"So Thomas, I heard about your accident, are you doing okay?" Harry asked politely, a small smile on his face.

Tom looked up at us and this gave me a chance. I moved closer to Harry, snuggling into him, and began to press little kisses on his neck.

"Um yeah." Tom muttered, looking away, blushing.

"So what are we going to watch then babe?" Harry said seductively.

"Mmmmm, what do you think Tom?" I asked, looking at the blonde boy, my arms still wrapped around Harry.

"Whatever." He murmured only just loud enough for me to hear.

"Why don't we watch The Hunger Games, my sister has the DVD and I've never actually seen it, it looks quite good." I said, trying to piss Tom off even more as I know how the hype about that film annoys him.

"Yeah, sounds good. I'll go and get it from her room." He said, standing up.

"Oh no, I'll get it." I smiled, pushing him back down.

"Babe, you seem a little stressed, please let me get it whilst you put your feet up." He smiled, brushing my fringe out of my eye.

I silently agreed but only as I didn't really want him to be alone with Tom. Don't get me wrong, it would be funny to hear the kinds of stuff Harry could say to piss Tom off, but if my mum walked in on them saying something they shouldn't have said, bad things could happen...

He pecked me on the head and quickly left the room, dashing upstairs.

"I know what you're doing." A voice from a particular blonde boy on the sofa muttered.

Oh crap.

"What are you talking about?" I said in my most gentle, innocent voice.

"You only said to watch that film because you know I dislike it."

Thank god! I thought he knew about our little game!

"Oh sorry, I forgot. You can pick another day, Haz wants to see the film." I said, a tiny smile on my face.

I heard a quiet snort come over from the opposite sofa.

"Got the film" An eager voice said, walking into the room.

"Great, thanks Haz. I'll put it on." I smiled.

"So what film have we chosen?" My mum smiled brightly, walking into the room as I knelt down by the TV, putting the disc in the drive.

"I think I'm gonna go to sleep." Tom muttered, standing up.

"Aww why, you're missing the fun." Harry winked at him.

"Yeah don't go to sleep Tom!" My mum smiled. "And besides I thought you all were going to have a sleepover? That means I can stay up and do some painting in Dougie's room as nobody will be in there!"

He murmured something to himself but I just managed to make it out. "I doubt I'm welcome."

"We'd love to have you here; a sleepover is boring with just two people!" I protested.

He turned and glared at me. Woah death stare!

"Come on, join us! That also helps Mrs Poynter with her painting!" Harry grinned.

Nobody decided to correct him with my mum's last name but instead he just shrugged.

"Could I talk to you for a minute outside please?" Tom said, looking desperately at my mum.

Oh no...he wouldn't...

"Yep sure." She smiled, walking out the room.

I immediately turned to Harry and panic was strewn across both our faces.

"You don't think tha-"

"I don't know!" I interrupted, my heart thumping against my chest, blocking out all noise.

"Shhh." He hushed me as we tried to listen to their conversation outside.

He wouldn't actually tell her about our 'relationship,' would he? That's just crossing the line.

I heard a few murmured voices but they must have gone further into the dining room.

"Oh wow I never knew." I heard my mum say.

Yep, he'd told her.

I knew it.


They were outside for quite a while now and we couldn't hear anything else.

"Do you think they're still talking?" I asked Harry.

We were both sitting by the closed door to the living room, trying to listen for any noise.

"I doubt it, they've probably just decided to leave us." He muttered.

We were just about to consider looking for them when I heard my mum speak again.

"Okay Tom, goodnight." Her voice didn't seem happy like it usually was around him, maybe a hint of worry in it?

"Goodnight boys." She called.

"Night." We muttered simultaneously.

I heard pairs of footsteps climbing up the stairs until finally reaching the top, and doors shutting.

"Okay, what happens now?" I asked, worry in my voice.

"We go up and punch the bastard!" He replied evilly making me giggle.

"Okay, how about we go up and confront him first?" I giggled.

"Then can we punch him?" He smiled.

"Maybe." I laughed, trying to get him to shut up. "Alright lets go."

"Wait no, after we have some popcorn!" He said, grabbing the bowl.

"Oh Jesus, seriously Judd?!" I laughed hysterically.

"Okay, now we can go!" He smiled after eating a handful.

"Wait, shouldn't I go on my own?" I asked worriedly.

"Nah, you'll be really polite!"

I laughed. "Just don't say anything too bad, okay?"

"I'm not sure if I can promise that Dougs." He grinned, walking out the door.

Did he just call me Dougs? What?

I quickly ran up the stairs after him to stop him outside my room.

"Can you wait outside for now?" I whispered.


"I'd just rather talk to him alone, he won't tell us together."

He looked disappointed but agreed.

"Just don't be too polite." He grinned as I knocked softly on the door.

I listened carefully for a reply, but when I didn't get one, I just slowly pushed the door open.

"You don't have to knock, it is your room." Tom frowned, sitting crossed-legged on the floor.

"Oh I just thought I should as you could be getting dressed or whatever." I shrugged, closing the door behind me and walking over and sitting next to him.

"What you doing?" I asked, trying to make conversation whilst forcing a smile onto my face.

"Been reading through my recipe book, I want to know how to make this cake perfectly for in a few weeks." He answered, eyes glued to the floor, book clutched at his chest.

"Celebrating anything?" I asked.

"My sister's 14th birthday." He muttered.

"Ah yes, of course, my sister's 14th was a few weeks ago. I actually have already bought Carrie a present!" I smiled. "Maybe I could give it to her on the day...or I don't know maybe you could take it to her or I could give it to your mum..." I trailed off.

"So." I coughed, trying to stop the awkwardness. "How are you?"

"Oh bloody hell, cut the bullcrap! I know why you came up here!" He suddenly shouted, a look of anger on his face.

"I need to know what you said, it's important!" I shouted back, not backing down.

"Why would I tell you, you shouldn't be keeping secrets from your mum anyway." He smirked.

"You didn't bloody tell her did you?" I asked, frightened.

"I don't know...why don't you ask her."

Suddenly, the bedroom door was rapidly kicked open and Harry ran in towards us, fists clenched.

"Harry stop." I warned him.

"You bloody tell him what you told her!" He shouted.

Tom rolled his eyes, standing up. "You don't scare me anymore Judd."

"I want to know." Was all he said, calming down slightly, his face still burning with anger.

"You have no right to tell my mother anything." I said, standing up also.

"Whatever, you know I don't exactly have a place to stay at the moment and as soon as your mum offered to take me, I knew they'd be problems, like him."

"THAT'S IT!" Harry growled, fist in the air aiming at Tom's face.

I squealed, covering my eyes.

There was no noise for a few moments, so I slowly opened my eyes.

The blonde was nowhere to be seen, the door left ajar.

The only noise was tiny whimpers coming from the brunette lying on his back, clutching his nose.