Boundaries of the Mind- Allura Mithri is a quiet girl. She stays out of everyone's business, does what she's told, and almost never speaks up to defend herself. She tells herself it's best this way, because if she speaks, she'll say things she shouldn't know. But when she's sent to another world, she'll have to break her silence… or risk losing everything.

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Enjoy Chapter One!

A wise old owl sat in an oak,
The more he heard the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why aren't we all like that wise old bird?

Boundaries of the Mind
Chapter 1
Allura Mithri Reighn




"Allura, get in here before you catch something!"


"Allura Mithri Reighn!"

"I'll come in later!" I finally reply. My mother doesn't hear me though. I'm not surprised. I'm more than a hundred yards away, hidden high in a tree hollow, safe and dry from the steady shower that the White Rain brings every year. My mother's calls continue to ring out for a few more minutes before she gives up.

Allura Mithri Reighn… It's been a while since I've heard my mother say my full name. She doesn't like to be reminded of Father, so she usually calls me Ally. I hate that nickname… I don't really like my first name at all, to be honest. I prefer to be called Mithri.

No one knows that though, because I never talk unless I have to. I can't lie, you see. Lying is impossible for someone of Fae blood… like me… the little half-Fae half-human freak.

I pull my legs up closer to my chest, not wanting my thoughts to take over again. I've already had enough of that, moping around doesn't help. I came out here to get away from my mother, not to dwell on the past, or what other people think. I'm tired of knowing what other people think.

Speaking of which…

"Mithri… I know you're up there. Mind if I join you?" a quiet voice breaks the almost-silence. I shrug.

"I don't care," I reply, scooting back further into the hollow to make space. But the dark-skinned girl doesn't enter the hollow. She's soaking wet… and her silvery-violet hair is starting to glow blue. Thoughts spin, mine and hers, and I open my mouth, then close it, unsure of what to say.

"Surprise…?" she says to me, though it's more of a question. I can tell that she didn't expect it either. "I guess my mother was a Ferines, then."

"Yeah… That explains why your eyes don't have that chemical like other half-Velis," I mutter. She smiles.

"I can't breath under water either… But it seems that I can actually…" she trails off, holding her hand up. A light, sea-green light sprouts from it, shaping into two sets of angel wings with three darker spheres in the middle. "…summon a teriques," she finished. I smile.

"It's beautiful, Lora," I tell her. She smiles, her crystal blue eyes lighting up.

"Thank you," she says. Then she looks up at the cloudy sky and sighs. "I have to go… I told my sister I wanted to show you my teriques. She told me to be back before it got too dark," she tells me. She chuckles. "I'd reach in and give you a hug, but I'd get you soaked, and I don't want you catching anything nasty," she adds before jumping down the tree and leaving.

I'm left alone again, but I really don't mind. It's quiet. No sounds save the pattering of the rain, nothing to disturb me, no thoughts flying through the air to invade my mind.

I fall asleep out in that tree hollow. I've done it before, so I'm not surprised. But I'm supposed to go attend classes today, which means running back home to get a change of clothes and then running to the village. I don't really like having to do that, but it doesn't bother me the way some things do.

I'm the last one to arrive at the building. The others are all there already, even Maeve, who isn't even a student. She simply sits in the back and listens.

"Ah, Allura. How nice of you to join us. I was afraid you might not make it," the teacher, Professor… McCoy, was it?... says. He's a pretty short man, but he's so annoying. He knows that I prefer Mithri, but he insists on calling me Allura. He lies a lot too, and that's not even starting in on some of the perverted things he thinks about the girls in the class.

Lora doesn't come here, so I'm alone for the day. The other students ask me questions that I never answer. More often than not, they know the answer and are just trying to get me to talk. But I can't start talking in class. If I do, I'll speak my mind. And if I start speaking my mind, I'll be speaking their minds as well.

Yes, I'm a telepath. I can hear others' thoughts, even project my own when I'm calm. I've only ever done that once, though, and it was to warn Lora about the monster that was ambling along behind her. I have never actually touched another person's mind, though I know I can and I've come close before. But despite everything I've done to avoid this 'gift,' I can't turn it off. I always hear people's thoughts…

And I wish I couldn't. I'm constantly being bombarded on all sides by thoughts, many of which are perverted or dark, thoughts that I don't want to listen to at all. I can't block them out. All I can do is focus on something and hope that they don't catch my attention. It's an art I've almost mastered over the years.

Professor McCoy finally lets us out for lunch, and I head straight for a tree behind the school building. My lunch is a simple sandwich that I finish quickly, but it's the relative silence that I love. The other students are out front of the building, eating, playing, and forgetting about me.

Except for Maeve and Rishu. Maeve notices everything from her seat in the back of the classroom, and Rishu is a child genius. They aren't my closest friends, but they are my friends, and it's no wonder why. Maeve understands what it's like to be a half-Fae with a strange ability, and Rishu… well, he's fascinated by our abilities, and yet, he isn't like most people who would be insistent upon badgering us for information.

"Hey. McCoy thinking bad thoughts again? You've got that look on your face like you really don't want to know something," Maeve's voice interrupts my thinking.

"Not McCoy, for once. That blonde bimbo and her greasy-haired boyfriend," I tell them. Maeve cringes.

"Yup. Nasty," she agrees. "By the way, we'll be having more of that lovely rain tonight… and tomorrow… and the day after…" she grumbles. I smile and jump out of the tree to join the two of them on the ground.

"Lora's half-Ferines, I'm sure she won't mind," I tell them. Rishu's mind starts up into a whirlwind, and I almost regret bringing it up. He must have noticed the look on my face though, because he slows his thinking down a minute later. He knows that thinking like that so close to me gives me a headache.

The rest of the lunch period is spent in silence. When we are forced to rejoin the others inside the building, we sit in our usual spots and listen… Well, Maeve listens. Rishu is thinking about Lora, while my mind is focused on the short story I am writing to keep my mind occupied.

Finally, McCoy lets us out for the day, and I wander into the woods, like I do every day. I never make it far before my mother starts yelling my name, and I usually head home at that point, just so she'll shut up. It's already misting, so I head north from the village I live outside of. The Velis village is somewhere to the north. Lora always intercepts me, so I've never actually made it there.

Just as I had expected, Lora stops me about halfway to where the map says the village is and we head to the tree hollow. It's my special place, but I don't mind Lora being there. She has this amazing gift to create shields around her mind so that I don't have to listen to her thoughts, and I love her for doing it as often as she does.

"So, school still as boring as usual?" she asks. I nod.

"McCoy's still a perverted bastard," I inform her. She sighs and starts climbing our tree. The rain has started pouring now, and we're both soaked. Lora's hair is starting to glow blue again, and now that I can see her braid, her hair looks beautiful glowing like that.

"Mithri, are you coming?" she asks as I continue to stare at her. She's shorter than your average Velis, but I'm not surprised, seeing as how she's only half Velis. She's still tall compared to most girls her age. I nod and start climbing, and pull my bag off my back once I'm in the hollow. Lora's sitting outside, probably enjoying the water running down her arms and back. She always did love the water…

I pull out a towel and dry my arms off as best I can before pulling out a large book. I open it up about a fourth of the way in and smile at the words written on the page. Lora notices and chuckles.

"Still hauling around your father's lexicon?" she asks. I nod, my smile disappearing at the mention of my father. I go back to reading. The lexicon has been written in a long-dead language, so it's taken me a while to learn it so I can read what my father left for me. It has something to do with magic and these things called fonons. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I'm still struggling to read it, so I'm not too surprised.

"Yeah… So, has your father told you who your mother is, now that we know it was a Ferines?" I ask. Lora shook her head.

"No… He told me that she was dead when I asked and started sulking," she replies. I frown. "So… Learn anything from your father? Or are you still having trouble reading Utheridian?"

I laugh, but my smile doesn't quite reach my eyes, despite the genuine amusement I draw from Lora asking me about something I've just been thinking about. Sometimes I wonder if I'm unintentionally projecting around her. "Well… Not really. There's this section that I just can't make heads or tails of, see. Most of it is about these things called fonons, but it doesn't make a lot of sense. There are a few pages missing back here though, and judging from the information around the missing pages, they had the stuff that would have made the rest of this more sensible-sounding," I tell her. Lora seems thoughtful for a moment.

"Fonons, huh? Well, I don't know much, but I might be able to talk to someone about that," she says. I raise an eyebrow.

"Someone knows about fonons?" I ask, surprised. Lora shrugs.

"I'm not sure. But he was talking about a bunch of strange stuff and I think he mentioned fonons. I'll talk to him later, if you want me to," she tells me. I think about it for a few moments.

"Would you please? I can't make sense of half of this… What the hell is Tales of the Abyss?" I ask, my eyes skimming over an extremely faded part of the writing. I can't read most of the lower part of the page because of it. All I can read is '…trials during Tales of the Abyss, the participant…'

"Okay… Tales of the Abyss?" Lora replies. I shrug, just as baffled as she is once I show her the words on the page. "Strange…" she comments quietly. I sigh.

"Oh well… And shouldn't you be headed home soon?" I ask. Lora looks up at the sky and sighs.

"Yeah. Your mother is going to start calling soon. I suggest going home before she does so," she tells me. I roll my eyes and close the lexicon before shoving it into my bag again. Lora jumps down and waves, heading away from me back toward her own village, while I start running through the rain, trying to get home before my mother starts yelling.

I've slipped into my room when she starts calling. I don't bother answering, I know she'll be upstairs looking for me in just a moment.

As if on a cue, she steps into my room as I pull a dry dress on. She frowns at my wet hair. "You'd better not catch something, Allura. We don't have the money to pay for more medicine than what I already have to get for you. Dinner's ready," she tells me, leaving as soon as she's done so. I shrug and brush my hair out before heading downstairs, black ribbon in hand.

I've braided some hair on the left side and tied it with the black ribbon before I reach the tiny kitchen. I get my supper of ham and beans before returning to my room. My maroon bangs fall into my eyes, irritating me, as I haven't had my hair down for weeks.

My eyes scan over my room again as I step back in. My mother's been up here, I can tell because my bookshelf has been straightened up and it actually looks like a bookshelf now. The books that had been scattered around my room are sitting innocently on the shelves, and I scowl. Mother never puts them back the right way.

Once I've finished my dinner, I start pulling books off the shelf. I can hear my mother's thoughts as she walks up the stairs. I know she's going to stop in my room, but I don't care. My books are out of order, and that takes priority.

"Allura, you'd better not be pulling those books off that shelf just to scatter them around your room again. They're a pain to track down and put up," she says, opening the door and seeing what I'm doing. I roll my eyes, but she can't see, because my back is turned to her. "Allura… when was the last time you actually took your medicine?" she asks quietly. I look in the mirror, and sure enough, my left eye is a shining gold, while the right eye is a light cerulean.

"A few weeks ago," I answer. "That stuff is nasty, and it doesn't do anything to block my telepathy at all. The only thing it does is change both of my eyes to gold," I add. I hear my mother sigh.

"Allura…" she mutters. I ignore her and continue organizing my books. Fiction on the bottom two shelves, in alphabetical order by author's last name. Non-fiction on the top three shelves, in alphabetical order by title.

I sigh as I stick another set of nursery rhymes onto the shelf between fiction and non-fiction. My mother is still standing in the doorway. Her thoughts betray her intentions, but I don't want to start talking again, because I know it will just end in another argument that I'll lose.

"You need to take your medicine, Allura," she tells me. I hold back a groan. She's calling me by my first name now just to annoy me. If she thinks it's going to get me to take that nasty, useless medicine, she's nuts. "Ally, please," she adds. I roll my eyes and ignore her.

After a few more minutes of her trying to get me to take the medicine, she finally gives up and leaves, and I place the last book back up onto the shelf before pulling a book of nursery rhymes off the lower middle shelf and settling onto my bed to read it aloud. One in particular sticks in my mind, mostly because it gave me this feeling of hope.

My mother said, I never should
Play with the gypsies in the wood.
If I did, then she would say:
Naughty girl to disobey.
Your hair shan't curl and your shoes shan't shine.
You gypsy girl you shan't be mine.
And my father said that if I did,
He'd rap my head with the teapot lid.

My mother said that I never should
Play with the gypsies in the wood.
The wood was dark, the grass was green;
By came Sally with a tambourine.
I went to sea – no ship to get across;
I paid ten shillings for a blind white horse.
I upped on his back and was off in a crack,
Sally tell my mother I shall never come back.

The next day is boring beyond belief. I wake up, eat a small breakfast, go to school, eat lunch with Maeve and Rishu, finish the school day, and return home. I spend the evening working on an essay assigned during school, and then I eat dinner.

The day after, however, is another story. I don't have school, so when I wake up and dress, I stay in my room reading a story about a mysterious female thief. Mother walks in a few hours later and gives me a sandwich, which I eat before leaving the house. The bag on my back carries my father's lexicon. I don't think I've left home without it since he did.

Lora, Maeve, Rishu, and a boy I don't know meet me in the village, underneath a tree near the fountain in the center. The boy's bangs hang over his right eye, but his hair is pulled up into a high ponytail on the left side of the back of his head. And it's a strange color; slate gray with dark red streaks.

"Um, hello…" I greet him. He looks at me kind of blankly, and I realize with a start that I can't hear his thoughts.

"You can't hear him, can you Mithri?" Maeve asks. I look over at her, confused. "I can't see him," she explains.

"Sakkaku, this is my friend Mithri. She was the one who was wondering about the fonons," Lora says. Our conversation from a couple of days previously comes back to me, and I smile a little. "Mithri, this is Sakkaku Inari." Sakkaku holds out a hand, and I shake it.

"Lora told me that your father left behind a lexicon that mentions fonons. May I see it?" he asks. I nod and pull the bag off of my back, sitting down as I remove the lexicon from it. Lora is sitting on the fountain's edge, with Rishu standing next to her, trying to keep his mind from going into whirlwind mode, but failing miserably.

Sakkaku takes the lexicon gently and opens it. "Utheridian?" he asks, turning to me. I nod.

"Yes… Father really loved languages… He knew how to speak almost twenty, and he could write in six," I tell him. Sakkaku chuckles.

"Sounds like my sister," he mutters. He seems to read it for a while before looking up at Maeve, Rishu, and Lora. The younger two are interrogating the half-Velis about her Ferines heritage. "Could we go somewhere a bit more… private? I'd rather not talk about this where others can hear," he asks. I'm confused, but I shrug and get up, grabbing my bag and leading him out of the village and to a clearing in the forest nearby.

"So, you understand what it's talking about?" I ask. He looks at me, his right eye visible past his bangs. His hairstyle is disorienting, it feels as though he has his head turned to the right when it is, in fact, straight.

"Yes… Allura, tell me something. Did your father tell you something in another language before he disappeared?" he asks. I tilt my head, hundreds of questions blossoming in my mind. How does he know my first name? And why would he wonder about something like that?

"Well… Yeah. It was a language I'd never heard before," I tell him a moment later. Then I recite the words from memory, and the look on Sakkaku's face changes from detached curiosity to a blank expression that looks… almost like he is bracing himself to tell me something.

"Allura… Your father's message is a request to one of us… I suppose I need to tell you then," he says. I am utterly confused at this point, so when he gestures to me to sit down, I do so. "There is a group known as Guardians who are charged with the protection of the various worlds. Your father was one of us. He requested that, should an opening be presented, you have the chance to follow in his footsteps," Sakkaku explains. I frown.

"Wait, you mean there are other worlds out there?" I ask. He nods.

"Yes. The Velis and Ferines are from other worlds, as are the Fae," he says. I think for a few moments.

"Father was a Guardian? And he wants me to follow in his footsteps?" I ask. Sakkaku sighs.

"Yes. I never met Arani, but my sister knew him. He's gone missing," he explains. "As for you following in his footsteps… The trials you'll face won't be easy, and I can tell you aren't a fighter. While I will talk to Kairi about letting you take them, I'll tell you right now that I doubt you'll be able to make it through the first two trials."

I look up at the sky, my thoughts a blurred whirlwind that challenges Rishu's mind at full force. I frown… then make up my mind.

"Who's Kairi?" I ask first.

"She's the one in charge of the Guardians for the time being. She hasn't had a chance to make the pilgrimage to Talkeina, so we don't know if she's the chosen leader or not," he answers. I nod.

"Alright. I'm going to try then. I'll take the trials if she'll let me," I tell him. I hear another mind suddenly as a shield is dropped, and I'm on my feet almost instantly, turning to face the newcomer, a woman with emerald eyes and gold hair streaked with bronze.

"Kairi? What are you doing here?" I hear Sakkaku ask. The woman chuckles.

"I actually came to talk to you about something. I heard the entire conversation. I thought you looked like Arani," she says, nodding to me at the end. "So… you want to take the trials… I trust you've thought it through?"

"Yes…" I tell her. She smiles.

"Alright. Sakkaku, hand me Arani's lexicon, would you?" she says. The boy does so, and she pulls three pieces of paper out of a folder she's removed from her bag. I recognize the writing immediately.

"You have the missing pages?" I ask. Kairi nods.

"Yes… You'll need them, I think," she tells me. She waves a hand over the book with the pages slipped into place, and the papers are re-attached to the book as if they were never torn out. Then she flips to the page with the faded text at the bottom and starts muttering again, and as she runs her finger over the faded words, they reappear. "Arani asked Marik to remove those pages and fade these words when he requested this lexicon be brought back here. You'll need it in top condition for the trials though," she says once she's done.

"You're sending her to Auldrant, aren't you?" Sakkaku asks. Kairi smiles.

"Yes," she answers. Then she turns back to me. "The Guardians work on multiple worlds, so can you figure out what the first part of the trials is?" she asks. I take the lexicon she's offering me and clutch it to my chest.

"You're going to put me on another world?" I ask. She smiles and nods.

"Yup. We'll be watching, but we'll only intervene if your actions disrupt the balance too badly or if you have a genuine risk of dying… Mind you, in the case of the second one, we'll hold off as long as possible," she tells me. I nod and take a deep breath.

"Okay… I think I can do that…" I tell her. She chuckles.

"Just a moment, Mithri. I can't just send you to a monster-infested world without some way to defend yourself. Here," she says, holding out a strange weapon. It's… well, it's a straw. A slightly decorative straw, but a straw nonetheless. "Some of the spells written in that lexicon will change that straw's appearance and boost its power, and that straw's power will boost your own."

"Um… where am I supposed to carry this?" I ask Kairi. She chuckles again.

"You can figure that out later. Oh, and just so you don't freak out, you'll be wearing different clothes when you wake up on Auldrant," she warns me. "And this is going to hurt a little."

A little? Understatement. Of. The. Century.

My whole body feels like it is on fire… Thankfully, I lose consciousness quickly. I never release my hold on my father's lexicon either.

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