Agent Robin Jaywren Sanderson.

Location: 141 Base classified USA

Condition: Green

Mission: Find Archangel

Roach entered the base and saw Robin sitting on a table with a coffee in her hand, she looked like she had been crying.

"Hey you ok" He asked.

"Uh yeah just..." she blew her nose on a tissue. "Some stuff from work came up and...I just don't know anymore" She responded.

"What happened?" he asked.

"This is unbelievable and you're not going to beleive it I barely do. But my excaptain who taught me how to be a soldier turns out to be the terrorist we have been looking for and to top that she also my boss's daughter" Robin answered.

"And?" He asked knowing that couldn't have made her that upset as she was.

"Kate..Kate's been bugging me" Robin answered.

"Robin... Kate died we have to move on from that" He said trying to comfort her. This had happened years ago why should it bother her now?

"Gary uh I think you need to see something" she said.

"Okay what?" he asked.

"Not here come on. We have to take a drive" she grabbed her carkeyes

"Okay Robin what's going on?" he asked getting curious.

"In" she ushered him outside and into her car.

We drove in silence. Pulling up outside the legacy warehouse. Roach looked outside it was starting to rain deeply and heavily "Shot-gun, is Cryptos still in my office?" I asked the familiar blonde soldier.

"Yeah and Stalker wants to see you as well something about wanting answers" she heldd fidling with two computers.

"Yeah as do I" I answered muttering.

"Don't we all?" Shotgun laughed.

Roach followed me upstairs to my office which he had to admit was jelous that I had one and he didn't. A wavy blonde woman was in there looking at files and pictures fustrated at them.

"Hey look who I have for you?" I said smiling getting the women to turn she looked familiar.

"Who?" She said with a trace of russian in her accent.

"Uh Kate this is Gary I told you about him and Gary this is..." he ran over to her and hugged her tightly.

"Uh hello I am supposed to finish my sentace first!" I yelled at them both who broke apart and laughed.

"Where were you all this time?" he asked.

"She was undercover I found her on a mission which reminds me. I have a meeting in a few minutes I need to go to and this is important so you two cath up" I said leaving the office and headed to the one place Stalker would be at.

The training room. He was versing a women who I remembered was called Racheal Martinez or Blades as she was known as for her skills with knives. "Hey Stalker you wanted to see me?" I asked.

"Yeah that and something else I have to ask you" He replied. I gave Blades a 'please leave look'.

"Sure what's this about?" I asked.

"This Archangel you want me to run tabs on them?" He asked.

"If Archangel slips up I want to know. I want to fine her" I answered.

"And there's something else" he informed me.

"What?" I asked.

"SIS wants to know where I was, I need a story and a file made saying some bullshit that isn't true" he asked

"Of couse. But SIS know they can't get involved with higher programs. Why start now?" I ask.

"NSA. When they started questioning how some undercover agents got intel that was classified SIS caught up to" He answered,

"What about CIA?" I asked teasing.

"They're not as good as the NSA" he responded. "Oh and Jaywren?" Stalker stopped me from leaving I turned.

"Yeah what?" I asked.

"When the time comes and you have Archangel in front of you make a discision you won't regret" He said.

"I'll keep that in mind Stalker. One of these days you're going to have to tell me your name" I was always curious about this.

"Don't blame me blame my Agency" he responded.

"I thought you were going to say blame Russia" I laughed.

Next up was Radar. I knew Samantha his daughter because long ago she was my captain.

I expected many things except this one. "Samantha was adophted"

"What!" I cried.

"Sammy was adophted" he repeated.

"This doesn't make any sense how can a legacy agent claim to be a daughter of an Ultanationalist?" I asked.

"Simple because Sammy was Katrina Zakhaev. We found her on a mission your mother and I, we decided that if he found out we took his child America would pay all hell" he answered

"So you used Kate?" I asked outraged.

"We had no choice Jaywren" he answered.

"There is always a choice" I quoted.