Monday June 19

While I was at Goodwill with my little sister Madison,(She said that she was looking for Bratz dolls) I was looking at the clothes, when I saw a pair of lavender skinny jeans.. I pulled it off the rack. I turned to go to the dressing rooms, but then Madison came up to me.

"I found 4 Bratz dolls!", she says excitedly. I grab her hand and lead her to the cash register. The lady begins to ring her stuff up.

"Miss, are you buying those jeans?", she asks me.

"Um sure.", I replied. I hand her the jeans.

After everything is paid we leave the store and get into our family's white Hummer limo.

" Home." , I tell our driver, Steve. He nodds then drives off.

I was excitied to get home because my friends decided that we should have a slumber party, since it's our lastday together.

I'm going to camp, Veronica is going to a Tennis camp, Deja is going to her family's summer home in the Bahamas, Nicole's family is going to vist Hawii for the summer, and Zoey is staying here because her family is poor. (I'm paying her to watch my dog while i'm at camp.)

Whem we pulled up I saw Deja's family car in the driveway.

As sonn as Steve stopped I jumped out of the Limo.

I ran towards them yelling,

"Hey guys!"

When I reached them I was envoloped in a three persom hug sandwich.

"Hey Tori, where's Veronica?" Zoey asks.

"I dunno. just because we're twins doesn't me we hafta do everythig togther."

"Well, come on let's just go inside." said Nicole.

When we got to my room, we sat on my pink Hello Kitty duvet. I put my iPhone in the dock and play some music.

I press the button for Veronica' s room on the intercom.

"They're here" I say.

"Okay, i'm coming over" Veronica replies."

"Hey" I hear my voice say.

I screamed.

"Omigosh, you like materlized right there." I looked at Deja, Zoey, and Nicole for back-up, but they were doubled over laughing. I glare at them.

"Hey, what are those?" Deja asks, pointing to the jeans.

"Just some pants I found." I reply.

"Can I try them on?"

"Knock yourself out."

She slips out of her own pants and slides the jeans on.

"Woah, those look perfect on you!" Zoey exclaimes, widening her eyes.

" Ya think so?" She asks eyeing herself in the mirror.

" Yeah, totally" We all say.

"I wanna try them on next." Nicole says.

She puts them on. They looked perfect on her too. They flared a little at the ankle but that worked for Nicole.

"Me next." says Veronica. They also looked perfect on her.

"Well i'm gonna try them on, since they are my pants." I say.

I put them on. They looked good on me too.

"It's like they are magic." I said.

"Well, we'll know for sure if Zoey tries them on" Said Nicole.

We all looked at her. Zoey blushed.

"All right, i'll put them on." she says grudgingly.

We all gasped.

"They look that bad?" she says looking panicked.

"No! Look in the mirror!" I exclaim.

She whips around and looks in the mirror.

Usually skinny jeans look bad on her since she is so skinny, but these looked perfect on her. Even better than the rest of us.

"That's a sign that they're magic." Said Deja.

"To bad we all can't have the jeans." Said Zoey.

"Sure we can!" I exclaim.

"How?" Veronica questioned.

"We could do it like in that one book, um." I said thinking" The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" I said.

"I saw the movie, but I never read the books." Said Nicole.

"I just bought the book on my new Kindle Fire." I said.

I got it out and turned it on. When it loaded a found the book, I turned to the page with the rules.

"I don't like the no washing rule." Said Veronica. "What if i'm wearing the pants and let's say playing tug-o-war and my teams loses, and I fall in some mud?"

"True." I replied. " If something like that does happen then you can wash the pants."

"How about we wash the pants at the end of the summer?" Zoey suggested.

"That's a good idea" said Deja.

Rules Of The Traveling Skinny Jeans

You may not wash the pants. The pants will be washed when the sisterhood is back together.

You may not cuff or roll up the pants. It looks wierd and it will wrinkle them.

You may not lie while wearing the pants.

You must write and e-mail your sisters.

You must not think bad thoughts about yourself or your sisters while wearing the pants.

Remember: pants=love