That night she crept under the covers, waiting for dawn to come. Memories came flooding back.

The vampire king with his hands about her slender neck, twisting it to the right and breathing slowly to keep his anger at bay. She reminded him of someone, that much was clear. Otherwise he was tender and considerate.

The Viking was cocky and full of himself; so many girls must have doted on him through the centuries. He moved far too quickly for her tastes, but she let him. He's a perfect golden figure in the dim light, she couldn't help but be a little bit fond of him. What he told her was of little meaning to her. Her mind was already made up.

Afterwards she washed herself though she knew Roman would know exactly what she had been doing and with whom. She went into their bed and it was like coming home. A home she had been longing to leave for years. She knew he'd never forgive her for releasing Russell. And Dieter he'd pose a problem with his unerring loyalty to Roman. Also, every Thursday night they had this get together that she wasn't supposed to know about. It didn't stop her from spying on them. Sometimes they'd play chess, sometimes they had sex. Roman was always the dominant one, though Dieter could give as good as he got. It was okay; she had her own arrangement with Nora.

Her one regret will be her betrayal, but it was written that he must die. His blood holds the key to summoning Lilith. She weeps a little, and then rolls over and falls asleep. Her dreams are haunted by the goddess' dark laughter. This will end as it began. In blood.