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Jason had been out all night as the red hood it was almost 5 am and he had already broken several bone, sent over 30 thugs to the morgue, and shut down a drug ring to say the least he was tired, exhausted even, so he decided to head home early. 'who could blame him' he thought unlocking the front door 'it's not like I'm the freaking Batman'.

As Jason walked down the hallway to his room he couldn't help but feel like something was off. "There better not be a freaking crowbar in my bed" he said aloud as he reached his door. The moment he noticed the broken door knob he realized he made the mistake of locking his door today. "Fucking Roy..." he sighed as he pushed open the door to find the archer sleeping peacefully in his bed.

Jason was in a nice mood so he decided to shoot the spot next to Roy's head instead of blowing his brains out, because Jason was just that nice of a person.

"What the fuck!" Roy yelled sitting up in the bed "Did you just shoot at me? Are you trying to kill me?"

"If I wanted you dead I wouldn't have missed your head. I just wanted to wake you up." Jason said simply as he made his way over to his bed "Why are you in my room Roy?"

"This is your room? Hmm I must have gotten lost on the way to my room." Roy responded in mock confusion.

"Right, and the broken door knob?" Jason asked slightly amused

"It was so like that when I got here!"

"Really so you didn't shoot it with one of you arrows?" Jason said looking over at the ash covered door.

"What? I would never."

"Whatever Roy it's to late, or early, for me to keep talking about this with you." Jason said as he pushed Roy over so he could lay down "Goodnight Roy."

"Night Jason" Roy said as they both fell asleep. While somewhere on the other side of the house Kori wrote the finale sentence in her diary (yes she keeps a diary deal with it) " -And even though it's been over a month Roy still states he forgets where his room is but I don't think Jason minds"

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