It's Just Three Words, Eight Letters.

A/N: Hello! This chapter is very short but it's just an intro. Enjoy :)

Dougie's POV

Hello, I'm Dougie. I'm quite short, very quiet and I don't really have that many friends. I've also just turned 16 years old.

My best friend; Tom, seems to think that I'm one of the most good looking boys in the school...he always says that tons of girls are always looking at me. I think he's just being kind...that's what. Tom's hilarious, he's very geeky and weird...but that's why I love him. I also have a secret, that I'm gay. Tom knows. Worst of all...He knows. I hate him so much. He found out by listening to my conversation with Tom when I first told him. He always threatens to tell people about it. I have no idea why he hasn't told anyone yet, the person I'm talking about is Judd. Harry Judd.

"Move out the way, Poynter!" Someone shouted into my ear shoving me into someone's locker.

"Piss of Judd!" I shouted back, clutching my arm where he had shoved me.

"WHAT WAS THAT YOU SAID?!" His main friend, James, yelled, running over to me and slamming me further against the lockers.

I felt something on the locker dig into my back as I fell to the floor in pain.

"Don't mess with us again!" James shouted, glaring at me before following Harry back up the corridor.

Harry had two 'bodyguards,' James and Danny. They both always follow him around everywhere and were always there to protect him even if he didn't need it.

James is the worst of the two. His family is one of the richest in the entire world. He's a total snob who once actually used to be bullied by Harry, before Harry decided that he could be a part of his little gang.

Danny isn't really that bad at all. He's actually quite shy and I've only ever heard him say something mean once before, which seemed like Harry had forced him to say. I quite like Danny really, I hope me and him can be friends one day.