Naruto is a teen child, who has 2 loving parents, but the problem is his siblings who hate him. He couldn't take it no more; he lost his mind and was sent to rehab, where he met the so called 'innocent' Hinata. After a year had past, the two finally met again, but will the past defy their future? - Don't mind the bad summary. Suicide, drama, life, sexual explicit

Naruto has 5 siblings, excluding him. 2boys and 3girls

Chapter One: "Stop It"

(I didn't expect for me to end up in a place like this, but it happened. Why? I was born.)

Naruto Narration- "italic"

(9 year old Naruto)

"So stupid"

The words echoed in my mind like water flowing in a river.

I stood there as my "siblings" circled around me, pointing and laughing at me. I didn't want to cry, but they words were like mosquitos sucking blood… life out of me. I kneeled down and covered my face. I felt hot tears ran down my stain cheeks.

"Oh, look at the wussy cry"

It was my older brother, Kaito, making fun of me. I suddenly fell flat on my face; I got up slowly trying to rub the grass stain off of my face. I looked around vaguely and saw my siblings laughing at me. I was scared; I quickly got up and ran to the house as fast as my little legs would let me.

"Naruto" my mother said running up to me. "Who did this?" she said.

She lifted my up and placed me on the counter. "I am going to deal with those children" she said as she wiped my face gently. "Don't cry… Okay? Be a strong boy"

"Yes ma'am, I'll be strong for you" I said giving her my big smile.

She kissed me on my forehead softly and placed a cookie in my hand. "Don't tell your father" she said grinning at me.

My mother, Kushina, is the kindest woman I know, she loves everyone. She's a special person and I wished I could've been strong just like she wanted me too.

"Mom, how come Naruto has a cookie. I want one"

It was my younger sister, Atsuko, she resembled my mother, she had her red long hair and nice sky blue eyes, but she didn't have a heart like my mom… our mom.

"No" she simply said. "You can get one after dinner"

"But MOM it's not fair" Atsuko said.

"I SAID NO" my mom snapped.

I saw as the tears formed in my sister eyes. She ran out of the kitchen, but before she did, she gave me the most hateful stare which sent chills down my spine.

I looked sadly at the cookie I was holding. "I'll be strong…for mama"


"Mr. Uzumaki, do I have to call your parents?"

A blonde hair boy lifted his head off of the school desk after hearing his name. He stared at his 5th grade teacher, Iowa. "Uh…?"

stared at the boy. "Please stand up Uzumaki" she said gritting her teeth.

Naruto stood up quickly, but fell to the floor with a thud. The class exploded into laughter. The teacher rubbed her temple as she pointed to the door. "OUT!"

Naruto got up and gave her a big smile. "Sorry sensei. One more chance people" he said begging her.


He quickly scurried from his seat and ran out the door. "Stupid teacher" he said kicking imaginary dirt. He sighed. Tears formed in his eyes. "I couldn't even sleep last night" he said rubbing his eyes, making them turn red.

"It wasn't my fault…

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