GTA: Las Vegas

Year: 1956

Character: Michael Chambers

Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

I lay Vince on my Bed, he's still out of it, but he's breathing. I'm no Doctor but I sure hope he makes it out of my house alive. My home is in Henderson, 2 storeys. It was a normal house, nothing out of the ordinary, except for the door in the stairs stocked with my firearms. I couldn't let Vince lay there and die, I got in my car, a black Ford Thunderbird with the roof removed. I started it, and began making my way to the pharmacy. Once I arrived, I bought the stuff needed, bandages and whatnot then headed outside.

"God, all this stuff for a back wound, I must be dreaming..."

I said, as I put all the things in the trunk. I then glanced at the road, a car passed with 2 people in it. Upon closer examination they had the same clothes on as the mafia from the casino did. I didn't know what they were doing here, but as soon as they shot at me I knew what they were trying to do. I jumped in the car and started tailing them, they continued to fire at me with M1 Thompsons, but the bullets merely tore through my windshield and luckily, didn't hit me at all. As soon as they reached my place, they got out of their car and shot at my tires, puncturing both tires on the right of my left. I swerved out of control, eventually skidding and crashing into a wall. I got out, opened my trunk and pulled out 22. Then closing it again. I then ran towards the door, but I couldn't open it, one of the Gangsters must have pulled something in front of the door. I then took 5 steps back and lunged myself through the window, taking out 3 of the Mafia Members. More of them shot at me, all of them missing again. I took cover behind the wall leading into the dining room. Rolling, I shoot down more of them, turning around I shoot down even more.

'I have to get upstairs.' I thought, then running into the lounge room.

I get shot in the shoulder once, piercing my suit and skin. But without any more hesitation I shoot the rest of them down and reload. I run upstairs where 2 more gang members and a man with a black and white striped suit, white hair and a top hat, covering his face.

"Nobody…" He says.

"Nobody cheats us in our game."

He pulls out 2 Thompsons and begins to shoot at me; I roll back and kick over my desk, using it for cover. The other gang members pull out Thompsons and begin shooting at the table. I then reach my arm over the table and pull the trigger, impacting into one of the gangsters face. I then stand and shoot down the other. I jump over the desk and punch the leader, he then punches me back kicks me in the chest. He then hits me with a few more punches before throwing me to the ground and aiming his Thompson at me.

"You tried, you failed." He says to me.

"Le Masquerade always gets what he wants."

He then shoots a few more rounds into my shoulder, making it bleed even more. He then aims at my face, and just at that instant, Vince gets up and turns him around, then striking him to the cheek and nose, the leader stutters. Vince then picks him up and chucks him through the window, 'Le Masquerade' falls and lands on his neck, dead on impact.

The Police arrive, cleaning up the corpses and asking us questions of the incident.

Well, my house is pretty much trashed and it's going to take quite an amount of money to fix this mess, but from today, we know we won't be seeing them for a while.