-Tell us! Señor Cat Please, tell us about her! How will we sleep tonight? Come on, tell us a great story! -

Puss sighed heavily, scraping the sand between his claws.

-All right, pequiñi, but after that you have to spleep. Otherwise, no fish sticks!-

That threat was enough to keep them at bay. Or at least he hoped it was.

Saying that he hadn't thought about her until then would be a downright lie, not the first nor the last of his life.

But he felt, somewhere in his heart, that this time he wasn't able to lie.

Looking at the stars in the sky, Puss was thinking about her, and her eyes, blue like the stars.

-Señor Puss, are you thinking about your girlfriend?- Pearl asked, blinking. The other two brothers, what diablos!, immediately engulfed him with questions on what was her name, how she was, how they met, how a hero was managing his feelings.

At this point, Puss would had very little to discuss. After the affair of San Ricardo, he wasn't much left to manage.

-Oh be quiet, pechiñi! Well, I'll tell you, provided you be quiet! -

The kittens had nodded slowly and were huddled around the fire to listen to his story.

-You know… love is a very complicated thing ... - Puss whispered, not before a long, long suffering sigh. The three little kittens were silent, watching him with their eyes.

If he hadn't spoken in ten seconds they would have buried him in the sand.


-Is she very nice, Señor Puss? –

One of them began with the questions, and Puss couldn't even figure out which of them would put the questions. He just answer, maybe more to remember that to tell.

-Seguro. The best I have ever seen-

-And she is very strong?-

-Oh, sure. A thief ruthless and heartless! -

-And have you kissed her? -

-It wasn't easy! - Puss sighed, scratching his ear.

-And you have made with her many kittens? -

-What do you know about kittens?! - He broke out suddenly, without even noticing that he raised his voice.

-Oh Señor Puss, now where is your beloved? -

At those words so naive, Puss looked a glimpse of the starry sky with the gazing, melancholy, a look that was neither the outlaw or hero, or spicy lover (?)

The look of a cat trying any feeling like so many.

-Oh Señor Puss, you will meet again, someday, right?- Pearl insisted, with a hint of concern. The brother gave her an affectionate paw on the nose, with a little 'bravado.

-Of course they will meet again! Everybody will meet at the end! So they will stay always together and they will make many kittens! -

-You read too many fairy tales! - Whispered Puss, with a sarcastic smile, thinking of the sweet impossibility of that wonderful happy ending.

Maybe even for the heroes was the time to stop their steps and think around the fire about their life rather than the welfare of the others. After all, he had always wanted a real family.

Puss chuckled to himself, stroking his mustache with a claw.

-And now, kittens, do you think it's time to sleep? -

-One last question, Señor Puss! - ask Pearl, rolling on her back next to Puss, ready to fall asleep.

-She is really the only one you loved? It's so romantic! -

Puss stood for a moment her big green eyes at the full moon. He thought about Rosa, Margarita, Louisa, about all the female cats in his life.

If he was called Mr Frisky Two Times, maybe there was a reason. And that list was so long that Puss in his thoughts was ashamed of himself.

-Yes, my little Pearl. The only one-