Chapter 1: Beast Boy's Wish

"Beast Boy...Beast Boy...BEAST BOY!" Beast Boy jumped in shock as cold water splashed his face. Falling down, he quickly grabbed the edge of his bed and scrambled to the top.

"DUDE, WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" he nearly screamed and threw his sock.

"Happy Birthday, you little grass stain!" shouted Cyborg, removing the putrid article of clothing off of his head. Beast Boy blinked. Then, he looked at his calender with the large circle drawn on the number 4 on September. With a liitle drawn picture of cake (made of tofu) in the middle. His eyes widened.


"So, he finally woke up?" asked Raven, who appeared at the door.

"Yep, the green bean woke up!"

"So, today is the day which only comes once a year is the day of Beast Boy's day of birth?" asked Starfire, who was holding Silkie in her hands. Robin nodded.

"Yes it is. He's turning 17." he said.

"But, " said Starfire, looking around the room, "where is friend Kittono?" Robin grumbled.

"On the sofa still." Starfire smiled.

"Then I shall fetch friend Kittono and inform him of Beast Boy's day of birth!" And she flew out of the room before Robin got the chance to correct her.

"Might as well wish for catnip and yarn..." grumbled Robin. Beast Boy jumped out of the top bunk.

"So, let's go play video games! Me versus Raven!"

"Fine," said Raven, leaving the room. The other followed Raven, chatting about mustard and such. But before Beast Boy left his room, he gave a long, pitiful glance at the bottom bunk.

9 hours later of fun...

"Okay, cake time!" shouted Kittono, who was carrying a three layered tofu cake with artificial chocolate, topped with varieties of berries. Beast Boy ran to the table and grabbed a chair.

"Hey guys! Chocolate cake!" Beast Boy yelled, winking to Raven. Raven chuckled. Beast Boy can ALWAYS find a way to make Cyborg and Robin eat tofu.

"CHOCOLATE!" the two screamed in unison, jumping and landing in their seat. Starfire and Raven floated to their seats. "C'mon Beast Boy, cut that cake!" Beast Boy grabbed the sharp object from Kittono's paws and sliced the cake. Then, he looked at the object he grabbed.

"Uh, dude? Why am I using a shuriken instead of a knife?"

"Oops sorry. At least you sliced the cake." he said. In a flash, Robin and Cyborg took their LARGE slice and ate it...until their faces turned green.

"Ugh! Agh! This is not chocolate!" Cyborg yelled. Both teens ran out of the room, hands covering their mouths.

"Beast Boy, you forgot something." Beast Boy looked at Kittono.

"Huh? What?"

"Your birthday wish." And with that, Kittono grabbed a lighter from thin air and lit the candles. "Eh, should we sing the happy birthday song?"

"Nah." Kittono shrugged, but sang nonetheless. "Dude, I said you didn't have to do it."

"Sorry, traditional. Blow out the candles before all of the melted wax reaches the tofu." Turning to the candles, he huffed.

"Don't forget to make a wish." said Raven. Beast Boy thought for a while and blew out the candles. Everyone in the room clapped and cheered.

"Friend Beast Boy! What with did you make?" asked Starfire, who was flying around happily.

"I can't tell." Starfire froze.

"Why is that so?"

"If I tell you, it won't come true."

"Let me guess, a new video game that has cheat codes that makes you win easily against Cyborg?" asked Kittono.


"A pit of tofu?"


"The return of Nufu?"

"Why would you think of that? And how did you know about him?"

"Because you can eat him since he is made of tofu and Starfire told me." Beast Boy glanced at Starfire.


"Ah, well. Besides, it's getting late. Finish up your slice."

"Ok. night."

"Night." said everyone. In the dark, only tiny whimpers and sniffles were heard. Both coming from Beast Boy, who got up and left to the rooftop. Sitting down, he looked at the large luminous full moon. He bowed his head.

"It's been four months...four months since my near death. Four months since my love Raven was able to express her feelings. Four months since...Beast Girl punched my face. If only Beast Girl was here again. Here to slap my face, beating Cyborg on video games, and saying insults to Robin in his face. I only wish for her to be back." he said, and remained silent. And remained completely oblivious to the fact that Raven heard everything in the looming shadows.