Episode 14 - Comeback of the Infamous Flyer Part 1

Mmm, flyer...

Scene: "The Great Valley, very early in the morning, just before sunrise. The Cold Times are ending. Patches of unmelted snow are still present.

A Thornthumb Mother and her 2 little ones are asleep in their nest. One of the hatchlings isn't sleeping well, and walks over to some nearby foliage for a midnight snack. The shadow of a flyer runs across the ground. The hatchling sees the shadow and looks up. She looks scared, and She starts to step back. The flyer snatches the hatchling in a flash and fly's up to leave the Great Valley.

The Professor walks out of his cave to start the day. He yawns, then looks up to see the flyer in the sky.

Professor: "Hm, that's weird." He shrugs it off and walks off.

Scene: The Great Valley, later in the morning.

Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Spike and Chomper are waiting outside the entrance to the Hidden Valley.

Chomper: "So, is everyone ready?"

Littlefoot: "Yeah, We are all ready, Chomper."

Ducky: "Here comes the Professor!"

Chomper: "You all know what to do!"

Professor: "Walks up to the group. "Hey everyone."

Chomper: "Hi...and bye!"

Professor: "Where are all of you going?"

Ducky: "The Mysterious Beyond, yup yup yup!"

Professor: "I can see that, but why?"

Littlefoot: "We're going to Chomper's parents."

Professor: "Why?"

Littlefoot: "For dinner."

Professor: "...Really?"

Ducky: "That is what Littlefoot just said, hatchling!"

Chomper: "We agreed to this the last time we went to my parents, remember?"

Professor: "uh..."

Cera: "Oh, that's right! The Professor and Ducky were away in the Land of Mists then, so he never heard it."

Littlefoot: "Are you sure we're big enough yet, Chomper?"

Chomper: Rubbing Littlefoot's tummy. "Yeah, your big enough!"

Professor: "But Why do you even WANT to go? Don't you like life?"

Littlefoot: "I think I've lived a pretty good life, how about you?"

Ducky: "Yup yup yup!"

Cera: "Of course!"

Chomper: "Well, let's go!"

Chomper leads the way, while Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, and Spike follows.

Professor: "Now hold on a second! What do you even think your doing!?"

Littlefoot: "Look, we don't want to keep them waiting!"

Professor: "But..."

Chomper: "Let's go already!"

They start to walk into the cave leading to the Hidden Valley. The Professor runs after them, and grabs Littlefoot's tail.

Professor: "Wait! Stop!"

The Professor falls on the ground, and gets dragged by Littlefoot. He starts to get upset.

Professor: "You can't go! I'd miss you guys!"

Littlefoot: "What?"

Professor: "Please don't go!"

The gang rolls over onto the ground, laughing. The Professor get's up to his feet.

Chomper: Getting up, and still chuckling. "You fell for it!"

Professor: "What?"

Littlefoot: "You fell for Chomper's little prank, Professor!"

Professor: "You wanted to play a joke on me?"

Chomper: I figured that since we're friends now, Professor, that I'd play a good prank on you, like I do to all of my friends."

Professor: "You mean you were just playing?"

Littlefoot: "Of course we were just playing.

Ducky: "You do not think anyone would ever WANT to be eated, do you?"

Chomper: "So, hot did you like it?"

Professor: "I guess it was a pretty good prank. Reminds me of one my brother played on me."

Shorty runs up to the gang, with Petrie on his head.

Shorty: "Everyone head over to the Great Meeting Circle!"

Littlefoot: "What for?"

Shorty: "Mr. Threehorn said the day has come, and that we need to have a meeting about it."

Cera: "What are you talking about?"

Shorty: "I don't really know.

Petrie: "Me no know either."

Shorty: "He just told me It's been five cold times since then."

Ducky: "Do you mean?"

A flyer starts to fly down to the Gang. Chomper sees him and runs into some nearby bushes. Cera Takes a step back and takes a defensive stance.

Pterano: "That's right, it's your dear old uncle!"

Petrie: "Uncle Pterano!"

-Commercial Break-

Pterano: "So, what are you darling little kids doing?"

Cera: "What are YOU doing here?"

Pterano: "Just as hardheaded as your father, I see!"

Cera: "Humph!"

Littlefoot: "Don't pay attention to her, Pterano. I'm kind of glad to see you again!"

Ducky: "You were kind of nice to us, yup yup yup!"

Petrie: "So, how was it in Mysterious Beyond?"

Pterano: "Well, it was a fairly rough place...but it wasn't too much for your uncle!"

Petrie: "You have adventures?"

Pterano: Plenty of adventures! Maybe I'll tell you of some of them later."

Shorty: "Shouldn't we be heading to the meeting?"

Littlefoot: "Yes, let's go!"

Pterano: "Come with me, Petrie!"

The gang and Shorty head off for the Great Meeting Circle. Pterano and Petrie take to the skies. Chomper walks over to Ruby, who's nearby eating some treestars.

Chomper: "Hey, Ruby!"

Ruby: "Oh, good morning Chomper! What's going on?"

Chomper: "Theres about to be a meeting."

Ruby: "Why aren't you going?"

Chomper: "Well, there is this new flyer here, and you know how it is between me and new people."

Ruby: Laughs "Yeah, I know. I'll help him to get to know you, so that he'll know you."

Chomper: "Ok!"

Ruby and Chomper follow the gang to the meeting.

Scene: The Great Meeting Circle.

The Grownups are already assembled. The Gang, the Professor, and Shorty enter the scene. Pterano and Petrie lands in front of the Gang. Ruby and Chomper walk up behind them and goes in the middle of the gang, where Chomper is kind of hard to see.

Mr. Threehorn: Takes a look at Pterano. "Humph!"

Pterano: At Cera. "I see you're dad hasn't changed one bit either, Cera"

Bron: "Now, why did you call this meeting today, Topsy?"

Mr. Threehorn: "That little menace is back. We need to drive him out!"

Pterano: "Now hold on a second there. I've served my time, and I deserve a second chance now!"

Bron: "What is this all about?"

Grandma Longneck: "I'm sorry, son. I never told you about this. Five Cold Times ago, Pterano here was banished out of the Great Valley, told not to return until now."

Mr. Threehorn: "I still don't think that was long enough!"

Bron: "Now Topsy. If the Great Valley agreed to this, than I think he should be allowed back in now."

: "But you don't even know what got him banished in the first place!"

Bron: "That doesn't matter now. Everyone deserves a second chance."

Pterano: "Why, thank you for being so open-minded...hmm...what was your name again?"

Bron: "I'm Bron, the new leader of the Great Valley."

Pterano: "What happened to that dear old Longneck?"

Bron: "My father has passed on. I came to take his place."

Pterano: "Oh, what a shame, what a shame."

Mr. Threehorn: "I guess I'll give you a chance, Pterano. But at the first sign of trouble, I'm chasing you out!"

Pterano: Crossing his arms. "Thanks for the show of support!"

PEtrie's Mom: "I guess it is nice to see you again, brother."

Bron: "Now, if that is it, then let's call this meeting..."

Mother Thornthumb: Running up to the meeting. "Wait!"

Bron: "What is it?"

Mother Thornthumb: "One of my kids is missing!"

Grandma Longneck: "What?"

Mother Thornthumb: "I've looked for her all morning, but I can't find her!"

Ducky's Mom: "Where was she last?"

Mother Thornthumb: "She was asleep with me and my other little one last night."

Mr. Threehorn: "Could she have run away? Our kids do that all the time!"

The whole Gang share glances with each other.

Mother Thornthumb: "No, she's never run off before, and I don't see how she would now!"

Pterano: "Of course, it all makes sense now!"

Littlefoot: "What is it, Pterano?"

Pterano: "Why didn't I notice that little sharptooth over there before?"

Chomper: "Who? me?"

Pterano: "That little monster must have ate her!"

Mother Thornthumb: "It must be. I told her not to play with sharpteeth!"

Chomper: "No, I would never do that!"

Mr. Threehorn: "That's right, Chomper would never do that..."

Chomper: His face lighting up. "Why, thank you..."

Mr. Threehorn: "...because he's too much of a scardy egg to hurt anything!"

Chomper: Annoyed. "...Hey!"

Pterano: "Well, no need to worry everyone! I'll just get this little monster out of the Great Valley for you!"

Chomper: "What?"

Pterano takes to the air after Chomper. Chomper takes a few steps back. The Professor jumps up in between Chomper and Pterano.

Professor: "Stop! Chomper didn't do it!"

Pterano: "How do you know, you little fuzzied faced...thing!"

Professor: "I saw That little Iguanodon..."

Littlefoot: "You mean Thornthumb?"

Professor: "...Whatever! What I meant to say was I saw that little hatchling earlier this morning.

Mother Thornthumb: "Really? Where?"

Professor: "In the claws of a flyer!"

Pterano: "Really? A flyer?"

Mr. Threehorn: "Of course, I knew it all along! Pterano did it!"

Pterano: "What?"

Mr. Threehorn: "It was the perfect plan. He wanted to get rid of Chomper, so he kidnapped one of the little ones, and framed Chomper with the crime!"

Pterano: "No! I'd never even think of..."

Mr. Threehorn: "Pterano, I know you see Chomper as a threat, and you thought you were doing it for the greater good, but what you did was wrong!"

Pterano: "But I didn't do anything!"

Mr. Threehorn: "You haven't changed one bit!" He charges at Pterano.

Petrie: "Leave me uncle alone!"

Pterano: Takes off into the air. "I see your temper hasn't changed one bit either!

Bron: "Professor, was it Pterano you saw, or some other flyer?"

Professor: "You know, I don't really know, it could have been Pterano. Honestly, You flyers all look the same to me."

Mr. Threehorn: "Go on, get out of here!"

Pterano: "It's getting pretty obvious that an old flyer like me isn't wanted around here anymore."

Petrie: "Uncle, Don't go!"

Pterano starts to fly off towards the Mysterious Beyond.

Petrie: "No! Take me with you!" He takes off into the air after Pterano.

Petrie's Mother: "Petrie, no! It's dangerous out there!" She takes off and follows Petrie.

Bron: "Did you really have to chase him off like that, Topsy?"

Mr. Threehorn: "He's a bad egg, I tell you! We're better off without him!"

Bron sighs, and the grownups start to disperse. The gang run over to meet up at the end of the meeting circle, where the grownups can't hear them.

Littlefoot: "I think we should go and try to help Pterano!"

Cera: "Here we go again!" She rolls her eyes. "Do you remember what he did? How he almost killed Ducky?"

Littlefoot: "He also saved all of our lives, Cera. I think he really has changed."

Cera: "Well, I'm not going to help!"

Littlefoot: "...okay, that's fine."

Ducky: "What?"

Littlefoot: "Let's go, everyone!"

Ruby: "We're just going to leave Cera behind?"

Littlefoot: "Yup!" He starts to walk off. "Well, come on everyone, We can't keep Pterano waiting!"

Ducky: "...okay."

Everyone else, minus Cera, follows Littlefoot. Cera just stands there.

Cera: "Humph!" She kicks a rock around, then looks back and eyes the rest of the gang. She gets a worried look on her face, and takes off to catch up.

Chomper: "Changed your mind, Cera?"

Cera: "I figure you'll need some protection in the Mysterious Beyond.

Littlefoot: Sarcastically. "Oh really?"

Cera: "I don't know what you'd do without me!"

Littlefoot: Whispering to Ducky, Ruby and Chomper. "Heh heh. I knew she'd come. Works every time!"

The Gang heads off for the Mysterious Beyond.

-Commercial Break-

Scene: The Mysterious Beyond.

Pterano is still flying, with Petrie and his mom in pursuit.

Petrie: "Uncle, wait up!"

Petrie's Mom: "Petrie, come back here!"

Pterano descends onto a tree limb to rest. Petrie lands next to him.

Petrie: "Pterano, come back and live with us!"

Pterano: Sighs. "I don't think I can do that anymore, I'm not really welcome there."

Petrie's Mom lands on the same limb next to Petrie.

Petrie's Mom: She hugs Petrie. "Oh Petrie! What do you think your doing?"

Petrie: "I just can't let Uncle Pterano leave! I know he's good!"

Petrie's Mom: "This is all your fault!"

Pterano: "Me? What did I do?"

Petrie's Mom: Trying to get rid of a little kid? That's just horrible!"

Pterano: "But I didn't do that! I keep trying to tell you!"

Petrie's Mom: "Why should I believe you?"

Pterano: "Well, for one, I'm your Brother. Second, you trudge around this place for five Cold Times and tell me you don't think differently!"

Petrie is starting to look worried as the two older flyers continue to argue.

Petrie's mom: "Why do I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that it's just the same old you? Maybe it's all those times you almost got me killed leading me on adventures! Maybe it's how you always tried to get things to run YOUR way! Maybe it's how you only thought about yourself!"

Pterano: "I'm a changed flyer!"

Petrie's Mom: "The Professor said a flyer did it. If it wasn't you, then who was it?"

Scene: Somewhere else in the Mysterious Beyond.

The Gang, Ruby, and Chomper are walking in a forest in the Mysterious Beyond, looking for Pterano and the other two flyers.

Cera: "Where are we?"

Littlefoot: "I don't really know. I know I saw them fly this way, though."

Chomper: "I smell a couple of flyers nearby, but I don't know if they're the ones were looking for or not."

Ducky: "You do not know, Chomper?"

Chomper: "It's kind of hard to tell. I've only smelled Pterano once, and I'm not around Petrie's mom that much."

Ducky gets distracted by a dragonfly sitting on a fern leaf. The rest of the Gang keeps walking on.

Cera: "What about Petrie?"

Chomper: "I definitely don't smell him!"

Littlefoot: "Well, We should keep looking for them."

Cera: "I don't really feel like helping that old flyer out!"

Littlefoot: "Cera!" He sighs. "We still have to make sure Petrie is ok!"

Chomper: "Yeah, we don't want to loose a friend, do we?"

Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, and Chomper walk off into the woods. Camera pans back to Ducky, who's still looking at the dragonfly, now buzzing through the air. She then looks around to see she's alone.

Ducky: "Littlefoot? Cera? Spike? Where are you?"

A shadowy figure moves through the foliage in front of her.

Ducky: "Oh, I do not like this, no no no!"

The shadowy figure comes out of the foliage, and grabs Ducky. It's Sierra. Rinkus comes out of the foliage, holding the Thornthumb hatchling he kidnapped that morning.

Sierra: "Well well well! Lookie what we have here!"

Rinkus: "It's that little brat we kidnapped before, isn't it?"

Sierra: "No, it's your uncle!" He slaps Rinkus with his wing. "Of course it's that brat!"

Ducky: "So, you did it, you mean flyers! You took the poor little hatchling! And you are trying to blame it on Pter-"

Sierra covers Ducky's mouth with his claws, so she can't continue.

Sierra: "You got it right, you little brat!"

Rinkus: "That old flyer wasn't a very good leader."

Sierra: "He never wanted to go far enough. He messed up a lot of great plans because of his...feelings."

Rinkus: "We thought he was one of us, but he wasn't!"

Sierra: "He betrayed us, and now we're just returning the favor!"

The two flyers laugh as Ducky tries to break free.

Sierra: "And now, we've got a new problem on our hands...What to do with you!"

Sierra and Rinkus smile devilishly at Ducky, as they lift off into the air.

To Be Continued