For some strange reason I had a craving for sour gummy worms. So I grabbed my bag and stuffed my Merida (from the movie Brave) costume in it.

Madison, Tori and Veronica's little sister had been invited to a party. Her mom claimed she couldn't make it because she had a meeting, but I think it's because she doesn't wanna dress up like a princess. The invite said everyone had to be dressed up like a princess.

I tried my best to put the bow and arrows in the bag, but it didn't fit very well.

So I had to hope I wouldn't get arrested for having a weapon in Safeway.

I stood in the candy aisle of Safeway, trying to decide between the generic Safeway brand of gummy worms, or the Trolli band.

There was another girl in the aisle. She looked about 10 or so. She had red hair like mine only it was more orange than red like mine is.

I set my bag down on the floor, then massaged my shoulders.

I decided on the Trolli brand and left the aisle forgetting about my bag. It wasn't until I was outside, thatI realized that I left my bag back in the aisle.

I speed walked back to the candy aisle. My bag was still there.

Then I noticed the girl was lying on the floor unconscious.