Feelings are complicated

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Ben and Gwen were in a middle of a fight with charm caster and were having trouble defeating her. She caught them while they were at the park while Max went to run some errands so they were on their own. Gwen was fighting her with her magic as Ben was fighting her as four arms. Gwen was throwing mana at her and Ben was trying to punch her but she was blocking it with her own magic using one hand to block Ben's punches and the other to block Gwen's attacks.

"I'm tired of your punches!" Said charm caster as she pushed Gwen forward with her one hand knocking her off her feet and used the other to throw Ben into the air as he fell flat on his face and the watch timed out. He and Gwen struggled to get up as charm caster formed one of her rock monsters and was about to throw it at Ben

"Take this Tennyson!" she yelled and hurled the monster straight at him. Since Ben was still out of it from the fall he didn't get a chance to doge it but Gwen saw what was about to happen and yelled

"Ben!" she cast a shield of energy to block the rock monster but was too late to preform it and the monster hit straight in the face

Charm caster thought she killed Ben and flew off

"So long Tennysons!"

"Come back here you jerk!" yelled Gwen but to no avail as charm caster disappeared into the orange sky as the sun was setting in the horizon

She turned her gaze from the sky to her cousin who was lying motionlessly on the ground

"Ben!" she yelled as she ran towards him. There was a big wound on the right side of his head and blood was dripping out of it

"Oh Ben…" she said painfully as she looked around for help or a solution. She has to stop the bleeding before he loses too much blood. She had no choice. She had to cut the sleeve of her shirt off and wrap it around his head. Within a few minutes the bleeding subsided until it stopped.

"Ben?" she asked

"Ben can you hear me?" she asked with a shaky voice as her eyes began to fill with tears.

A sound of screeching tires startled her as Max jumped out of the RV and ran towards her

"Gwen? What the hell happened here?"

Gwen was crying by now as the guilt was eating her up inside

"It was charm caster. She threw a rock monster at him. It was an accident; I tried to save him but I wasn't quick enough…" she buried her face in her palms as she cried. Max kneeled down and hugged her

"It's okay… it's okay… but we don't have time to worry about that now. We have to get your cousin to a hospital before it's too late" said Max as Gwen nodded. Max picked Ben up and took him to the RV where he placed him on the bottom bunk bed as Gwen sat down next to him with tears still streaming down her cheeks as Max sat in the driver's seat and drove to the nearest hospital. Once there the young boy was taken into intensive care and into the trauma room. He and his two relatives spent the night there until they received the news

"Your grandson has suffered a concussion. Though the injury was pretty bad he will not suffer permanent brain damage" he said to max as he and Gwen sighed in relief

"However…" the doctor added as the two people in front of him looked worried again. Due to the fact that he suffered a pretty bad hit to the head he has slipped into a coma. I'm not sure how long he will be in it but he is able to breathe by himself so he doesn't need life support. Since there's nothing to do except give him infusion shots, take care of him and wait for him to wake up there is not much left to do. So I am releasing him and letting you take care of him from now on. After he wakes up he might show signs of weakness such as vomiting, dizziness and passing out. Those symptoms should disappear after a few days. If they continue come back here and we'll see what we can do"

"Thank you doctor" said Max and shook his hand

"My pleasure sir" said the doctor as Max carried Ben out the front entrance of the hospital and to the parking lot and into the RV. He placed Ben on the bottom bunk bed and went to the kitchen. Given the circumstance he thought Gwen could use and deserved a decent meal. So he began to cook some rice and put hot dogs in the microwave. During this whole time Gwen was sitting next to Ben's bed with a grim look on her face. Her eyes and cheeks swollen from tears and the lack of sleep. Once the meal was ready Max walked towards her and kneeled down to face her

"Gwen you want to eat some supper?" he asked softly and gently

"I'm not hungry"

"Are you sure you? You hardly ate today"

"I'm sure thank you" Gwen said sadly

"Well okay… but if you're interested there's gonna be rice and hot dogs in the fridge"

"Thanks grandpa" said Gwen

"You're welcome sweetie" said Max and embraced her into a hug as she cried onto his shoulder

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry…" she said sadly

"It's not your fault. You did the best you could… besides he's gonna be alright. He always makes it out alright. He's Ben"

"But what if he won't make it out alright? He was hurt pretty badly"

"He'll be fine Gwen don't worry… just the like the doctor said" he said soothingly and kissed her on the cheek which made her feel a little bit better

"Now come on let's get you something to it. You'll feel better afterward…"

"Okay…" said Gwen reluctantly. She was starting to feel a little bit hungry. After supper Max went straight to sleep as Gwen sat down next to Ben's bed waiting for him to wake up. She couldn't stop blaming herself for what happened… she felt terrible for not being able to save Ben. As much as she tried to deny it for a long time; she actually cared about him… and she hated the fact that now it might be too late to tell him…

To be continued…

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