The young man twisted the doorknob and slammed the door opened. He fastly kneeled in front of Nick, who was staring blankly at Joe and had a clear difficulty in breathing.

"Nick, Chill! You're hyperventilating" Jack said worriedly, holding Nick's head in his hands and looking him right into the eyes.

"What's bothering you?" He asked in order to help him. Nick tilted his head in thought before saying anything.

"Miley" The patient uttered in a hardly intelligible voice as he pointed to the girl's body.

"How long has she been passed?" Our neighbor furrowed his eyebrows, giving him a reassuring look.

"15 minutes" Nick moaned, letting out a sob. I immediately knelt down and hugged him warmly. I had never seen Nick acting that way. He must love her to death. Aw, our Nicky's is lovesick! They just grow up so fast.

"Just relax, okay! She's already waking up" I smiled to myself. Thank God Jack was there. Maybe it was the perfect timing to explore "The Amazon", in order to leave the lovebirds alone, so they could be able to feather their love nest.

"So, Jack. I got a little mission for the three of us" I lied as my finger pointed at him, Joe and I. Sometimes, a little white lie can make it all good.

"Um…Where am I?" A little voice said from the ground. Slowly, Miley sat up holding her head on her hands, skeptically looking at the bunch of people that she was surrounded by.

"You passed out. Is your head okay?" Jack questioned Miley. He seemed to be quite worried about whatever was going on Miley's body.

"Yeah, it's fine. Where's Nick?" She sighed desperately.

"Right at your left. Did you throw up or pass out earlier today or is this the first time?" The doctor raised a question. Miley glanced uncomfortably at the seemingly question master.

"Yes, I threw up once at school. But, I'm all good now" She said, pleading that question-and-answer session ended at that precise moment.

"I'll just check on you later on. Now, if you mind, keep an eye on her, alright Nick? Your brothers and I have some business going on. We'll see you around" The doctor stated in a joyful voice. Then, we left the room.

Miley's POV

I looked around the room, still a little groggy after waking up from my "deep sleep". I sat up and the whole room was spinning… I could not keep focus on anything. I just sat there a minute and it eventually went away. Then, I slowly shifted the gaze to find three complete strangers in Nick's room. The oldest kept throwing more and more questions at me, which made the situation slightly unpleasant. Furthermore, my head was spinning and the headache I was suffering from was killing me on the inside. Talking wasn't definitely helping at all. Hopefully, the three of them left, so that left me alone with my thoughts…and obviously Nick.

I rubbed my face with my hands, feeling those pains coming back again. It was dreadful. I wish it could all go away. Maybe if I keep my mind off it. I glanced at Nick who was leaning against the wall, secretly staring at me. He instantly blushed.

"What was that?" I laughed hysterically. I definitely caught him red-handed