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May 2, 2002

It was a cool summer's evening. The stars were shining brightly in the sky and a brisk breeze ruffled the couple's hair as they walked down the winding road hand in hand. The woman's soft auburn hair was hanging down her back, and she was wearing jeans and a blue blouse. The man's hair was sticking up in the back, and wore round glasses. A curiously shaped scar remained faintly on his forehead. He too wore jeans, and he wore a grey shirt under his dark green plaid jacket. The couple was laughing as the crescent moon shone brightly over their heads, illuminating the woman's chocolate eyes and the man's green ones.

This couple was none other than the famous Ginny Weasley, star chaser of the Holyhead Harpies and saviour of the wizarding world himself, Harry Potter.

"Victoire is such an adorable girl, isn't she Harry?"

"Yes, her third birthday party was quite a success. She and little Dom were fascinated with the cake!"

Ginny gave a soft giggle. "Well, Mum certainly outdid herself with it. However I don't think Teddy was too pleased, eh?"

"Love, he's four and he's already got the prettiest Weasley girl, after you, chasing him. That boy will be popular with the ladies, mind you."

"Well the two are a fine couple. Part Veela and a Metamorphagus. So in a nutshell, silvery blond and turquoise."

Ginny slapped him on the arm. "Don't tease, love! Teddy'll never look up to you then!"

Harry smiled. "Well it would be lovely if they got married. Teddy would be related to us!"

Ginny smiled. "That would be wonderful, dear."

Harry stopped under a flowering tree. "Darling..."

"Yes dear?" asked Ginny, puzzled.

Harry shakily pulled a dark green ring box out of his pocket. "Ginerva Molly Weasley, you are the prettiest girl I have ever met. Not only that, you are brave, smart, and selfless. I love you more than I could ever say. You are the most important thing in my life and I want to spend the rest of it with you. Ginny, will you marry me?"

Ginny squealed in delight. "Yes Harry! I will! I love you too!"

Harry slipped the emerald and ruby ring out of the box. "Ginny, do you, er, do you like the ring? I thought emeralds because of my eyes and rubies because of your hair..."

"Harry it is the best ring I could ever hope for!"

Harry sighed in relief and slipped the ring onto her finger. Then with the blazing look on Ginny's face that Harry knew well and loved, she kissed him tenderly.

Ginny breathed, "I love you Harry."

"I love you too," Harry murmured back and the two set off, fingers intertwined, to their home.