you're looking for Dame-Tsuna, he ran out of the building a while ago." He said as he took the final bite of his sandwich.

"I guess he left without us." Yamamoto said.

"But Juudaime's going to be facing those nasty guys all by himself!"

Midori, tanabiku Namimoooriiii nooooo~
Dai naku shou naku
Nami ga ii~~~

The pair heard a familiar yellow bird sing the Namimori Anthem and they instantly knew who came right after. "Urusai, you're making too much noise. Kamikorosu." A certain prefect had said as he approached, tonfas at hand. Hibari then noticed the lack of a certain brown haired herbivore. "Where's the other Herbivore?" He questioned.

"Well, Tsuna just left..." Yamamoto was about to say what the missing other had done, ditched school. Luckily Gokudera had amazing reflexes and shut him up in time.

"Juudaime left for the restroom just a few moments ago." Gokudera covered. He knew what the skylark would do to his boss if he found out that he actually dared to leave the school, even with a good explanation.

"Hmph... don't disturb others." He said simply and walked off, meaning they were once again off the hook.

"Phew... yakyuu baka! You almost gave up Juudaime to the skylark!" Gokudera exclaimed but made sure to keep his volume a bit lower so as to not bring the prefect back.

"Maa~ at least you covered it." Yamamoto gave his goofy, lopsided smile. And the pair was back to where they had started... again. "But Tsuna's late, class is going to start." The bell then rang and the students all went back to their respective classrooms.

"We'll have to cover him, then." Gokudera marched over towards their room. Gokudera had told the teacher that Tsuna was still resting in the infirmary and he accepted it without question. Some of the students wanted to call out the lie as they had seen Tsuna run out of the nurse's office with the pair of boys and out the front doors of the school. However, with one glare from Gokudera they all shut up about it. The teacher then continued from where he'd left off the other day in this subject.

Yamamoto and Gokudera couldn't help but take glances between the classroom door and the window every few moments in hopes of seeing the boy come back but they've waited for a while and had seen no sign of him. Suddenly, the two had felt a hostile presence and stood up immediately.

"What's wrong with the two of you today? It's odd seeing Gokudera so alert and Yamamoto not sleeping in class for once." The teacher said as he turned around, arms crossed.

"You guys were acting really odd all day." Some girl said from the front of the class.

"Maybe it's from hanging out with dame Tsuna for so long." A boy joked. He had half expected the silverette to bark at him for insulting the boy but oddly enough, nothing came his way. Kyoko was getting a bit worried for she'd never seen them like this unless they were dealing with something from the... then it hit her.

"Hana, we have to hide." She said slowly as she motioned towards her friend and silently told her to go down towards the floor.

"Kyoko, you're acting really strange today. Is there something that we're all missing? Like some sort of national day?" She resisted Kyoko's hand and stood up herself. She took a good look at her best friend's eyes and saw pure fear in them. "Kyoko, hey what's the matter? What are you so scared of?" Hana had brought the class's attention towards them.

"Minna..." Yamamoto said in a low voice as they all looked at him. The suspense in his voice was killing them, especially his seriousness. Yamamoto had never acted this way before, not even when he was in the zone for baseball; even then, he still had a smile on his face. However at this moment, with the usually happy go lucky boy in such a serious state, everyone then took this situation seriously and listened to what they said. "get on the floor now." He said as they all motioned to move.

"Hey now! I'm the teacher and I'm not letting you kids divert your attention away from this lesson." He exclaimed.

"Sensei, you don't understand." Yamamoto said but the teacher just gave him a hard look.

"I get that you don't want to be here but that isn't the case for others. So let us continue and enough with these interruptions." He tried to sound professional but the anger was clearly present in his voice. Gokudera had said nothing the past 5 minutes and it was easy to tell for the black haired swordsman that he was concentrating on where the hostility was coming from.

"GET DOWN!" He exclaimed as he looked out the window to see something burning hurdling towards their classroom. Everyone dove as they heard his yell and the windows were all smashed to bits as four people had appeared and landed on each window sill. (let's say 4 large windows equalling four people)

"I can't believe we came all this way just to torment some little kids." A girl with her blue hair tied up spat as she took a look around the room.

"It can't be helped. The boss wanted to give the Decimo a good scare before we killed him." A younger looking girl about 9 said as she landed on the window gracefully. Her short blond hair was fixed with a striped headband. The other two, one with spiky red hair and another with a long black hair pulled back into a braid, just stood there calmly with an uninterested look while the other cackled with enjoyment from the explosion. (im sure you guys can tell who's who)

"Where is the boss?" the black haired one wondered.

"Attention all students and staff of Namimori Middle School!" A voice said over the PA system.

"I found him." He answered himself and listened to the announcement.

"No one move and listen to the boss speak! It could save your life." The redhead exclaimed, giving them a snarl and then tuned his ears towards the speaker at the corner of the class.

"I am Cesare Gallo, boss of the Gallo mafia famiglia and I'm here to hold this school hostage. I command that you all stay in your respective classrooms and if you call the cops, then we'll just have to blow this school up. I am not bluffing and I am easily angered; so follow directions and you'll all get through this fine. If I or any of my comrades hear any noise from this school's hallways, then we will be forced to take drastic actions. That means all students, teachers and staff, any person in this building. First things first, teachers gather any and all portable communication devices and place them outside your doors. My men are roaming the halls as we speak and will make sure you do it correctly. With any fatal mistake, there'll be a fatal punishment for all involved parties. That is all for now." Every person in the building went into a silent panic and was all frightened by the suddenly appearance of a hostile takeover.

There were many questions roaming around the heads of the students. Why our school? What are Italian mafiasos doing in Japan? What do they want with us? What happens if they don't get what they want? Etc...

"You heard the boss." The blue haired girl called as she jumped from the window. "Empty your phones and devices and put them on your teacher's desk." She said in a commanding tone.

"Get up from under your desk!" the red headed boy exclaimed, scaring the poor teacher. The teacher stood up shakily and waited as the students all put their phones in the pile. The teacher took out his own and picked up the others along with his and placed it outside the door.

"You two, take your seats." The black haired man said to the guardians. The two exchanged glances first before obeying. Just then, the door was kicked wide open as a muscular, blond man stepped his way into the room, observing every single one of their faces.

"Where is the Vongola Decimo?" He questioned as the students, save for three of them, all wondered what he was talking about. "If you don't come out here in ten seconds then I will blow up this school, killing you, your guardians and all the people here." He threatened.

"Then you'd be killing yourself..." Gokudera thought skeptically but didn't say it out loud for he might hurt someone.


Everyone gasped but wasn't sure what to do.


No one wanted to stand up and face these guys but if someone didn't make the sacrifice, then they'd all be done for.


They all started panic inwardly as the countdown step up a bit.


Kyoko inwardly prayed for Tsuna to show up to save them, like he always did.


Gokudera and Yamamoto exchanged worried glances once again as they both had no idea what to do in this moment.


Gokudera tightened his fists as he tried to figure out what to do.


All the girls felt tears well up in their eyes as they felt the countdown coming to an end.


The boys all wished they could do something to help their classmates but were all too scared to say anything.


Gokudera finally had enough of this as he looked at the Gallo famiglia.


"Wait!" Gokudera stood up with his fist on the table. "He isn't here." He said as they all looked at him.

"You won't be able to fool us, we've done our research and it states that this is in fact the class that he should be in, isn't that right Celia." Cesare asked the blue haired girl.

"Yes, Raffaele and I made sure to double check." She motioned towards the taller man. The other two, Elena and Duilio just stood there waiting to be commanded to do something.

"Boy, if you are just making this up to buy time, it won't work. If you don't stand down now, we'll be forced to take action against you." Cesare warned. Gokudera's classmates begged him to sit back down with their glances but he didn't listen. Yamamoto knew what he felt but he knew that if they tried something, then they might harm the class. "If that's the way you want it then there's no other choice." The blond stalked towards Gokudera and took out a blade from behind his back but Gokudera kept his expression of resentment.

"This is your last chance." He half whispered to the silverette.

"If you keep giving me warnings then I'll get the idea that you really don't want to do this." Gokudera challenged. Everyone gasped as they turned away from the situation.

"I'll tell you that I have no trouble killing brats like you." Cesare raised the blade and went for the kill when he felt a strong presence behind him and he instantly stopped and then turned around.

"And I'll need to ask you to leave this school." Tsuna suddenly appeared in front of the windows as everyone turned towards the boy shocked. "I don't care if you threaten me but if you threaten the people around me, then I just can't sit back and watch." The boy's eyes gaze was hard as he looked at the blond man.

"H-how did D-Dame Ts-Ts-Tsuna get there so fast?!" They all were at a loss for words for the boy's new found attitude. They've never seen Tsuna really stand up for himself and he was always soft spoken when picked on but this was the first time he's spoken up and ordered someone.

"D-Dame Tsuna! Get out of the way before they get to you too."

"What can you do? You can't even defend yourself!" They were all trying to get him to back down as they were insulting him.

"Juudaime!" Gokudera seemed to be relieved to see him which also came as a surprise to the others.

"Tsuna-kun, thanks goodness you came back!" Kyoko said from the back of the class.

"What is Kyoko saying?" Someone wondered.

"Why is she so glad that Tsuna's back?" another questioned.

"Kyoko, it's just Tsuna." Hana said, just as confused as the others. Kyoko didn't listen to her and seemed to brighten up a little bit. Cesare walked back to the front of the class and just looked at the boy who seemed to have arrived through the windows as well.

"I'll need to ask everyone to back away towards the wall." Tsuna said not taking his glance away from Cesare or any of the other four.

"Why should we listen to you, dame Tsuna?" a boy asked harshly. "If we move, they kill us!"

"If his highness wishes it then it should be done." Cesare said teasingly. "It won't matter if they stay in their desks or stand by the wall, either way they'll all be sitting ducks." The class still hesitated to move.

"You should listen." Elena said as she eyed them all. "After all, thing are about to get ugly here." Her tone had scared them but they still didn't move.

"Maa~ the little girl is right, you should all move back." Yamamoto said, standing up. They all still looked skeptical but it wasn't until Gokudera yelled at them that they moved. Sensei was just thrown over towards them by Duilio. They all huddled together in hopes of getting away further which only left Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto to face the five.

"I'm so glad that you could make it, Vongola." Cesare grinned as he eyed Tsuna.

"And I'm so sorry that I couldn't make our previous arrangement but as you can see, I have school." Tsuna retorted.

The students and sensei were all just listening as the conversation went on. They didn't understand what was going on or why Tsuna knew the Mafia leader until someone remembered the keyword: Vongola. "He said that he was looking for some Vongola Decimo, whatever that means." Someone said.

"But he just called dame Tsuna the Vongola, does that mean that he was looking for him?"

"That's impossible, what could he possibly do to provoke them?"

"Will you shut up?!" Gokudera spat at them and they instantly obliged.

"But what can you guys do?" someone from the back squeaked.

"We'll protect you." Yamamoto answered. "And Tsuna will take care of this guy no problem." They looked a bit skeptical about that fact but remained silent in order to avoid getting barked at by the silverette again.

"So the inheritor of the Vongola Famiglia is still wasting his time in school, how cute." Cesare commented mockingly.

"It wasn't my first choice to be chosen to be head of the family but if it means protecting my guardians, my friends and family from people like you, then I wouldn't mind having to do this." Tsuna then manoeuvered around the desks and made his way around the Gallo head so that his back was toward his classmates, though he was still a couple of desks ahead of his Storm and Rain guardian.

"That's really cute. You know, if it were under different circumstances, I wouldn't kill you and would instead have you join my own mafia." The man grabbed Tsuna's chin but he was quickly rejected. Tsuna still gave the man a hard look.

"If it were under different circumstances, you wouldn't have tried to assassinate jii-chan and try and take over our place as the strongest famiglia in Italy." The Namimori students were beyond words at this point. After hearing these little pieces of information, they eventually pieced together what it meant, well the smart ones did anyways but they kept it to themselves, too shocked to share.

"Enough small talk, you know exactly why we're here..." Cesare spoke but Duilio and Raffaele leaped for an attack, both with weapons at hand; Duilio with twin blades while Raffaele had a long sword.


"Tsuna!" The pair exclaimed after their boss. A few girls just screamed as they awaited the death of their classmate.

Tsuna just smirked as he then activated his Hyper Dying Will Flames and easily evaded both attacks by first redirecting Duilio's wrists and motioning himself to move out of their way while forcing the boy into the desks behind him. Then he flipped over Raffaele who was sent into the back of Duilio who was still recovering from the impact. Tsuna then landed on a desk and looked down on Cesare and the two girls behind him.

"If that's all you think would be enough to take me down, then you're sadly mistaken." Tsuna said with a high and mighty tone which angered the man.

"H-how did you..." Celia was shocked at how the boy instantly when into HDW mode. Tsuna ignored her and turned his head slightly towards the others behind him.

"Sensei," Tsuna called out as the teacher snapped his attention towards the boy. "please take everyone out of the building and follow the rest of the school towards the upper field." He said as the teacher still had fear in his eyes.

"But there are still other members outside in the halls." He said, remembering that he'd seen one of them when he opened the door.

"They won't be able to make it there alive, your highness." Elena said with a devious smile on her face and a finger at her cheek.

"That won't be a problem for there were two more guardians present within this school. There were three of us here in this classroom but the other two are more than enough to take on a few simple lackeys." Tsuna smiled back at the girl.

"But there were ten of them out there." Celia said as she then directed her attention towards the outside where students were evacuating.

"We aren't as weak as you make us out to be." Gokudera said this time, joining the conversation.

"Go now, sensei!" Yamamoto said again to them. The teacher nodded and led them all out into the hallway.

"But what about you guys? We can't leave you here." A classmate called out. Just then, Raffaele announced that they wouldn't be leaving that easy and sprang towards them. Yamamoto instantly found his sword, since he was eyeing it for a long period of time and was looking for it while Cesare spoke to them, and then whacked the male straight in the face in order to prevent him from harming the class.

"We know how to handle ourselves." He said with a smile.

"But, just who are you guys? And why does dame Tsuna have fire on his head?"

"We'll have to explain later, just go now!" Yamamoto struggled to keep Raffaele away from them as he tried a second attempt at getting them. They nodded and ran after their sensei.

"It's very noble of you to let your friends go as you face danger alone." Raffaele mocked.

"I'm not alone though, I still have my friends here fighting with me." He then pushed him back and unsheathed the sword from its sheath. Gokudera had begun fighting Duilio who was swinging madly at him, trying to slice him up while Tsuna was left to fight the three remaining Gallo members.

"Three on one isn't fair!" Gokudera shouted at them as they each tried to get Tsuna with their weapons. Celia had a fan in each hand though the edges of the fans were lined with blades. Elena had chained staff which she could manipulate at will and Cesare wielded a bow which doubled as an oddly shaped sword due to the blades on the ends. It was good for long distance fighting, as well as close combat.

"All's fair in love and war." Celia rebutted as she continued in slashing at the boy. Tsuna used the propulsion of his flames to move and manoeuver around the weapons but he couldn't avoid all attacks, so he settled on getting hit by the staff only as he dodged the other two. Tsuna had tried to escape by flying through the air but Elena had wrapped her staff around his leg and forced him towards some desks. He landed with a big crash and he tried to shake it off immediately as the attackers didn't wait for him to recover.

Elena was getting frustrated as she was the only one who managed to hit the boy but he was doing it on purpose and was showing that he wasn't getting as damaged. So in her anger, Elena then rushed Tsuna and pushed him out the window along with her. "Elena!" Celia exclaimed from the top as she looked down.

"She'll be fine, but we have to follow the Decimo." Cesare said as they both then jumped out as well.

Tsuna was fighting with the little girl in midair and then realized that they were both falling. He forgot the fight for a moment and grabbed her before they hit the ground and used his flames to cushion their fall, though the impact was still pretty heavy due to the addition of gravity. He let her go instantly and rolled his way to safety as Cesare nearly came crashing down on his skull along with Celia who landed where his gut used to be.

The brown haired boy moved to get up but winced as he instinctively moved a hand towards his left shoulder. It seemed that the impact did a bit more damage than he would've liked and had only managed to get up on his knee. The trio then rushed towards him again and his Hyper Intuition told him to move quickly but his body wouldn't move. His mind was still cloudy by the impact mixed with his old headache.

"This is your end, Vongola." Tsuna begged his legs to move but he remained in place as the three came closer and closer until they were barely a foot away from him. He flinched as he met eyes with them but he was suddenly swept to the side much to their surprise. Tsuna looked up and found Ryohei.

"O-Oniisan." He said, surprised himself and Ryohei just smiled at him.

"It's me to the EXTREME!" He said or rather exclaimed as he help Tsuna balance himself again. "I found Kyoko and your class so there's nothing to worry about to the EXTREME!" he exclaimed again. "And we took care of the intruders to the EXTREME and led the students to safety." He reported.

"That helped a lot, arigato Onii-san." Tsuna said as he looked towards Cesare who didn't look pleased with the results.

"Thanks to you, school has been disrupted. I'll bite you to death later for this." Hibari seemed to have also made his way towards the duo.

"Hibari-san, thanks for helping." Tsuna looked towards the skylark who just gave him his normal look.

"I will protect Namimori." Hibari said then turned towards Cesare, intent on fighting the man; however Celia stood before her boss, stopping the other boy.

"You won't fight him before you fight me." She said boldly. The skylark still remained indifferent. "I guess he doesn't mind fighting a girl." Celia thought as she positioned herself for a one on one battle.

"Will you be alright, Sawada?" Ryohei asked the boy.

"Yes, I'll manage but please be careful." Tsuna reminded him.

"I'm always careful to the EXTREME!" Ryohei said but Tsuna didn't comment on this as Cesare rushed towards him once again and Tsuna took to the sky but not before Cesare had taken an arrow with a string around it and had shot it towards him. Tsuna whacked it away but Cesare had then manipulated the string so that it would wrap around his hand. He then pulled Tsuna towards the ground.

Ryohei was about to go and check on the students when someone had cleared their throat to get his attention. "Hey, you're gonna have to fight me too." Elena yelled at him as Ryohei just looked at her and laughed.

"I'm sorry but I don't fight little girls." He said and started to walk away.

"You will fight me!" she exclaimed and ran to hit him on the head.

"I told you I can't fight you to the EXTREME!" Ryohei said as he dodged her staff. "Why did they bring a girl like you here anyways?"

"Because I know how to fend for myself." She said in a serious tone and then went for another hit with her staff. Ryohei had dodged the blow but she immediately changed it to his free moving form and got a nasty hit on him. "If you underestimate me, then you may just get yourself killed." She said but Ryohei still wasn't intent on fighting her.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Up in the classroom, Yamamoto was still facing off against the swordsman and they clashed and slashed at each other nonstop. "You are a fairly good swordsman, if we weren't enemies, I would have very much liked to have sparred with you." Raffaele commented as he then bounced Yamamoto's blade of his own and managed to get a small hit on his shoulder.

"Well, it wouldn't be like this if you hadn't turned on the family." The boy said seriously. "I heard what you've done and that is not forgivable." He said and returned each hit.

"It is the Vongola who are to blame. If it weren't for them, then people wouldn't be so afraid and wouldn't have to live in fear of crossing them ever." The man said angrily.

"What are you talking about? The Nono is a nice man and wouldn't threaten anyone that means no harm to him or the family whatsoever." Yamamoto side swiped and then moved back into defense right away.

"That's where you're wrong about the Vongola. They are the type of people who would think of anyone beneath them as lowly servants who are worth nothing more than the dirt beneath their shoes. They harm others who seem weak and useless and only care for themselves." Raffaele spat the facts as though he knew it all.

"Where did you get all this information from?" Yamamoto grunted as he felt the pressure of the other's blade.

"From experience. We've met someone high up on the branch of the Vongola and we've seen what he's done to the poor people of the village he went to. He treated them like dirt, stole what little food they had and had taken their sheep and cows as payment for the land."

"I'm sure that the Nono wouldn't approve of this. He's a great man." The pair eventually made their way through the hallways and down a few flights of stairs. They continued to clash swords and tried to push each other off of themselves. Somehow, they've arrived in the main entrance way where all the shoe cubbies were.

"How can you keep saying this when they've forced a young boy, such as yourself, to fight for them?"

"They never made that choice for me. I've decided to follow Tsuna and trusted him of my own free will. I may have joined because the kid suggested it but I stayed because I wanted to stay beside Tsuna." Yamamoto said out loud.

"So you have no ill thoughts towards the Vongola Decimo?" Raffaele questioned as they remained locked in combat, trying to push the other away.

"No, he isn't a bad guy either. In fact, he's the most selfless guy I know." Yamamoto managed to show the other a small smile. "I don't know who that other man that you've met is, but I'm sure that the Nono wouldn't approve of their behavior." Yamamoto repeated himself. Raffaele paused for a moment as he retreated himself and took a good look at Yamamoto to see if there were any signs of him lying. He really didn't get to finish his cross analysis as they both heard a loud explosion which occurred above them followed by a scream which came from the outside.

"We shall put this battle on pause." The black haired man said sternly as he ran passed the boy and went outside. Yamamoto just followed.

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