Legacy Program Log

Mission Update: Captain Robin 'Jaywren' Sanderson of Nova Team.

Mission: Acess denied

Overide code input: Assassination of carrier, retrieve intel

Situation: In area of target

Condition of Agent: Active

Futher infomation of agents past missions: Acess Denied

Location: Brazil, Rico's Drink Club

"Ugh why did I agree to this?" I said aloud.

I received a glare from my teamate who's call-sign was Dingo. He was dressed as casual as possible in shorts and a hawiian top, siping on a beer he and my other teammate callsign Black wearing a simular outfit were the back-up incase something went wrong. I was the lead and that meant I had to seduce the target, lucky bastards got to sit and watch.

We were the only ones inside the bar other than the bartender which I paid five hundred to keep quiet and the target who was a heavily paid carrier who sat at a table drinking beer and looking at me.

"If I told you the real reason you agreed you would probably kill me. Wait here comes the target don't screw this up." He warned me.

"Hey beautiful. What brings you to this place?" the man placed his hand on the bar.

"Oh, you know nothing much, just looking at you handsome" I flirted, man this black dress was killing me. I leaned forward on the bench. I gave a quick look around to indicate the signal.

I reached down the side of my leg where my knife was hidden in a belt along with my pistol under the knee-length dress which had been fashioned to have a side cut up to my thigh on the right side damn! I missed my riffle so much.

I grabbed the knife and dug it into the man's arm, he was pinned to the bar table I grabbed out my pistol and shot him in the head.

"Couldn't wait till he bought you a drink" Black snickered coming closer to me to give me a hand. I reached down and searched the body.

"Shut up get the doors i don't want visitors. Dingo get a vehicle, we're leaving call command for pick up" I pulled out a disk and a USB I slipped the bar tender another two hundred "remember no-one knows and we weren't here" I told him in a firm voice he nodded and went upstairs but as soon as he did that, gunfire could be heard outside."I thought I said no visitors" I said on the radio to Dingo.

"Not us another groups of American soldiers are here" He responded.

"Who?" I called back I went over to the serving side of the bar there was a backpack that held my Black bullet proof pants I placed them on top of my dress so it made it look like I was wearing a black tanktop. Then I placed my hair in a messy bun and put my navy blue cap on top my fringe was in my face, I blew the strands out of my eyes.

"I think it's 141. Isn't that your brothers group captain?" Dingo identified.

"Yeah and am I in trouble if we don't get out of here so move your ass!" I ordered.

141 Ghosts P.O.V

This day had gone from bad to worse Roach was halfway across the favela without back-up and low on ammo god know where else the others were. MacTavish was trying to catch the informant that would lead them to Makerov on foot.

Ghost was tracking the informant and sniping enemies. He saw two men come out of a broken down bar. Civillians he sighed they pulled out two riffles each definately not civillians!

He lined up his sniper to take them out lining up the red dot with the one who wore a navy blue cap. They looked up to the rooftops scanning them for something they set their gaze on Ghost rooftop but he was a step ahead of them Ghost pulled the trigger the cap flew off and hit the ground the soldier pulled up the gun and they both heard the soldier pull the trigger. Ghost felt the bullet penertrate his shoulder he also saw the soldier with the cap had long hair and a feminine face that meant his shooter was a girl. Makerov had employed women to do his work what was the bastard coming to?

Ghost pulled up an RPG this would teach her a lesson. He aimed the weapon the women went back to the area near a pick-up truck with the man she was with. Ghost shot the weapon the truck exploded the two landed on the ground Ghost thought they were dead. He jumped down off the building to assist his team mates

"He's getting away" Ghost yelled into his radio he was infront of a hotel near a car.

"No he's not!" MacTavish responded MacTavush landed on the top of the car with the informant below him. Roach approached from the side and lloked like he went though hell!

"Ghost what's wrong with your shoulder?" MavTavish asked

"I got shot!" the men laughed "by who?" Roach asked Ghost mumbled his answer.

"Sorry didn't hear you what was that?" Roach said playfully

"I got shot by a women ok i said it" Ghost yelled at him.

"She must be some women then" Roach laughed thinking of his little sister now she was some women.

Agent Robin 'Jaywren' Sanderson.

Location: Unknown, Legacy Program HQ

"I want to know who that fucker was!" I yelled to the other agents in the room. Black had only a few bruises from the RPG. He and Dingo were patching up my shoudler which was bleeding like mad.

"Jaywren shut-up we know you are mad. Did you see who shot you?" Sharren 'Shot-gun' Smith asked passing me a plastic water bottle shooing off Black and Dingo.

She had short blonde hair in a ponytail was average hieght for her age and if you wanted someone on computers covering your back she was your guy, My hair had to be put into a long braid by her because she was the only one in the room who knew how to clean the wounds properly on my shoulders. Note to self never wear that dress again!

"Tall man, wears a balclava from what I could see and is a hell of a sniper so he must must be a stealth person from his aiming or he had a lucky shot and I don't beleive in luck so he didn't have a good shot and he is in the 141 pull up a file that is the only thing I saw before he shot at me" I gulped down the water gurgling it and the painkillers they had given me.

Shot-gun headed over to the laptop on the bench this building was modern and actully looked like a warehouse from the offices the testing/training grounds and the Ops-planning rooms it was pretty small with all the crap we had in it.

"Simon 'Ghost' Riley, family dead or have gone civillain MIA joined the army age eighteen been in it for six to eight years, was in SAS before getting recruited to 141 by a Captain John 'Soap' MacTavish also his commanding officer. Name sound familiar?" She asked.

"Gary my brother is under the same commanding officer" I remembered him talking about the guy.

"Do you talk to your brother?" Alex 'Radar' Young asked he was my boss and didn't want to miss this.

"Yeah when we can. We are close as we can be with me in the program and him in the army it is kind of hard. I think his birthday is coming up and we are going to have a small party with some of his friends, why?" I asked.

"What would you say to a little recon work?" Shot-gun smiled at me.

"Why?" I asked.