10 months later...

'Well that's all I have to my story. I took on bad guys and saved the world gave, birth to a beautiful daughter who Dingo after much disagreeing and arguing about the subject decided to call her Kristine, Sharren, Lucinda Elizabeth, Isabella, Maria, Harrison. Which I got to admit signing initials when she's older will be a pain and I've sent some photo's off to the boys from 141, they didn't beleive it that we named a kid with that long of a name.

Found my long-lost sister who is now doing what she wants being the real photographer in the family, and got married at a alter while being six months pregnet under a cherry tree that was in full blosum like a fairytale. I come home and save my family from burning down the house after saving the country. Also we bought a house with a pool and a grassy backyard and the front has an amazing garden. As for my friends well here is a list of how they are doing.

Radar comes by and babysit's Kristine whle we are out on missions or tired and need a break from parentood. He tells telling her about her mother and grandmother being super-hero's while waltzing her around the room with a small star lamp on. Mind you having to change the story lines a bit for the babe's young age. He also seems a bit sad that he lost his family but is looking after Kate like his own after the records say she died after all and comes and talks to me about how things are going at work and even his past missions with mum, mostly because he thinks he owes it to me but I owe it to him for giving me this life.

Kate is travelling around with to my disgrace with China. China however still pickpokets things but doesn't do anything while Kate is in the room. I think he is too fond of her and she of him because the other day he came around and asked me for permisson to ask her to marry him. If he hurts her I swear I will strangle with my barehands.

"Hey I think the man deserves a break he is completely lost without her" Dingo said looking over my shoulder and planting a kiss on my cheek I turned and kissed him on my lips.

"I promise to change that line later" I said turning back to my laptop and continued to write.

Anyway if they are getting married it will be next year because she's going to France and Italy next month and are very madly in love which means if they do get married I have him for a brother in law but he makes her happy so I'm not complaining.

Shot-gun and Ghost still strong and going steady he and her actually decided to take a break and are moving in together which I am so glad about the fact they fixed their relationship after the last fight they had and both deserve to be happy. Seriously he takes that balaclava off more than ever with her there, definately a sign.

Gary and Lucy (who I just met and really like her as it is) started going out but not publicly, I swear I am going to throttle him if he doesn't just admit how much he likes her. He and I are still talking about how the 141 are doing with the legacy programs involvment. Also today is his birthday so we are trying to make sure no terrorists come through the back fence and kidnap me again.

Black trains rookies and recruits people to the legacy program we still go on missions but since Archangel was 'dealt with' as we say, he's been going to be with his wife Susan and their son Jacob who is so cute! So Nova team as their captain I decided to give them two months leave. Which is wierd because I knew Black for years and he hardly mentioned his family but then again I never did until recently this past year

As for me, I am at home typing down my story on a foldout beachseat at a barbeque with my friends and family. Dingo is cooking on the barbie, Ghost and Sharren are talking over on the couch we dragged outside, China and Kate are swimming in our pool. Radar is looking after Kristine smiling and talking to Price, who is looking and avoiding water from Kristine who is in the small tub splashing trying to swim. For a four month old baby she does a lot of excersise.

Black is here with his wife Susan who got flown in from Alaska for this occasion. I swear I've never seen him happier and Jacob is playing cricket with Gary and Soap who's still mad he lost to a ten year old but his girlfriend Rachal which after some revalations by me was discovered to have a past wiith the legacy program and retired to go to the SAS, made him feel better by bowling Jacob out which was mean but promised him that she would teach him the three main rules of winning lasertag games.

Stalker even managed to come altough I think he prefers the fact that I shouldn't have had him pulled off a mission just for a party. He's laughing and telling jokes to Ghost and Shot-gun while he and Ghost swap stories on their previous missions, he also managed to join in on the cricket game and is one of the best batters I'll ever know.

So without furthur or do I am logging off and hope people will know one day that this is the day we all had lived for what we beleive.

"Hey you done yet?" Gary asked looking over at me.

"Just saving it" I said back to him.

"Cannonball!" Jacob yelled splashing near me.

"Hey mind my laptop. I worked hard on that work" I teased.

I got up and went to the barbaque. Dingo really cooked nice food even his food outpasses min by a long-shot so he does most of the outdoor camping and cooking area. "Dinner ready yet?" I asked.

Dingo turned and hugged me swaying gently. "Almost and the story?" he asked.

"Almost done. You know how hard it is to right about all the stuff we've done?" I asked as he kissed and placed his chin on my neck.

"Get a room you two" Stalker said.

"Hey our house" I responded.

I grabbed a sausage in bread as well did everyone else we sat down at a table talking happily drinking wine and beer, having fun. We ate choclate cake and sat until it was early sunset. I heard the phone going off.

"Hey baby can you get it?" I asked, Dingo got up went inside and came back out holding a phone.

"Hey phones for you Jaywren" Dingo chucked it to me I caught it "You need to improve you're throwing" I said.

"Jaywren I love you too much to care" He still called me by my callsign as did I but not around neighbours for our own safety we knew better.

"Hello?" I asked into it. Everyone kept talking and laughing so I went away from the volume on the otherside of the pool.

"Captain Jaywren this is Commander Tyro, I am incharge of the African part of Legacy. One of our suppliers have given infomation to a person in Venice we need you to find him. And yes we have a new mission for you" a voice came through.

I looked over to Black and Dingo who looked at me expectedly. Dingo mouthed 'Really they are doing this now?' The others where also watching me intently wanting to know what I was going to say

I turned and faced them still holding the phone. "I always wanted to go to Venice. Hit me" I said.

And so comes the end of this tory. I might do a second I might not that is up to who reviews or asks me all I know is have a good day and hoped you enjoyed this story so writing in this book for the last time.


PS I may continue with different characters if I do this again