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Chapter 5

It's been a week since then. Since that day she terribly wanted to forget. Her eyes were dried up, exhausted. She can only stare blankly at the clear crystal waters flowing in front of her. It glimmered against the beautifully orange and red streaked skies with the big red ball of fire setting across the horizon. It was a beautiful sight and she would've appreciate it the way she usually does but now, everything changed—she changed. She lost herself into the memories days before that tragic day. That night when she had the last chance to talk to him sincerely, she felt an undeniable pain cringing in her heart when she saw how those eyes of his. It was all where he hid those pain, and fear. Why didn't she pay attention to it, at first? Why was she easily deceived by that? She was supposed to see that, especially because she knew herself so well to see her reflection in him that night, hiding behind those shadows. She had an intuition he'd been wanting to say something to her so important—did she missed that? Or was that message he last said before he walked away? She didn't understand it once. And it was just now that her mind seems to clear that blurred words. It was only now when she realized all that.

"I-I want you to always smile like that….no matter what happens, I want you to keep that smile and-be happy."

Why did she felt something was definitely behind those words?


And when she thought she cried all those tears days ago, she suddenly felt her cheeks warm with a teardrop dripping from her artificial eyes. Why was she crying from the start? What did Gray mean to her that much?

He wasn't just a friend. Not just a family, no. it was more than a close friend.

And yet why did she try to ignore it to herself? To shrug it off like it was just a mere feeling of being a close friend? It wasn't that. It's not just that, she should've known.

And it was just TOO LATE. 9 years late.

"I-I want you to always smile like that….no matter what happens, I want you to keep that smile and-be happy."

"How could I?!" she screams inside her head. She hugs her knees closer to her. Even her armor can't give her the comfort she needed. She cried to herself even more that she realized time isn't turning back for her mistakes be corrected.

Nobody would ever know how much she wanted to hear that rushing footsteps of a kid, pointing at her, challenging again with that signature grin of his. How she wanted to answer that out of the blue question from a mischievous kid who turned soft when she saw a girl crying. How she wanted to hear him again—to feel that warmth she thought her armor could give, but was entirely different. How his smile, no, grin would tend to annoy her and yet make her heart beat faster but how she wanted to hide it—she wanted to bring them back at once. Back to the time she never lost him.

"I figured you'd be here." A voice came to her from behind.

It cant must have been my imagination..right? She didn't turn around. It pained her even more to be imagining these things. she hugs her knees tighter, resisting herself from hearing her delusionals.

I must have gone crazy…




"Oh come on! Don't ignore me like I'm a ghost okay! Just turn around will ya!"

She snapped. Her temper broke to her own imagination and out of a reflex, she shouted as she turned around, still closing her eyes preventing more tears to flow.

She heard the footsteps come closer.

Warm. Something had touched her cheeks that made her feel its heat. She didn't jerk away, it was too warm and she gladly accepted its touch. It reminded her of someone so dear to him-

She opens her eyes—expecting an image of him. She was ready to feel the pain of looking into his ghost fading away. She wanted to see him for the last time.

But she was just so wrong- she had readied herself not to be surprised to see his face but she wasn't ready to see REAL HIM. She could feel his breaths so close to her. And from that position, HE was kneeling, his face just above him..and a blue guild's stamp almost leveling her.

She couldn't help it. She finds herself instantly embracing the man in front of her, then again, naked. She let her tears to burst into the man's chest. He hugged her back—stroking her scarlet's been a long time she hadn't felt that silky soft hair.

"Why are you crying here all by yourself?" he asked.

"—well..L-Let's just say I was—h-hoping for some stupid kid to run over me and ask the same question again…"

"-so you still really remembered that day?"

"-W—Well..That's the first time you caught me—my heart off guard, you idiot!—and I still don't know how to answer that question..—"

He was left speechless for the moment.

" but-now..i'm not going to….right?" she weakly said.

"-Of course.. I won't mind sitting beside you for a whole day—forever. "

She hugs him tighter..

This time, I aint letting go

He didn't hesitate to embrace her back.

"…Thank you…"






"—wha—howw-?" he can hear a hardly audible question from the scarlet.

" I-Let's just say some old friend of mine dug me out of that lonely place."


"Shhhh….I came back, didn't I? it's okay."

" I can't help but to feel okay when you say so."

"hmm…is that so?—I'm glad…more than you can think of."

This time I'm not letting you go anymore. He thought.

"I love you."

She dugs deeper into his chest.

" I love you too."


"Silly boy—You better do what's right now." The old woman, Eleonor mumbles as she threw her shovel in the mounted dirt above her. She lifts the cover of the box underneath him.

He was he was just dreaming.

"-and you still wear that smile, eh? Such a really—silly boy.." she repeated.

She lifts the body out of the hole, places him ever slowly to the flat ground. Then, she places a hand over his cold and hard chest. A light came out and formed a sphere before it dug its way inside. She waited patiently. Sweat had ran down her temples-she knew she was getting old.

The man stirred. All he saw was a figure of a woman-wait what!?

"W—WA—Wai—Whatt the hell happened!?—" he barely spoke out of shock.

"You're alive boy…and this time…use it properly, you got me? I did not tell you to die in her place you moron.." she says with a smile on her face despite saying she's quite mad.

"-whaa" He then remembers…a fast rewind in his head made him gasp in pain for a moment.

"…you remember now?"

"Well—I remember fighting uhh—"

"no—not that!—the other night."

"wha-?how did you know Erza and I talked?!"

"—ahh—not that—I mean the FIRST know..before I brought you back in time…"




"Whaatttt?!—so you mean-you—how-I knew there was something in you!"

"Yes. Yes there is."

"b-but why?"

"I was glad to know you defeated my son…of course before you did-but more importantly, you- you help me remembered how he was by looking at really resembled him so much. Yes, your stupidity of love."


" I never knew such thing could happen to me—but you brought that feeling to me again..and I can't help it to long for it in ages!" she chuckled.

"-and most of all—you showed me how much you loved that girl. Oh she's really lucky, not every lifetime you can see a person willing to go back in time and fight fate itself just for the one he love~"

The man blushed.

"—You showed me you deserve a second chance, boy…" before finishing off her sentence, her body begins to fade in glittery dusts blown by the soft wind.

"-whaa—Granny! You're—"

" Go to her, son—and never let her go again..—"

"No-Granny you're disappearing!" he couldn't care less about thefact he was just revived moments ago. He was too worried about her.

" Thank you… and tell your friends they were really a good one. I can see that in you."

She disappeared in the thin air. He still can't believe everything's actually happening..

All he could think right now is to go back-to her. To them.

" I should be the one saying that..THANK YOU, Granny…"

A tear slide off his eye before he stands and then walks away.


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