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Leda's feet lithely and silently touched the pavement while Damon struggled to keep his balance, wincing as his feet hit the pavement beside her. She looked him over for a moment, making sure he would be able to handle the run they were about to conduct. Her hand itched to reach for her stele and heal his wounds, but she knew that wasn't what they should be doing, so she let her mind take over, as she always did. She then realized her hand was still in Damon's from when she was helping him onto the ledge and jumping out. Leda made to release it, more than a bit distracted by the wave of warmth it sent up her arm and the tingly shocks that went along with the warmth.

Damon looked at their hands as she slowly slid it out of his, his eyes glossing over and becoming unreadable. With a shake of her head, she looked at Damon and conjured up a grin, her eyes sparkling from the still active adrenaline in her veins. She couldn't let them be distracted, not if they were going to make it alive, and, Morgan seemed to be making it his mission to make sure they didn't. He growled from above and stood at the edge of the window, shouting multiple strings of profanities.

Leda laughed dangerously and looked at Damon, "How about we play a game?" She suggested and bolted before Damon could answer.

From behind, she heard another voice muttering curses then footsteps pursuing her. Leda looked over her shoulder to see Damon running behind her, his face unreadable as his eyes were trained on her, also unreadable. His speed continued to pick up and soon he was beside her, his breath coming regularly. He had his jaw locked, probably from the pain and his hands were clenched into fists. Leda looked forward and moved faster, pushing herself forward as another set of footsteps floated into her ears, letting her know they weren't alone.

People all around them were looking their way and Leda made to put up her glamour, only to find it was already concealing her. Her eyes zeroed in on a girl that was looking at her...or, better said, at Damon. Her green eyes were wide as she looked at Damon's bare chest streaked with blood and a massive cut, but, next to the shock, was lust; Leda's eyes narrowed and she clenched her fists, feeling an extra jolt of anger, only, it wasn't the fury from before, it was a different kind of anger, one she wasn't familiar with.

Putting all her strength and energy into it, she ran faster, faster, and even faster, her pale skin glowing with that odd electric current it seemed to be getting lately. She turned sharply at corners and swerved the right ways, focusing on moving forward and making sure they lost Morgan, knowing Damon was at her heels, probably confused as to her sudden burst of agility.

As she moved forward, she saw a familiar street, one that lead to an intersection and then a park. She ran towards it. Her legs began to ache, her muscles straining as she refused to slow down. Without even realizing it, Leda was at the park, her feet still silent against the grass. She didn't even know why she was still running, but she felt as though she couldn't stop, as if she needed to keep running…

A hand was suddenly at her arm, gripping it tightly and jolting her to a stop. She grabbed the hand and began pulling it to throw the person forward, when she felt the same warmth and electric shocks as before, when she held Damon's hand. Her body turned quickly without her mind allowing the action, her eyes raking over his body, flinching at his wounds; she froze. Leda moved away from Damon, her eyes closed and her face, now, unreadable.

"Leda?" Damon's voice was gentle, holding a twinge of concern, but she didn't answer. Leda remained immobile, her heart pounding and her mind racing, the adrenaline in her system calming down.

Thoughts flew rapidly through her mind, bouncing against the walls of her brain trying to find a reason for her sudden outburst. She didn't let emotion play on her face. She was always in control of them, of her body, not the other way around.

"How're your wounds?" Leda asked, relief washing through her at the normality and calmness of her voice. She opened her eyes and walked towards Damon, pulling her stele out.

"What?" Damon asked, startled.

"Your wounds." Leda said slowly, distinctly, then smirking, "The run helped didn't it? Distracting you from the pain."

Damon's eyes seemed to focus as something clicked behind them, realizing that whatever had caused her lapse of emotion sharing, was over.

Good. She thought, He doesn't need to see anything.

"Yeah, it helped." Damon shrugged and reached for her stele, "I can do it."

Leda hesitated for a second before handing it to him, knowing he wouldn't notice her hesitation. She backed away towards the tree, leaning against it and crossing her arms, surreptitiously hugging herself and watching him as he drew several iratzes on his skin. Leda could see his skin knotting together, healing over, leaving thin lines then white scars from the runes. Her eyes raked over him, noting the lines of his muscles as they tightened and rippled when he stretched, testing out his now healed body.

Averting her eyes quickly, Leda pulled out a blade and inspected it, watching as the light bounced off of it brightly, shinning extatically, as if waiting for something to happen so that it's full force could be summoned. Weapons weren't just weapons, they almost had a life of their own, if in the hands of the right person. Any idiot can grab a dagger and stab things with it, but it takes a real artist to manage it as though it were another extension of oneself. They're tools meant to aid in a time of dire need, and, as a Nephilim, hunts, battles, fights, are times of dire need.

What is a weapon?

Certainly it's not just a sharp, pointy object that has a two sided-sometimes more-surface. It's not a stick with a chained ball clattering along the side. It's not even defined as a small handheld bomb that goes off after pulling a pin; no, it's something more than that. The meaning runs deeper than that, stronger. Weapons can be anything. Everything can be made into a weapon, and weapons, no matter what it is, it's a sense of self-preservation. It's a sense of strength. It's a sense of freedom.

"Leda?" Damon's voice broke through Leda's concentrated thoughts, and she had the feeling he'd been demanding her attention for a while and she simply hadn't heard him.

Oh well. She thought, It just helps with charade I'm putting up.

"Leda." Damon snapped, all traces of patience gone with the breeze that encircled around them, confining them within a bubble of tension.

"What?" Leda's tone was languid, completely void of any emotion.

"I've been calling you for over five minutes." He said, exasperated.

Leda shrugged and tucked her blade way into her belt, crystal eyes glossed over like fog over an ocean, "You're not the first thing on my mind. You're attentions isn't what I attempt to please." She looked Damon hard in the eyes, locking their gaze and making sure he could see the empty void in her eyes, "So I repeat: what?"

Damon looked at Leda, hazel eyes meeting crystallized blue, pale contrasting with gold, dark against light. The breeze picked up, blowing Leda's long, silky black and silver hair around and around, thrashing against her pale face while it simply flopped Damon's sandy blond hair. Sunshine broke through the clouds, illuminating Damon's profile as he stood in the patch of now covered sunlight. Rays of light bounced off is his hair, showing signs of dark brown and plain out gold in it while his skin contained an unearthly glow.

Leda, on the other hand, looked paler, her skin transparent. Her eyes seemed to darken and her dark, full lashes brushed against her high cheekbones with every blink. There was a still and lethal beauty about her, something beyond external beauty. She wasn't the average girl, not only because she was Nephilim, no, there was more to her, more than she showed, and she was afraid Damon would be able to see that, see through the shield she built around her for years.

"Time is a precious thing, Damon," Leda broke the silence, "And, unlike you, I have things to do. So, if you plan to stand there and say nothing, then I'm sure you can find you're way-"

"Why." Damon interrupted, not asking, but demanding.

"-back to the safe house." Leda contined, seemingly unfazed, "You know, interrupting is very rude." She smirked.

"Why," he repeated, ignoring her taunts, "Why did you help me?"

Damon looked at Leda, really looked at her and she felt exposed. Leda felt as though everything within her was going to fall apart. Second after second the fabric of protection she wove for herself was unraveling, slipping through her fingers. Time seemed to slow, pause. They didn't seem to be connected to every other aspect of life around them, it was just Damon and her.

The silence dragged on, and Damon continued to stare relentlessly at Leda, mentally willing her to open up, to speak with the truth. With that, Leda felt her chest tighten but then release, relax. She breathed in deep and it felt as though it were the first breath she'd ever taken. The odd, protective instinct that always rang in her veins was gone, and the vulnerability from before was left behind to occupy its space. It was as if every aspect of Leda's soul, body, being, was yelling at her to open up to him, to accept that she felt something.

But, she couldn't.

Leda squashed down every emotion, every feeling, every thought, and cornered it into her heart, locking it shut and removing the key from sight. She couldn't let herself feel like this, she couldn't afford the price of letting herself weaken and become vulnerable. She couldn't. No matter how badly she ached to do it, she couldn't. She couldn't let herself do it under any circumstance.

Damon saw it. He saw the resolution set in her jaw, in the tight line of her lips, in the narrowed slit of her eyes, he saw it. His eyes flashed, and his head shook slightly, as if not accepting what he was seeing. But it wasn't that he didn't know that Leda wouldn't open up, it's that he didn't want her to not open up, she could see that in his eyes. Her heart clenched.

More silence passed between them as their energies had an unspoken conversation and neither of them moved, neither of them even dared to breath. They simply stared at each other. Both of them mentally willing the other to speak first, to break the silence. Damon hoping for an answer, and Leda hoping for a reason to lash out the frustration, the hurt, the disappointment that was slowly and steadily growing within the pit of her heart.

Finally, Damon opened his mouth and Leda felt every muscle in her body tense. He reached out, hand moving towards Leda's arm, slowly, almost regretfully. Time was passing in an agonizingly slow manner, and just when Damon's fingers were going to brush against Leda's pale soft skin, she backed away. It wasn't much of a distance that she put between them, but it was enough for Damon to drop his hand to his side, his face becoming solemn.

"Adam" Leda's voice ran distinctive, impassive, emotionless, "he asked me to follow you, make sure you were safe, and bring you back safe."

"What?" Damon asked brilliantly, his hazel eyes deflating.

"That's why I helped you." She was careful to leave out every trace of emotion that might remain while her eyes remained steady, staring into his.

Hazel eyes searched crystal, prodding, wandering, but they dulled out. The warm liquid hardening into stone and the light in his eyes gone completely. Damon turned his head to the side and nodded, staring forward. His back was rigid and his arm muscles rippled under the fabric of his clothes as he clenched his fists. Leda could see his jaw locking and unlocking and she ached to reach forward and do something but she locked her muscles in place and fought that urge.

Taking a step forward, Leda began walking, passing by Damon without looking back, "We should get back. I promised Adam I'd bring you back safe."

She kept walking, step after step, breath after breath, that was all she focused on, but after a moment, she realized there was no sound behind her. She turned around. Damon was in the exact same place as before she began walking. She sighed. Leda tapped her foot against the grass, staring at Damon impatiently.

"Damon, we have to-" loud piercing music rang through the air, snapping Damon out of his bubble.

Leda looked down at her jeans, startled as the music continued to play.

Imagine living like a king someday!

A single night without a ghost in the walls

And if the bass shakes the earth underground,

We'll start a new revolution now!

"Well, aren't you going to answer that?" Damon spoke, voice holding a tinge of impassiveness along with his usual wittiness. Leda almost smiled. Almost.

Leda nodded curtly and pulled out her iPhone, sliding the green arrow to the right and accepting the call, "Yeah?"

"Leda! It's-it's Aaric! He-it was-I don't- and then-" Adam's frantic voice bounced loudly out of the phone and into Leda's eat, but the fragments he managed to blurt out caught enough of her attention. Her crystallized eyes narrowed, the calculating demeanor reentering them while she truned around and began walking.

Before she left she told Adam not to call unless it was an emergency, and she knew he knew the difference, "Adam, Adam, slow down. Breath. And then tell me." She ordered, crossing the grass and noting that her silence runes hadn't work off yet as her feet touched the paved sidewalk.

This time as she rapidly walked, Damon was at her side, attention focused on Leda's face as he read her every reaction while straining his ears to listen. Normally, Leda would be annoyed, but since Aaric was more of Damon's problem than her own, she didn't care.

"O-okay." Adam spluttered. Leda could here the woosh-ing sound of air as he took a deep breath and let it out, "Aaric came looking for you and I told him you went out. He left for a while but then came back and asked if I wanted to play so I said okay. We played hide and seek for a while then he told me he was getting tired of hide and seek so we went back upstairs and when we did, he began coughing, spitting out red and he fell to his knees. I thought he was messing around to scare me but he won't get up!" His voice went up a few octaves from fright.

Leda's hand clenched and unclenched as her legs began moving faster and Damon indicated for her to tell him what was going on. She ignored him. It seemed as though it was her job to take care of everyone and watch over everyone. Leda wasn't used to it. What she was used to was helping randomly, leaving before getting credit, killing demons, and dodging staying anywhere too long, but now it seemed as though she was the hero coming out of hiding or something, and it was annoying her.

"Are you sure, Adam? Positive?" Leda inquired, tone completely serious. She crossedanother street and glared at a taxi driver that nearly hit her, then at the people walking opposite of her who stared at Damon and her.

"Yes! I poked him and everything!" Adam whined, scared. Leda couldn't help but surpress a smile at the image of Adam poking Aaric, which earned her a gaping, incredulous stare from Damon that she pretended to not see.

"Okay, just, calm down. Remember munchkin, worry is only relevant to your level of control." Her tone took on a lecturing vibe but it was still soft and understanding at the same time that she could almost picture the times when she would teach him.

"I will." A deep breath, "Okay, I think I'm okay…" silence, "I'm better. But come, please!"

Leda jumped over a little brown and white Chihuahua, smirking as the dog's wonder gave her a distasteful look, physically saying "Stay way from my dog and I, you pathetic maniac".

"Okay, Damon and I-"

"You rescued Damon!" Adam exclaimed happily, momentarily forgetting Aaric; Leda chuckled and waved a hand dismally at Damon as his eyes held his confusion.

"Did I not tell you I would?" She asked, running faster, "But that's not the point, the point is that you watch over Aaric and we'll be there soon."

"Hurry!" Adam pleaded.

"Always munchkin. Love you."

"Love you too, Leda."

With that, the call ended and Leda put her phone back into her pocket, picking up her pace, mad dashing around people. Swerving through the crowd of people that seemed to follow everywhere she went. Her head whipped around, looking for Damon, cursing under her breath when she didn't see him but then locking her jaw as she felt his hand on her right elbow, millions of electroshots racing up her arm and around her body even though his skin touched the fabric of her sweater she could still feel the warmth of his touch through it.

Yanking her arm from his grasp, she snapped at him to not touch her and to keep up before bolting down the street again. As she neared the safe house the sun became obscured by clouds, like rain pouring down on her after a few minutes. Leda looked up, slightly relieved. She stared at the sky for a second, a split second, but she still saw it, an odd facial form in the clouds, eyes boring down on her. She blinked. It was gone. With a sharp shake of her head she ran faster, faster, rushing through the door and taking the steps two at a time.

Leda called out Adam's name repeatedly, listening intently and heading for the room she was staying in, her eyes dancing into every open room she passed an her hands automatically opening every closed door. She was almost at her room when she heard a feint shout coming from farther down the hall. Leda kept moving forward until she stood in the door way, eyes scanning the inside.

Inside the room was Adam, clothes splattered with blood while Aaric laid on the floor, unconscious and also with blood all over him. Leda walked in and was at Adam's side in a second, her index finger and middle finger searching for the pulse at Aaric's neck. Her eyes ran down Aaric's body, looking for any sign of injuries or harm, eyes narrowing when she found none. Finally, she found his pulse and the tension in her shoulders somewhat dispersed.

"Aaric." Damon said incredulously as he stepped into the room, sitting opposite of Leda.

"I-I don't know wha-at happened." Adam hiccuped.

Leda wrapped an arm around him while pulling out her stele, "Pull his shirt up." She told Damon.

Damon did as she said without hesitation, trusting whatever she was going to do. Her heart clenched. She shook her head and bent her head over Aaric's bare chest, noting that, like Damon, his chest was also well built, but unlike Damon, it was bulkier whereas Damon's was leaner. Touching the tip of the stele to Aaric's chest, she began drawing an intricate rune. Black swirls wrapped around each other, twisting and winding finely, forming an ancient healing rune she had discovered when she was younger.

Once she was done, she pulled back, placing her stele into her boot and looking at Aaric, feeling Damon's eyes on her face, reading her but she let nothing show. Beside her, Adam was fidgeting every few seconds, sliding his hand into Leda's. Leda squeezed Adam's small hand softly, eyes trained on Aaric's face.

Everything was still, unmoving. Every breath measured, careful and steady. A few minutes passed before Leda saw the soft, familiar glow of a settling rune from the corner of her eyes. Aaric bolted upright, gasping, hand flying to his throat. His grey eyes were shifting wildly, his chest heaving as though every breath was labored.

"Aaric," Leda encircled Aaric's wrists, pinning his hands to his sides as he attempted to claw at his throat, "Aaric!" She shouted this time, demanding his attention but he didn't listen, he just shouted out in pain.

Aaric struggled against Leda's hold and she motioned for Damon to push him back down into a laying position; Damon complied, pressing his hands against his chest and softly, but firmly, pushed him down. Adam scurried backwards, out of Leda's sight. Leda looked at Adam and told him not to leave the room, then she turned back to Aaric, keeping her grip tight.

"Where's that warlock?" Leda hissed under her breath.

Aaric shouted out in agony, "Make it stop! Fire! Fi-" he was cut off by a horrid gurgling sound followed by blood.

Leda locked her jaw and looked at Damon who's eyes were clouded with worry. His usually golden skin was now drained, pale. He looked up at her, unsure of what to do next so Leda nodded her hand at him, "I'm going to find John, you stay here." She ordered and stood up, bolting out of the room.

Leda ran down the hall, calling out John's name in the same fashion as when she called out Adam's name earlier. She passed a few windows, enough to see the dimming light of nightfall covering the city around them like a blanket. Her mind was running on hyperdrive all day, and it might've been the paranoia from before, but she felt something unnerving about Aaric's sudden episode. From the look on Damon's face, this had never happened before, which meant something had to be different than before. But what?

Again, Leda wished she knew more about Damon and Aaric, but it was too late for that now, now, she had to play hero again and find John so he could help Aaric. In the distance, she could hear Aaric's cries and Damon's curses. Leda shook her head fiercely and kept running, looking for John and avidly callin him every horrible insult and name in every language she knew until she reached the library. The room John had locked before and made it known no one was allowed.

Too bad. Leda thought.

Leda moved to the door and banged on it after finding that it was locked. After several minutes of pounding on the door and listening to Aaric's painful screams, Leda kicked the door, seeing it shake in it's shingles. She pulled out her stele an began drawing a rune while thinking: Open, open, open! Still, the door wouldn't budge and Leda was starting to get antsy, anger building within her and a fuzzy silver shade began to mold around her skin while electricity tickled the over layer of her body.

"John! I swear by the Angel that if you do not open this damn door right now I will cut off your balls, hang them in front of you while torturing you then I'll cut off your head and hang them next to your balls so you can see them for the rest of eternity!" Leda shouted furiously, all of her patience evaporating into the wind.

More minutes passed, more shouts echoed around the safe house, and more fury built inside of Leda until she snapped, punching the door and watching it split open in half just as her name rang louder than any other sound she had heard all day. Her blood ran cold and her body froze as a thump followed the scream from above. Leda could hear her heart beating in her ears and she could feel every movement around her, above her, and she felt nothing. There silence. Absolute, complete silence.

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