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Miley's POV

"Wakey, wakey, sleepy head" Dad said. He couldn't let me be late on my very first senior day.

"I love you, how about a kiss?" I said as I pouted

"MILEY!" He yelled as my eyes blinked open.

"I was having the best dream in the world and you had to wake me up" I spoke, as my breathing was thick and ragged from just

waking up.

"Who were you kissing?" Daddy asked, demanding a reasonable answer

"What?" I asked in disbelief

Then dad tried to impersonate me and by the time he was pouting, said in a girly voice: "I love you, how about a kiss?"

"Was I sleep talking?" I asked, looking a bit confused

"Yeah, who's the guy?" He asked, once again demanding my answer.

"It's just a boy" I tried to look as convincing as possible

"Tell me" He said with an angry voice

"You don't know him. It's a guy I met this summer, I don't think I'll see him again. Anyways, it's a dream, who cares?" I was

totally sure my dad was overreacting. There was nothing to worry about, I mean it was only a dream

"Hurry up or you're gonna be late, bud" He changed the subject. Yeah, after all he was still trusting me. No time to answer, I heard

a door slam. Was it Jackson? No, I don't think so. He wouldn't run up the stairs that fast. My door slammed open and the

unidentified subject turned out to be my best friend Lilly.

"Miley! I can't believe we're going to be seniors!" She said breathing heavily. I don't blame her, I mean who would breathe

normally after that much time running?

"Me neither" I smiled

"Are you still in bed?" She asked, skeptical

"Duh" I let one laugh escape

"It's almost quarter past seven, we need to leave! and by leave I mean NOW" Lilly informed

"But, I need to take a shower and eat breakfast" Thank you Lilly. And they say stress is not good on the first day!

"I'm guessing I'm gonna have to give you a ride to school" Dad said. What would I do without him?

"Thanks, dad" I hugged him. After the whole chat, I proceeded to take a shower and pick my clothes. I walked down the stairs

and looked for my dad.

"Daddy, I don't feel so good" I said, unusually reluctant to go to school

"Miley, I know you're nervous but you can't skip school today" He said apologetically

"But…" I begged

"Nothing" His face said it all: end of conversation

"Why don't we just eat those pancakes and leave?" Lilly suggested, trying to soothe the tense atmosphere.

"Okay" I said as cheerfully as possible. I sat down in my usual seat at the table, grabbed my fork and took a bite. I wasn't hungry

at all. I just forced more food into my mouth, as dad kept giving me his not-buying-it face. "Are we leaving?" I asked, pushing

away my nearly empty plate and putting on my backpack.

"Let's go!" Dad said. Not so much later, we finally arrived at school.

"So, we're in the same class" Said Lilly, slightly grinning.

"That's pretty cool! …Oh my gosh. Lilly, it's him!" I blushed

"Him who?" She was right! There were like a bunch of boys in the room, how would she know?

"It's Nick! Oh my gosh, he's looking at me. Oh my gosh, he's getting closer" I felt the ground shake under my feet. He was

really making me nervous!

"Hey, Miley is it you?" He asked