"Hey, babe?"

"Yes Alfred?"

"I read the most weirdest Japanese myth the other day..."

Arthur looked up from his book to look at the man sitting next to him on the couch, "Read or heard from Kiku?"

"Read. On a site."

Sighing, he looked back down to his book, "Carry on."

"Alright, so, some dude called Red Cape or some shit sits in the last stall of the public bathroom. When you use the stall next to him, it'll always be out of toilet paper. So when you ask the dude for some toilet paper, he'll ask 'red paper' or 'blue paper'."

"This is starting to sound extremely stupid..."

"Hear me out! Anyway, if you ask for red he slits your throat or somethin'. If you ask for blue, he strangles you to death."

Pausing to look back up at his fiance, Arthur raised an eyebrow, "Is there a question that's going along with this or are you just reciting the story?"

"Well, when I told Mattie about it I told him that I'd tell the dude I use rainbow colored paper!" the blonde announced with a smile.


"...Haha. What would you say?"

Staring at the blonde for a few seconds, a devious smirk played across Arthur's features before he looked back at his book, "Well then, seeing as you asked. I'd tell him that I use the skin carved from Santa's elves backs as toilet paper and anything less just wouldn't do."

"...I think you'd scare him away..."

"That's the point, love."

Once again, another true conversation with me and my girlfriend. We had read that myth (I'm unsure of what the man is called) and we were laughing about it because she was coming up with the most outrageous ways of getting out of being killed by him, including the rainbow colored paper. So, to top it, I thought of the elf thing. It freaked her out so bad it ended the conversation, haha.

Anyway, reviews make me happy!

Love, ShuChan