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They all sat in silence. None of them had the guts to say anything. The S.A was never this quiet. When Hikari was around, everything was always so lively. She and Kei would have challenges, Akira would yell at Kei if he tried anything with Hikari, and Akira would beat Tadashi up for various reasons. It was always like that. But not today.

Akira couldn't stand it anymore and slammed her tea cup on the table, thus breaking it in the process. Everyone looked at her in shock, not because of what she just did but the fact that she was crying.

Akira raised her head and glared at Kei with tears streaming down her face. "Kei, this is all because of you!" She shouted. Before anyone could calm her down, she continued, "Hikari left because of you! Kei, you were always teasing Hikari, that's why she finally hated you! She left us all because you couldn't treat her better!"

"Akira, that's enough!" Jun shouted.

"Shut up, Jun!" Akira yelled. "The proof is all right here." She grabbed the piece of paper in the middle of the table and waved it in front of him. "Hikari wrote that she hated Kei. This is her handwriting, there's no mistaken it!"

"But she didn't say the reason why. Maybe she just misunderstood something and blamed it on Kei." Tadashi protested.

The others were trying to calm Akira down, but she just kept crying. Only Kei remained still. His skin was the color of chalk, he wore his uniform messily, and his hair was wild. He hasn't said a word to them at all.

"Hikari! Hikari! Hikari!" Akira shouted. Tadashi hugged her tightly to calm her down. Akira tried to squirm out of his embrace but finally gave in and cried on his shoulder.

Everyone was a wreck. Finn, who should have been happy that she studied hard enough to get into S.A, was sobbing in her seat while Ryuu comforted her along with the twins. Ryuu hasn't even looked at any of the animals that he loved so much. Tadashi was always a glutton, but he hasn't even touched the food on the table. Jun hasn't touched his violin since he found out about Hikari, and Megumi didn't even think about singing. But the ones who were depressed the most were Kei and Akira. Well, by the sight of things, Kei was by far the most depressed.

What Kei did next really shocked them. He picked up the knife on the table and hand it over to Akira who held it in confusion. "If you despise me that much…" He lifted his head and looked at her with lifeless eyes. "Then just kill me."

Everyone was taken aback by his words. The way his eyes were almost colorless, the way he said those words just now; it was almost as if they just jumped into a horror movie and Kei was the terrifying creature.

Akira gripped the knife and lifted the sharp tip to Kei's face. "A-Akira!" Tadashi shouted.

"Shut up, Tadashi!" Akira yelled back. "I hate this guy… I hate him more than anything right now…"

"Akira, don't do it!" Finn shouted in alarm.

They tried to snatch the knife away from her but she had pushed them so hard they all fell back and she raised the knife to slash Kei.


Akira had stopped right when the knife made contact with his hair. She could end her hatred by just swinging the knife one more time but she couldn't move. Kei looked at her, his mouth half opened. "What are you waiting for?" Kei asked lifelessly again. "Do it."

"I…" Akira sobbed once again. "I…" She dropped the knife and it hit the floor with a soft clink. "I can't…"

"Why?" Kei questioned, just a hint of confusion in his voice. "I thought you hated me."

"I do!" Akira said. "But…I just…can't…"

"Why?" Kei asked again, now feeling a bit annoyed.

"I don't know!" Akira said.

"Akira…" Tadashi hugged her again and she sobbed. "Akira, please don't ever do such a thing."

"But I hate him!" Akira protested.

"But you had no right to attempt killing Kei just now!" Ryuu shouted.

Before Akira could reply, Kei spoke again. "I wanted her to kill me."

Everyone looked at him in shock. "Kei…d-don't tell me you…" Finn started.

Kei looked at her with his lifeless eyes. "I don't want to live anymore."

"Kei, this isn't the end of the world or anything..." Megumi wrote on her sketchpad.

"Maybe to you." Kei commented. "But for me, Hikari is my world. Now that she's gone, what else am I suppose to live for?"

"Kei, there's us and your family." Jun began. Kei just nodded slowly.

Tadashi attempted to put on his usual grin but it turned out a bit forced. "I'm sure Hikari will explain things to us soon. So, until then, we'll just wait." Kei nodded once again.

Throughout the day, they kept watching Kei. They couldn't let him do something stupid to himself. Even Akira joined them to look after Kei. She hated him, it was true. But the fact she still didn't want to kill him was proof enough that she still think of him as her friend. Although, Kei wasn't doing anything at all. He was lying on the grass, watching the clouds. It was either he knew he was being watched so he didn't try anything, or that he actually thought about the things he could live for. Hikari hated him, he knew that. He has no idea why, but wanted to apologize to her so badly. He needed to know where she is.

Just then, his cell phone buzzed in pocket. Slowly sitting up, he reached inside his pocket and answered the call. "What?" He asked lazily.

"Kei, stop being so depressed over such a small matter." His grandfather said from the other line. Kei didn't need this right now. Just hearing this man's voice made him feel even worse. He was about to hang up but a sudden thought struck him.

"Did you do something that made Hikari hate me?!" Kei shouted, finally regaining strength.

"No." His grandfather said. "Kei, forget about that. I need you to get to work. The company needs you so you have to suck it up and face the fact that Hikari no longer loves you."

Alright, now Kei was very tempted to throw his new cell phone away. This man wasn't helping him at all. But then, thinking about it, it might do some good to work. He wanted to know where Hikari is, but in the same time wants to end his life. If he worked just a bit, maybe he could take his mind off of suicide and focus on something that could keep him alive until he found Hikari.

"Fine, I'll work. I'll even go to London if you want." Kei said.

"Oh no no no, you don't have to go all the way to London, Kei." His grandfather said quickly. At this, Kei was intrigued.

"What? Back then, you were practically begging me to go to London but now you're telling me not to?" Kei questioned.

"I don't want to tire you. Now, get to work." Before Kei could reply, his grandfather hung up. Ok, there was something seriously wrong. The way his grandfather told him not to go to London was suspicious. Very suspicious.

"Well then," Kei began. He stood up and put his hands in his pockets, regaining his cool. "I think I'll pay London a visit."

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