Chapter 8: Return of Beast Boy's Fangirls

(Beast Girl's POV)

Thank you washable paint. I unwrapped the towel from my hair and threw it on the rack by the shower. It had been minutes since Starfire ran from the bathroom to her room. Swishing was heard behind me, followed by fits of laughter.

"Dude ahahaha! That was ahahaha hilarious! You should'va seen Robin's face hahahahahahaha!" laughed Beast Boy. Every few seconds, he had to stop to take a breath, but that didn't stop him from more laughter. Raven entered the bathroom.

"Nice one." I smiled.

"Well, that should cheer him up!" I said. Suddenly, the communicator's ringtone was heard. Beast Boy flipped his open.

"Beast Boy here, what's up?"

"Umm, do you know where Robin is Beast Boy?" asked Starfire. He scratched his head.

"Robin? He's not in Titan Tower?"


"I think he went for a walk. Who knows?"

"Ok. Thank you Beast Boy."

"No problem." Then he closed the communicator shut.

"Well, Robin left. So, you guys wanna try on his uniforms?" I looked at him, slightly disgusted.

"You wear his uniforms? Aren't they filthy? And who knows what those uniforms touched!" Raven came closer to my face.

"One, you like your room messy. Two, you sleep with a sewage smelling sock. Three, you wore Beast Boy's uniform. You're worrying about filthiness?" I pondered over this.


"Hey! I'm over here you know!" complained Beast Boy. Once again, the communicator rang. But this time, it was Cyborg.

"Yo BB! You got a few visitors here!" Then, Cyborg hung up. Beast Boy looked at me and Raven in confusion.

"A few? Maybe the Doom Patrol?" I shrugged. We rushed to the lounge, only to see Cyborg tapping on the keyboards rapidly.

"Max security system, on." boomed the speakers.

(Raven's POV)

"Max security? Cyborg, that's only used during life-threatening problems!" The only time we used the max security was when my father Trigon invaded the place. To be more accurate, when Slade came to fetch me for the prophecy.

"Well, our visitors are a bit...well...look for yourself." Cyborg motioned his robotic hand at the window. Beast Boy walked towards the window and looked down.

"Oh no..."

"What's wrong?" asked Beast Girl. She peered over his shoulders. "Holy shit." I floated over and stood next to Beast Boy. Oh my god. Below at the Titans Tower entrance was a mob. A mob of fangirls.

"Dude, I thought you said a few visitors, not a mob!" shouted Beast Boy. Cyborg crossed his arms.

"It's called exaggeration, BB."

"...why are they trying to beat down the door?" asked Beast Girl. Quickly, Cyborg rushed to the window and pressed his face against the glass. Fangirls below were savagely pounding the door with their fists. Until one caught sight of us. Or more likely, Beast Boy.

"BEAST BOY-KUN! WATASHI WA, ANATA O AISHITE IMASU!" one shouted. The shout suddenly became louder by the second and more fangirls joined the door pounding.

"Beast Boy, I love you? Are they your fans?" He looked at us sheepishly.

"Yeah...but I didn't think they would come here from Tokyo." I lightly hit his shoulder.

"You're too cute Beast Boy. Any girl would follow you." Beast Boy beamed.

"Heh, thanks Rae. But still, how do we deal with them?"

"Hmm...if you go out, they'll tackle you and god knows what will happen next, so..."

"Aha! I got it!" yelled Beast Girl. I stared at her.

"Well, what is it?"

"Hold on, before you say anything, we gotta warn Starfire, Robin, and Kittono." said Cyborg, turning on his communicator. Static sound echoed in the silence. Then, a thought hit my mind.

"Wait, Kittono doesn't have a-"

"BZZT! Robin here!"

"Starfire here."

"What is it Cyborg?"

"Don't come back to the Titan Tower for now, there's...a slight problem."

"What problem?"

"It's all right BG here can solve it (I think), just don't forget to tell this to Kittono, alright?"

"Sure. Good luck Cy...whatever it is you had to do." Cyborg closed his communicator and looked at Beast Girl.

"Girl, whatever idea you have, do it now." She nodded and ran to her room. I turned to Beast Boy and he shrugged. Soon, Beast Girl came back, dashing while wearing Beast Boy's uniform. Ohh, I see now. Beast Boy beside me stared and pointed, uttering some sounds in shock.

"Aaaaaaaaaaagh-aaaaaaaaaaa..." I tapped his forehead and smacked it. "OW!"

(Cyborg's POV)

What the...BG WEARING BB's uniform?! WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST SEE?! Beast Girl simply smiled at my remark and somewhat morphed into Beast Boy. WHAT?!

"Alright, you guys sit here, and watch." 'Beast Boy' winked at Beast Boy and went down the elevator. I ran to the window and saw "Beast Boy" getting jumped on by the mob. Then, a small green hummingbird flew out and lured the girls out to the city.

"Well, she certainly has a bigger brain than BB's." I joked. Beast Boy glared at me. In response, I nudged him, causing him to rub his shoulder. Suddenly, a green fly buzzed around my face. I puffed. "Hey! Get outta my face BG!" The fly morphed back into a smirking Beast Girl.

"And that's how you get rid of fangirls! Or fanboys, whatever gender you decide."

"So wait, you can heal like Raven, you're green and have fangs like BB, You can morph into animals like BB, you can shoot those blue bolts and use similar powers like Raven, and you can morph into PEOPLE?!" Lazily, she waved.

"Yep, so? You got a problem?"

"Well, have you heard about the incident today?"


"Yeah, the incident where Robin went into the bathroom while Star was showering. He said Star was in TWO places at once. What's up with that?"

"Teleportation? She must've forgotten something." I leaned closer to her face.

"But you can morph into others. Seems suspicious." She rolled her eyes.

"When I morph into people, they're GREEN skinned. Starfire's skin color is peach. Learn the difference, Einstein." I opened my mouth to shoot back an insult, but then Robin bursted out of the elevator. Followed by Starfire and Kittono.

"Cyborg! What happened?"

"Nah, nothing. Just a mob of BB's fangirls. BG here lured them away." I answered. Robin looked at Beast Girl, amazed.

"Uh, nice job Beast Girl." She grinned.

"Thanks. So, what now?"

"Well...we're having a few visitors who's gonna stay here for a few weeks."

(Robin's POV)

Right at that precise moment, both Starfire and Beast Girl bounded off the walls.


"Well, it's-" *DING DONG*

"I got it." said Kittono, walking to the elevator. We all stood there in silence, gazing at each other's face. "Oh, hello! Wait, wait, no, NO, GET OFF! OWW THAT'S MY TAIL! HEY!"