One day...

One day someone will notice me and not for whom I seem to be on the surface. They will notice. Just myself. Not surrounded by my prettier peers with their more interesting personalities. Not covered in make-up that conceals my character. If they can get past my hag nose, duck lips and crooked jaw, they will see that I, Lily Luna Potter, am not that bad.

One day I will be able to share my feelings with people and not care for judgement. I will be able to share and what's more is that they will listen and they will care. They will not think I am being selfish or seeking sympathy. They will not give me lectures but counsel and comfort.

One day I will be happy with my appearance. I will look in the mirror and smile at my imperfections like they are cute reminders that I am a Potter. I will look down at my body and not think about being fat but accept that this is my anatomy and I will be happy. Then I will look into my own eyes, right into my soul and see content, I will see that I am perfectly fine.

One day people will realise that I am not my Father. They will see me as an individual. And maybe I do not excel at Quidditch and Defence against the dark arts but at Potions and Divination and no one will mind. I will be who I am and not who I think I should be.

One day, I, Lily Luna Potter will be noticed- maybe even loved. But for now I am just Lily and Scorpius loves Rose.