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"Hikari, are you sure you can't come with me to Australia?" Kei asked.

"I'm sorry, Takishima. I miss my parents and brother. They're hoping to see me as well for this holiday." Hikari explained.

The students from Hakusenkan have finally finished their exams. After today, it'll be a very, very long holiday. Kei has to go with his mother to Australia and help her with her work. Of course Kei didn't want to and wanted to go to Kyushu with Hikari. But, Hikari said that Kei should help Midori-san with her work and spend some time with her.

"Hikari~" someone squealed. That can only be the one and only Toudou Akira. She flung herself at Hikari and hugged her. "I'll miss you so much, Hikari~"

"I-I'll miss you too, Akira." Hikari said.

Kei cleared his throat. Akira glared at him. "Akira, I was having a conversation with Hikari, you know." He said, obviously irritated.

"Who cares!? I don't want you to go to Kyushu with my angel Hikari!" Akira barked.

"Easy there, Bear Lady." Bear Lady? The only one who calls Akira that is-

"Shut it, Tadashi!" Akira's glare went to Tadashi.

Kei pulled Hikari from Akira and held her in his arms. "Since Hikari and I will go for our holidays tomorrow, I'll spend the entire day with Hikari."

Hikari's face turned completely red. "D-Don't play with me, Takishima!"

Kei moved to the side as a big boulder suddenly flew at his direction. Of course, the one who threw it was Akira. "Don't say unnecessary things to Hikari!"

"Shouldn't we help Hikari, Ryuu-nii?" Jun asked. He and Megumi were clinging to Ryuu like little kids.

Megumi held up her sketchpad. "Akira and Kei are fighting over her again"

"Um…I think it won't make any difference if we get ourselves into it." Ryuu said. He sweat dropped when He saw Akira starting to beat up Tadashi and Kei being lovey-dovey with Hikari. Of course, Hikari just blushed and Kei grinned at her expression.

Then the door burst open. "Jun-kun~!" It was Sakura.

"S-Sakura?" Jun said. Sakura hugged him and Jun suddenly passed out. A second later, he woke up. "Oh, it's the beautiful lady again." Inner Jun took Sakura's hand and kissed it.

"Oh Jun-kun, you're so romantic~" Sakura squealed. "Jun-kun, can I please come with you for the holidays?" Sakura asked.

"Of course, we're going to our parents' tropical island. Does that sound good to you, Sakura?" Jun had encircled his arm around Sakura and his other hand was holding Sakura's.

"Of course~" Sakura yelled.

"Jun…" Megumi wrote on her sketchpad.

"Megumi, you know what to do." Ryuu said. "Everyone, cover your ears!" and immediately, everyone closed their ears except Jun. Megumi opened her mouth and sang.


Megumi is a great singer, but most of the time, her voice just makes everything explode. Jun passed out in Sakura's arms. When he opened his eyes again, he was back to the normal Jun.

"Jun-kun, I'll come to your house so we can go for our holiday together~" Sakura ran to the door and waved goodbye. "See ya later, Jun-kun!" Sakura slammed the door shut and they heard her car leaving.

"Well, I guess you two better tell your mama and papa that there's another one coming with us." Ryuu said.

"Do you have a spot for another one?"

Ryuu turned and saw Finn. She doesn't dress up as a boy anymore. It took a lot of people by surprise that Finn was actually a girl back then. "F-Finn?" Ryuu stuttered.

"I really want to come with Ryuu for the holiday. Can I?" Finn said. She had a big grin on her face as a sign that she really, really wanted to go.

"U-Um…" Ryuu looked at the twins. It took a few seconds, but they finally nodded. Ryuu smiled and looked at Finn. "Sure. Can you come to the Yamamoto's house tomorrow?"

"Sure!" Finn yelled. She was so excited. A whole holiday with Ryuu was like a dream come true for Finn. I mean, there are the twins along with Sakura, but if there's Ryuu then everything's just fine.

"Oh yeah, I forgot, Akira where are you going for this holiday?" Tadashi asked after Akira had finally finished beating him up.

"I'm going to Germany with my family." Akira said. "What about you?"

"I'm going to Mount Everest and climb right to the top!" Tadashi announced and grinned.

Seeing everyone talking about their holiday plans, Megumi thought about where Yahiro would go. She finds him rather irritating and despicable but she still likes him. He was the first to listen to Megumi's beautiful voice. Thanks to him, she got a chance with the music producer awhile ago.

Jun saw the odd face his twin was making. "If you're wondering about Yahiro, Sakura once said that he was planning to come to our resort and listen to mama's concert." Jun said. Megumi quickly looked at her brother. She smiled happily. She quickly scribbled on her sketchpad and lifted it up.

"I can't wait for tomorrow!"

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to this holiday, too." Ryuu said.

The S.A, Yahiro, Sakura, and also Finn were preparing to leave. They packed their bags, checked if they were forgetting something, and when they were all ready, they zipped their bags. It's the holidays. And in every holiday, there is always fun.

But what will happen when the fun has disappeared?

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