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~ Chapter 1: The Dawn of a New Era ~

The Golden Trio descended the staircase from the Head's office, only now did they begin to feel just how exhausted they were; not only were they aching in every bone in their body, but their minds were slowly clouding over, barely aware of where their feet were taking them. Hermione looked at Harry and Ron: Ron was still covered in slime from their trip down to the Chamber of Secrets, his clothes were singed from the fire in the Room of Requirement, and he was covered in blood from the various injuries he had sustained throughout the day. It seemed a lifetime ago that they had escaped from Gringotts on the dragon, but in reality it had only been about nine hours. Hermione then turned her gaze to Harry: he wasn't covered in slime like Ron, but he was covered in dirt and leaves, from his solo journey into the forest, and like Ron he had his fair amount of battle wounds, his clothes were just as singed, but perhaps Harry had a little more blood on him, she thought.

"We should go back to the Great Hall," voiced Hermione quietly, finally breaking the silence, "See what we can do to help."

Ron grunted in half-hearted agreement, but Harry remained silent. Immediately Hermione knew what he was thinking, she always knew: he was feeling guilty about the lives lost in what he believed was his battle alone – Harry would never change, no matter how many times people told him that they would fight by his side out of their own free will, he still maintained the notion that he was solely responsible for their actions, and therefore responsible for their deaths. She reached a hand out to his arm and he looked around at her, not bothering to conceal the pain in his eyes, and Hermione sighed.

Smiling sadly at him, she whispered: "This was never your fault, there was always going to be a battle, whether you were at the head of it or not." She said consolingly, then added: "You may as well get it over with, you're going to have to show your face sooner or later, and people will be wanting, quite probably expecting, to see you. And we'll be with you the whole time, the way it's always been." She smiled reassuringly.

By the time the trio re-entered the hall, dawn was upon them, and daylight was beginning to filter through the (now glassless) windows.

The next few hours passed in a blur: the seriously injured were cared for first; most of the badly wounded had already been sent to St. Mungos, the rest had been given sleeping draughts, allowing them to sleep undisturbed through the pain until Madame Pomfrey, with the assistance of a number of remaining NEWT students, could get around to treating their ailments.

When the most afflicted had been attended to, and the only injuries that remained to be seen were the minor ones, Harry, Ron and Hermione, along with the rest of the able-bodied students and teachers, began to organise a cleaning and repairing of the school. There was little to be done at that time, too much grief, and too much chaos surrounded them; they simply split themselves across the castle and grounds, surveyed the full extent of the damage, and regrouped to discuss the best place to start on the Morrow. The sun was high in the sky by the time they retired to Gryffindor tower – a most welcome home to them, after the longest year of their lives.


Draco Malfoy sat in a corner of the great hall; he didn't really know what to do. He felt like he should be doing something to help, but he was a Malfoy. How welcome would his attempts be? So far no one seemed to be taking any notice of him and his parents – Potter had acknowledged him early on, with no trace of malice in his looks; that had to count for something. But everyone else gave them a wide berth, pretending they weren't even there. When dawn came creeping upon the horizon an Auror approached them, and spoke directly to Lucius:

"Mister Malfoy, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to accompany me to the ministry." The Auror stated, very matter-of-fact, Lucius sighed and stood up; Draco could see in his Father's face that he had been expecting this for a long time.

The Auror continued, "You understand that I have to take you into custody, you were seen fighting with Death Eaters, we have to take you for questioning, and you will be held in a cell in Azkaban until a trial can be arranged."

Lucius held out his hands, "Bind me up and take me away. There's no use denying what we all know to be true."

As Lucius' hands were tied, the Auror then tuned to Draco's mother, "And you as well, m'am, I'm afraid. You are charged with the same offence, I have to take you in with your Husband."

"No." commanded Lucius, "Narcissa only did what I bid her do. She should take no part in this"

Narcissa put a hand on her husband's arm to calm him, "It's alright, it has to be done, I'll serve my time." She turned to the Auror, "But Draco? My son, he took no part - "

The Auror cut her off, "Draco, though he is of age, is still a student. He is under the care of Hogwarts we cannot arrest him. As far as the Ministry is concerned, he is not part of this out of his own free will, he is safe from us."

Narcissa turned for one last look at her son, before the Auror escorted her and her husband out the hall, out of Hogwarts and out of Draco's life.

Not long after, Draco saw the Golden Trio re-enter the hall; immediately they were fell upon by survivors, wanting to thank them for helping end the fight, wanting them to join them in prayers and mourning for the lost souls. Draco decided he had been idling long enough, he had no injuries to speak of, he was near enough the most able bodied person present; her might as well be put to some use. He went in search of Madame Pomfrey, hoping she would give him something useful to do.

"Well, Draco Malfoy. If I'm honest, I never expected you would be here to help us at the end. But I won't say no to you, I need all the help I can get."

"Put me to use, what do you need me to do?" Draco insisted, ignoring the slight – he was expecting a lot of reprimands over the coming weeks, probably even months…where once the name 'Malfoy' was like a magic word, and could get you anything you wanted, it had now fast become a curse and most certainly had it's drawbacks.

Madame Pomfrey thought for a moment, then said: "From what I have gathered from Slughorn, you're rather proficient at brewing. I'm going to be running low on a couple of potions very soon I think; they take a few hours to brew mind you, but less than twenty-four hours, and I will be needing them in that time. I shall have most of the ingredients in my pantry, up in the hospital wing – you'll also find the directions to the brews I require in there as well. If I give you a list of potions, can you brew them for me?"

Draco nodded, "Of course, since Granger left, I'm the best student in this school – potions is my best subject. I can do them perfectly for you."

"Good" Madame Pomfrey said briskly, whipping out a quill and parchment, and scratching down four potions. She handed the list to Draco, "If you can't find everything you need in my stores, go to Slughorn's store-cupboard, I'm sure he won't mind."

"Right away. How much do you need me to make?"

"As much as you can, my dear. As much as you can." She sighed, before bustling off to attend to the survivors.


Halfway to Gryffindor Tower the trio were joined by Neville, who had left the hall not long after themselves. The foursome walked the rest of the way in silence, too exhausted to speak. Upon entering the tower, they walked into a large group of girls conjuring sleeping bags and rearranging the furniture. Upon receiving puzzled looks, one of the Gryffindors spoke up before any of the four could ask the question:

"The girls' tower has been blasted." She said, "you can't get any higher than the third floor, the rest of us are finding spaces on the lower floors or down here."

Hermione turned to the boys, "Dean and Seamus are spending the night down in the Hall, aren't they?" She asked.

Neville nodded, "Madame Pomfrey doesn't want them moving yet, they need more potions and she's running low. Apparently she has a NEWT student brewing more as we speak."

"I'm taking one of their beds" Hermione declared, and proceeded over to the staircase leading up to the boys' dorms, closely followed by the boys, Neville didn't have the energy to protest, while Ron and Harry were so used to sharing a confined space with Hermione, it would seem odd to not have her sleeping in the same room. Up in the room that Ron and Harry hadn't been in for a year, Hermione pulled her sequin bag out of her sock, where she had put it after jumping from the Dragon's back, and started rummaging through it. Neville laid himself down on his bed and was asleep within minutes. Hermione dragged out Harry's backpack, and pulled out a towel and her bag of toiletries.

"I'm going to take a proper shower before I try and sleep; get rid of the build of blood, grime, and whatever else I'm covered in. I hate to think what I look like."

"I'm sure we look just as bad," Harry smiled, "I'll hop in after you – you don't mind me going through the bag?"

"You don't have to ask, just rummage." Hermione laughed, still amazed at Harry's politeness after all these months.

Twenty minutes later Hermione emerged from the bathroom looking a great deal cleaner, though the removal of the layer of dirt she had accumulated brought into sharp relief the multitude of bruises covering her body. She was dressed in a pair of loose fitting track-pants that hung low on her hips, coupled with a plain, close fitting singlet that fell to her waist, leaving an inch of skin visible above her hips, hinting at her toned midriff. She had pulled her hair into a tight French-braid, trying to keep the curls under control. Hermione fell onto one of the empty beds as Harry stood up and went to shower. Hermione stared at the ceiling, listening to the snores surrounding her – both Ron and Neville had fallen almost instantly to sleep. She was still wide awake when Harry re-appeared, looking far less frightening now he had washed away all the blood, though he too was covered in a multitude of bruises. He laid himself down on his bed, and in five minutes he too was asleep. Hermione sighed, and closed her eyes.

The room had been silent for near a full hour, and although Hermione had the curtains drawn around the bed allowing no light to enter, she still couldn't settle herself to sleep. Rising as quietly as she could she slipped out of the bed and into some shoes, and slid into a hooded jacket laying on top of Harry's backpack - she was sure Harry wouldn't be needing it anytime soon, and she had been often wearing the boys' shirts and sweaters for so long that neither of them objected anymore. She stole out of the boys' dorm and went down into the common room, a few Gryffindors were scattered among the comfy chairs, and around the floor on an array of camp-beds and sleeping bags that had been conjured; Hermione made her way quickly and quietly through the throng, and out of the portrait hole. She stood out in the corridor for a full five minutes, not knowing where she wanted to go, only knowing that she wanted to walk. In the end she found herself walking down into the basements and cellars, taking the route to the kitchen; she tickled the green pear and watched it turn into the hidden handle, like she had many times before, years ago, suddenly feeling older than her years – the past year had aged her a lot.

When she entered the kitchen, she was surprised to see that she wasn't the only human there. Draco Malfoy sat at one of the long, scrubbed, wooden table, cradling a steaming mug in his hands.

Hermione stopped short when she saw him, "Malfoy," she said in a tone of surprise.

He looked up at the sound of her voice, "Granger," he greeted with a small nod, before turning back to his drink.

Hermione shrugged, and walked into the centre, deciding to avoid any possible confrontation by simply ignoring his presence – she was far too tired for any drama. She scanned the room with a frown, a handful of house-elves were milling around the pots, though not one of them appeared to be Kreacher.

"Looking for someone, Granger?" Draco Malfoy had obviously been taking note of her actions, unaware of her wish to avoid all forms of communication.

"I was just hoping to find Kreacher down her," she said quietly, without turning to face him. No sooner had she said his name then Kreacher appeared out of the large larder at the other end of the room, within seconds he was by her side.

"Is everything alright Miss Hermione? Does Master Harry need something of me?" He asked immediately, there was little warmth in his voice when he addressed her, but there was no coldness either, Hermione smiled at the improvement,

"No, no, it's nothing like that Kreacher. I only wanted to make sure you were alright."

"Perfectly so, Miss. Can I get you a tea miss?" Kreacher continued in perfect civility.

"Actually, yes please," Hermione said, taking a seat at the large table, opposite Malfoy, "A tea would be great." Within seconds a steaming mug was placed in front her. Before Kreacher could disappear to any duties, Hermione spoke to him again,

"I also wanted to thank you, Kreacher, for rallying the house-elves during the battle. It was an incredibly brave thing to do. And, I also wanted to apologise," Hermione said quietly, "For abandoning you last September. We never meant to leave you without any warning. I hope we didn't put you in danger – we were followed from the Ministry: our little operation didn't go quite as smoothly as we'd hoped - as soon as we appeared onto the top step, I apparated us all out again in an instant. But I don't know if the follower managed to see where we landed." Hermione tried to explain, hoping her exhausted ramblings made some sort of sense to the elf, Kreacher cut through her babbling.

"No one came calling Miss, if that is what you are asking? I saw four of you appear on the step – I was watching for your return from an upstairs window." Kreacher explained, "But you disappeared again so quickly. The Man never came back. No one has entered the House of Black since you three left. Will master Harry be returning anytime soon?" Kreacher asked,

"Erm, I honestly don't know, Kreacher, I'm sorry. I think it will be highly likely. But I'll tell him to let you know, when he wakes up."

"Thank you, Miss. Now, if you will excuse me, I will continue cooking for those who are awake."

Hermione smiled, and Kreacher turned back to his duties. Hermione turned to her drink, still smiling at the change in Kreacher since she had first met him. She had completely forgotten Draco Malfoy's presence – throughout her conversation he had been quiet, but had drank in every word, raising his eyebrows at the mention of the 'Ministry operation' which spiked his curiosity, and frowning at 'the House of Black' – he had heard of that house, though how, when or why he couldn't seem to remember at that moment.

After a few minutes of contemplation, Draco decided to break the silence:

"If Potter is asleep, I take it Weasley is also. How come you're not sleeping as well?" He asked, emotionlessly.

Hermione looked up, and shrugged, "Couldn't sleep. It feels strange being back here, after the year I've had. I never thought I'd see the place again." She answered honestly, too exhausted to think of anything witty, and too emotionally drained for anything approaching hostilities – right now they were both just two ordinary people, survivors of the war, their past grievances seemed momentarily forgotten.

"How come you're here?" Hermione asked.

"Here in the kitchen? Or here in the castle at all?" Draco clarified, Hermione smiled and chuckled at his frankness.

"Both," she answered.

"I have no where else to go," Draco answered truthfully, repaying her recent honesty with likewise candidness,

"My parents are currently in the custody of the Ministry for being Death Eaters, home isn't somewhere I really want to face right now and I couldn't stay in Slytherin Dungeon, it's too…too cold" he finished, meaningfully.

"Too empty?" Hermione asked, "I can't imagine there being many Slytherins left, apparently they all fled at the beginning."

It was Draco's turn to chuckle, "Actually, I counted about a dozen Slytherins in the common room alone, I'm sure there were more in their dorms – All fighting against Voldemort, I might add. They don't know what to say to me, they can't even look at me. Understandable really considering my behaviour these past two years." He finished quietly.

Hermione had no idea what to say in response, so simply drank her tea. Five more minutes passed of silence not particularly awkward, but it wasn't comfortable either. Draco broke it yet again,

"What made you think you would never return here?" he asked, suddenly remembering her earlier comment.

"I thought I'd be on the run with Harry and Ron for years." Hermione stated truthfully, the words coming out of her mouth before she could even think of discretion,

"I never dreamed we'd find all the…erm, I mean...I didn't think we'd do what we had to do so quickly" she corrected herself, her mind finally catching up with her mouth and not wanting to tell all the truthful details, nor invite anymore questions than necessary.

Thankfully, Draco immediately understood her change of sentencing as a wish for discretion; he nodded, letting her know he wouldn't ask questions, that he would ignore her slip-up and allow her to continue freely, despite the fact his curiosity was spiked. As she spoke again, he couldn't help but ponder what they had been looking for.

Hermione continued, grateful for Draco's silence. "It all just seemed to snowball. We didn't even know we would be coming here until about five minutes before we apparated into Hogsmeade." Hermione gave a quick, humourless chuckle, "Then, when I knew I would be returning, I knew I would be going into the battle, the one we'd been working towards since we left the castle last year. And, truth be told, a part of me had never expected myself to survive up to that point – an even bigger part of me didn't expect me to survive the battle at all. But I did. And now I'm here, not quite believing it's all over, not knowing what my next move is." She finished.

Draco simply nodded, wondering what she had been doing while on the run, that made her think she wouldn't survive – she looked pretty beat up: all the while she had been talking, Hermione had been staring into her mug, but Draco had been taking in her appearance. She was covered in cuts, scars and bruises – halfway through talking she had unconsciously pushed up the sleeves of her jacket to her elbows displaying an array of cuts bruises and small burns, as well as the 'mudblood' scar courtesy of his Aunt Bella. At one point the jacket Hermione was wearing had fallen down off her right shoulder revealing what looked like a larger burn, and a long, deep gash which had healed over possibly only a month ago, judging from the pinkness of the scar that was beginning to take form.

He couldn't help but notice that her wounds appeared to be at various stages of the healing process, some scars were already established (though their whiteness told Draco they were less than a year old), some bruises were yellowing, while others were a dark purple, and some cuts were only recently healed over: whatever Hermione, Ron and Harry had been doing, it appeared to Draco to be a lot more than simply lying low and hiding – Maybe there was truth in the rumours he had heard. But he refrained from saying anything, retained his questions. Now wasn't the time.

The pair spent the rest of their time in silence, and when Hermione had finished her drink she got up and made her way back to Gryffindor Tower – She mumbled a quick 'goodbye' to Draco upon leaving the kitchen. She looked almost dead on her feet, she was that exhausted and Draco thought it highly likely that she would wake up after a long sleep and think all this had been a dream – she had certainly seemed half asleep for most of their encounter.

When Hermione finally made it back into Gryffindor tower, everyone in the common room was asleep, though it had barely passed 1pm. She crept her way back up to the boy's dorm: Neville was still fast asleep, one arm slung over the edge of the bed, poking through the curtains, snores were coming from behind Ron's curtains - he clearly wasn't waking up any time soon. Harry, however, was sat on the edge of his bed staring out of the window.

"Hey," Hermione spoke quietly, not wanting to wake the others, "I thought you would be asleep for longer," she sat herself down in the middle of the bed next to Harry's, as Harry shrugged.

"Couldn't sleep." He responded just as quietly, "Too used to only sleeping a few hours at a time I guess, my body seems to think it's time for my watch."

Hermione laughed, and lay herself down, "Yeah, it's going to take some getting used to, going back to a normal routine."

Harry nodded, then asked, "How come you're awake already?"

"I never went to sleep," she yawned, "I was staring at the ceiling for an hour after you guys fell asleep – apparently my body believed I was taking first watch." She smiled at Harry, who laughed. Hermione continued, "I went down to the kitchens had some tea. I saw Kreacher" she added, through another yawn, "He wants to know when you want to return to Grimmauld Place."

Harry frowned, "Is it safe? I know the Aurors were rounding up the Death Eaters this morning, but I doubt they'll have them all for a long time. The last time we were there-" he trailed off, Hermione jumped in, she had known where his thoughts were leading as soon as he'd uttered his first three words.

"Kreacher said no one has been there. He saw us return from the Ministry, he saw the guy who jumped on us, he said we appeared and instantly disappeared again. That guy never returned; Kreacher doesn't believe he had time to take in his surroundings before we disappeared again. Apparently he was still on me when I disapparated, so I got him out of Grimmauld Place. God knows where I dropped him though. Or in how many pieces, come to think of it," Hermione frowned, thinking for the first time about the wizard who had almost caught them several months ago.

Harry laughed, "I wouldn't worry too much about that, if I remember rightly he wasn't planning on being nice to us." Hermione laughed again and looked at Harry, when Harry finally turned to meet her gaze she sighed, and the smile slipped slightly,

"You look like hell," she said bluntly, "You need to sleep."

"Thank you, you really know how to make a guy feel good," he said dryly, Hermione grinned sleepily, and Harry continued, "You know, you don't look too great yourself?"

"I know, that's why I'm going to go to sleep. You need more sleep as well. So lay down, and sleep." She ordered him, before closing her eyes, as sleep finally washed over her.

When Hermione finally awoke it was dark outside, she lay quiet for a moment, taking time to remember her surroundings. When she finally remembered where she was, she turned onto her side and saw both Ron and Harry's beds were empty. Hermione frowned and a knot formed in her stomach; they hadn't gone anywhere without her for nearly a year and it felt a little strange to be alone again. Before she could completely dispel her anxiety, movement near the doorway caused her to sit up quickly, instinctively reaching for her wand. Looking over she saw Neville entering the room with a candle; he smiled when he saw she was awake,

"How did you sleep?" He asked,

"Not bad, what time is it?" she asked, smiling at herself being so nervous.

"Five-thirty. The sun will be rising soon. Harry and Ron are already awake, they've just gone down to the kitchens looking for food." Neville explained, Hermione stretched herself out,

"I can't believe I slept so long," She turned to Neville, "How are Dean and Seamus doing? Have you heard anything new while I've been asleep?" She asked.

Neville grinned, "Yeah, I've just come back from the hall, they're doing great. They'll be needing a couple more blood-replenishing potions throughout the day, but they should be up and about, and ready to leave Madame Pomfrey's care by the end of the day."

Hermione's smile widened, "That's great!" she said, before Neville continued,

"I just came back to try and find my dragon-hide gloves. I left all my things here when I escaped to the Room of Requirement, but they should still be here." He started to search his belongings, "Those of us who are awake are making a start on the clean-up." He explained, "I'm heading outside with Professor Sprout – the greenhouses are a right mess, and we have to start somewhere. People made a start on the Hospital wing last night, it's nearly ready to be used again."

Hermione nodded, "I'm gong to take a quick shower, freshen up. Then I'll come down to help." She said,

"Righto," Neville called over his shoulder, as he went down onto his knees to search under the bed, "I'll catch you later."

Hermione turned and walked into the bathroom adjoining the dorm room, as she shut the door behind her she heard Neville exclaim "Yes! Got them!"

She smiled, and turned on the shower, as the room filled with steam she heard the door close, signalling Neville's departure. Sighing, Hermione stripped off her clothes and stepped into the hot torrent of water, preparing herself for the days ahead.

By the end of a week, the castle was starting to resemble less of a battlefield, and more like the prestigious establishment it once was. Harry, Ron and Hermione were on the seventh floor, clearing the corridor where the entrance to the Room of Requirement was – or once was, none of them had tried to enter it, so they had no idea if it could still operate after the fire – when they were approached by Professor McGonagall, closely followed by Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"If you have time to spare, you three, we would like to discuss something with you." Still, McGonagall had the gift of making you feel guilty about something, even though you had done nothing wrong; the three followed silently to the head's office, where she seated herself behind the desk, Kingsley stood behind her. The three took the seats in front, silent and slightly nervous.

McGonagall gave a rare smile, "There's no need to look so worried you're not in any trouble. I was just wanting discuss your options, what are you planning to do now?"

The three looked at each other, Hermione answered first, "Well, when I've done what I can here, I would like to find my parents again, restore their memories. And then, if it is permissible, I think I would like to return here, and finish my education. I can't get into the Ministry without my NEWTS" she added with a small smile.

"Actually," Kingsley spoke up, "with good recommendations, and given the circumstances of this year, it will be possible for students in your year to potentially gain entry into the ministry training programmes before acquiring their NEWTs. I've recently been appointed the new Minister for Magic. I know you Hermione, you can get into any Ministry trainee position you wanted. I've never known a brighter, nor more vigilant witch."

"Thank you sir, I will certainly think about it, but I'd like some time to consider all my options, if that is permissible."

"Of course," added McGonagall, "You are more than welcome back to Hogwarts in September, Miss Granger, if you so chose. I will be sending out owls to all the students of your year, inviting them to retake – on in some instances take for the first time – their final year here. Or if you think going straight into the Ministry is more to your liking, Kingsley will talk more to you about that, I'm sure" Kingsley nodded his assent.

"Now, you two," McGonagall said turning to the boys, "Kingsley has an offer for you two in particular."

"Yes" Kingsley joined back in, "This year, we have sustained heavy losses to our Aurors, the best we have served us well, but not many survived. You two have been outstanding this year. I don't know the half of what you have done, or what you have endured, but I've heard enough. And I've seen enough. I would like you both to join the Auror department immediately, if you are willing. You're under no obligation to give me an answer right away, but if you do take up this offer, you will be instated immediately – I think you've done enough to prove your worth, without having to immediately take all the aptitude and stealth tests, though these will possibly be taken at a later date, once the department is back in order. Of course, you won't be obligated to start immediately, you should take some time to be with your family, and your friends, but we would like you to start some time in early July, should you decide you want to come on board."

Kingsley then turned to Hermione, while the boys digested Kingsley's offer,

"Hermione, this offer is also open to you: if this past year has brought around ideas of a career change – I remember talking to you once about your career, and I remember you saying becoming an Auror was not high on your list, but should you change you're mind, there will always be a position for you."

"Thank you, sir. But I think I've had my fair share of fighting experience. I would however, be very grateful for information about the other trainee positions I would be eligible for," Hermione replied.

"Of course, I'll compile all the relevant information and paperwork for you, and get them sent to you right away." Kingsley then turned back to Harry and Ron, "And you two? Do you have a decision?"

Harry nodded, "Thank you sir, I'll take you up on that offer. I'd be a fool to turn it down"

Ron nodded too "Count me in. There's a lot left to do, I know that. And I want to be part of it."

Kingsley smiled, then turned back to Hermione, "One last thing, would you like some assistance finding your parents? After everything you've done, I would be more than happy to arrange for their return and memory re-modification, if you could just tell me the necessary information, I can have people out in the field this evening."

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