GTA: Las Vegas

Year: 1956

Character: Vincent Martinez (with Michael Chambers)

Chapter 1: 'Poker upon Dawn.'

It was 12:05am, and the poker game was almost over. There were 5 people left on the table, 5 people eager to win, eager for money, hungry for riches. There was me of course, that 'old cat' who'd once had it big, had it all. But it was taken from me, all of it; my wife, my children. I was here to reclaim my life, to win it back. My black suit wasn't too shabby, but it wasn't exceeding the standards of greatness, and my grey Fedora that I had kept throughout my years has stayed with me, slightly tilted to the right on my head. Then there was my long-time friend Michael, he had my back for a number of years. He was keeping me alive, on the straight and narrow. His clothes were like mine, but more on the brighter side. Then there were the 3 gangsters, part of some sort of mafia they had going on. They all wore the same get-up. Leather Jackets, white T-Shirts, trousers and light grey fedoras with some sort of symbol on them. The dealer gives us the cards; suddenly Michael gives me some sort of look, they kind when he's up to something. I didn't know what exactly, but it had to be something good, everyone else kept their so called 'Poker Faces' on. One of the Gang Members then started whispering to another, he seemed to be the one calling the shots around the place.

"I'll call." He utters, breaking the silence.

Everyone else places their bets, each staying in the game. I look at my cards.

'Terrible…' I think, 2 of Hearts and a 5 of spades. I decide to play along, and bluff. It continues until the last card, everyone has folded except for Michael, the leader and I.

The leader smirks and stands, he utters the infamous words.

"All in."

At that moment, I knew I couldn't continue, so of course I folded.

"Alright, wanna play that game?" Mike asks the leader.

He stands up and slightly pushes his cards into the table, saying nothing.

I sat there, staring at Michael, for I didn't know what he'd do.

"4 of a kind…" The leader says in accomplishment.

Michael laughs and flips his cards.

"4 of a kind, Kings beat Queens!"

The Leaders eye suddenly twitches, he stares at the dealer.

"You're out." He says.

This seemed to be where the leader snapped, for he then pulled a 44. Out of his tuxedo pocket and shot the dealer dead, aiming for us next. I kicked the poker table over as Michael pulled out his 22. And shot one of his henchmen to the ground, when all of a sudden more of them seemed to burst in through the door.

"Great, now what?!" I yell over the noise of the gunfire.

He tosses me his 22.

"We have to get out of here! Cover me; I know the way out of this hellhole!" He replies; running and kicking open the door for the fire escape. I shoot a few henchmen down before following him. I jump down the sets of stairs, then rolling for cover next Michael behind a burned down piece of the wooden roof, it seemed as if it was about to give way. I then shot down even more henchmen, all of them coming in closer and closer.

"Oh God! Vince it looks like it's over for us!" Michael shrieks.

I look around for another way out of this, and then I notice the support poles holding up the roof.

"Oh no its not!" I yell.

I then shoot a few rounds into the support pole, it then starts to collapse and the roof falls on top of the henchmen, the impact sending us flying backwards into the floor. We groan in pain, but I'd rather have my arms and elbows grazed then be shot at by about 60 gangsters. I get up, but it seems Michaels is in more pain then I thought, as a large shard of wood has lunged straight through his leg. Without saying a word I pull him up and continue out the fire escape doors, for the fallen roof has blocked off the main exit on the second floor. We limp down the stairs, as soon as I make it to the middle of the 1st floor, with the exit door clear as day. A Henchmen car slams through the door, coming right at us. I then jump, twist, so I hit back first into the car and Michael only takes some of the impact. I lay there, vision turning hazy and white. I hear Michaels repeatedly screaming my name, as he reaches over to the Pistol and starts shooting, still unable to walk. Michael gets up and yanks the wood out of his leg, still limping but able to stand and continues holding off the gangsters. A member then drops dead in front of me with a Thompson M1, I instantly grab it and start shooting off the remaining gangsters. Once they're all cleared, Michael rushes over to me to see if I'm alright.

"Vince! Don't worry, you'll be alright." He grabs the keys for the car from a dead gangster's body and starts the car; he gets me up and puts me in.

"Just hang in there; I'll get us back to my place." He repeats, reversing the car and driving off down the road.